September 29th, 2013

lovely arbok<3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

a sweet collection update and some awesome sales!!!

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fabulous autumn weather!  Today I bring you some neato snakey poison things I've gotten recently, amongst other cool things!!!

collection update thing

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ALSO I have some sales/auctions!!! My dream of owning an arcade machine is coming to life, and in turn, I need to do some weeding!!  Please take a gander, I'm sure you'll find something that will suit your fancy :]

Click on the banner above to be transported!

Here's a preview what's up for auction!

sales preview

Thanks for looking, you guys are wonderful! <3
Misha It&#39;s A Parade

Hello post as a couple pics of my just starting collection.

Hi guys! I don't think I have posted a introduction post yet. I'm Bryn, a 40 year old who just got into Pokemon. My best friend Got me Pokemon Pearl for my DSi and I was hooked in about ten minuets. So forgive me if lingo is wrong or I mix Pokemon up. There are a lot to learn. Which to me is part of the fun of it.

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I'll have a get coming soon, and another that's a gift for someone, and maybe another I'm not sure I am having to pick between two things.

So far I adore Turtwig, because he is the first Pokemon I have played. I named him Toughie in the game, and as he evolves he is still my little Toughie. So I know I want to collect Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra.

I love Pikachu because I do remember watching the Anime when it first came out on my 13 in TV with rabbit ears. There was no way I could afford to play the games all those years ago, sadly. I remember the madness though, I also have started watching again from the beginning.

So yes, any questions you have definitely ask away.

I have a couple:
How do you decide which to collect? I notice a lot of people have varied collections with lots of figures and a few plush, while others collects consist of mostly one Pokemon and contain plushies and figures.

Is there a place to find a list of all the items that have been released for a particular Pokemon?

Also, for example, I plan to collect Turtwig, this I know. I currently have a toy factory one as well as a little clip. <3 What is the difference between toy factory and say a Jakks or a Pokemon Center one? I notice a lot of people collect all, or most of the plushes from their favorite. It looks so cool! I just wondered what the differences are. I've read through the how to spot bootlegs, but is it taboo to collect bootlegs?

Is there anything I should know or be wary of? Not on here of course!

I have already bought a couple things here and have been so pleased. I think this is a good place for folks like me to start. I already have some awesome gets from here and I can not even imagine how nice my collection will be after Christmas!

OK that was a lot of questions. So much to learn!!

Nice to meet you all!!
Kachiki Sabi

LF some replacement and a few tomys to complete my Johto collection!

Hey guys! I'm a few short of a completion! And my nidorino and nidoking are questionable for legitimacy (got a new nidoran male for $4 MIB :D) I would like them in decent condition, I can clean off marks with my magic eraser not looking to spend more than $10 really for both of them (like $3 for nidoking and $7 for nidorino) Also, if you're willing to sell please send me pictures. I would like to check legitimacy first.

33 Nidorino34 Nidoking

From Johto I would like:

152 Old Pose Chikorita162 Furret193 Yanma217 Ursaring220 SwinubJohto Tomys Needed
Old Pose Chikorita, a new Furret, Yanma, a new Ursaring, Swinub, and Kingdra

Furret and Ursaring are a low priority because I already have one of them, Furret is just iffy on legitimacy and Ursaring is just missing paint from his face so I would like a replacement
explanation face

Let's Talk About Bootlegs

Hey guys lately I've been noticing a lot of people have had to start questioning the authenticity of the pokedolls they buy off ebay. And while ebay hasn't always been the most reliable place to find pokedolls, older rarer ones have always seemed safe, until very recently. So, I thought perhaps I might share my guide for determining if a plush is legit or not.
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Here are all of my US pokedolls in order by year of release (Lugia and Houndour came from here but everyone else is from ebay and I have confirmed to be legit using my above steps C:)
Here's examples of their tush tags (Bulbasaur is the only one without an S Sticker but he is legit)
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Well I hope this post will help you all in your ebay shopping and help you to find the real gems in the stream of bootlegs :)

And To make this post less boring feel free to share your greatest ebay finds and/or your most frustrating bootleg encounters?

Thanks everyone have an awesome day!
- Vulpes
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Mystery Chikorita Strap

Hi everyone!
So I have a little mystery for all of you concerning a chikorita plush strap. I have had this strap for years but have no clue what make it is, it has no hang or tush tag and I have never seen another one like it.
If you know what it is or have seen another one then please comment. I would be grateful for whatever info you have!

Pupstergirl ;P

Pokemon XY 3DS XL input

I'm sure everyone knows of the new limited edition 3DS XLs for Pokemon X and Y. I am going to be getting one, but there is one issue: Which should I get? I'm having a fairly bad time in deciding whether I should get the blue or the red color. So I am going to ask you guys: Which would you recommend?
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Umbreon Chupa For Sale

Rare Umbreon Chupa is for sale! Perfectly mint, and really hard to come by now a days! I think it's probably the coolest figure of Umbreon to date personally :D

 photo 1ec6a4e1-d8c2-4809-a1ca-0195ef1c624f_zps98c0e34a.jpg

Asking 50 dollars + shipping/fees. 3.50 if in states, 5.00 if overseas.

*Permission granted by Denkimouse awhile back/grandfathered in.

*Shipping from the US

*Paypal only
Canvas, Egg

Some gets! What eevee is this? Wanna trade? and some new sales

We'll start off with the gets =). Here's the box in comparison with my Husky/Shepherd mix, who in this picture is looking at me like I just stole his bone. xD

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Now a question, what Eevee plush is this? I'm pretty sure it's a canvas. It says pokemon center 2006 on the tag. Thanks in advance for the help!

Also I know it's a long shot, but would anyone like to trade this cute pokemon time Ponyta bookmark for it's Vulpix counterpart?

Normally I wouldn't post only a few days after my last post, but I will be going on Vaca from the 4th to the 12th (hopefully I'll get back just in time to pick up my game!) so I wanted to get this post in. I also added a few things to my sales so check them out if you want. Keep in mind I won't be able to ship while I'm on vacation.

Looking for trades

Hey everyone, I have a few items here I wish to trade :)

Rules and such:
My feedback:
. I ship from australia, so for international trades I prefer it to be for more then one item (except keychains may be an acceptation)
. I prefer if you have sales or trade feedback (if you do not you will send first and only after I receive it will i send my end)
. depending on what plush it is I prefer it to be mwt
.I will not trade with you if you are banned

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Thank you for reading and have a good day/night
Casual Shoto

Shiny Magikarp Sale

Hi everyone! Today I am offering you my beloved Shiny Magikarp pillow. As much as I love this plush, it was a LOT bigger than expected when I got it in the mail >< I don't have any space to put it to display it in all its beauty. I feel that it would be better to sell it to someone that can properly display and enjoy it :)


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Collection update + Get

I realized that I have a collection of plush, pokedolls and figures that I have kept from the past. I will be doing my collection in parts. I also have a new get that I got from TRU yesterday as I went to see if I could find Froakie with Eevee, but all of the XY merch were sold out! ;_;


I also saw Braviary, Volcarona and Druddigon tomy figures, but I noticed a lone Pidove keychain figure hanging behind some trainer's choice merch on the pegs, so I decided to get Pidove. That is all for today. I hope the pics are not over the size limit as that is what I'm worried about.

Fennekin and Meowth

Lugia, Ho-Oh and Giratina Origin Kaiyodo figures.

Keldeo and Kyurem

A wallet to store your poke'money.

Fennekin and friends plus a Charizard Pokeball Pillow.

eeveelutions `

Sales update with some extras

Hey everybody ^_^ Just an update here on a few things I ended up buying doubles of and do not need. Just would like to get rid of these things so prices are low. Most things are $1-$5 ^_^ Come check it out!

Feedback link is HERE:
Sales permission was granted by denkimouse 11/28/2011 (maybe 2010)

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Toys 'R' us stock

Sooo I saw everyone posting about Toys 'r' us and I just had to check it out! The one right next to me had the new xy merch but no plush, it looked like someone bought them all :( So I went a little further and went to the toys r us by the mall of millenia. I asked them to hold fennekin for me and they did :D. But then I looked and they had the 18" fennekin and I just haaad to have it even though it was $32 >_> Oh well!
The box art is so cute:3

I'm really happy that they have the tomy merch, they're really good quality  :) Next time i'm going to go and get froakie. They had one left but I didn't want to get it at the moment. Oh and chikorita! You guys should definitely check out your toysrus. :D

My room is almost done ! + wants

Hello ! It's been such a long time I didn't keep you updated about my collection or what's happened in my room. :<

No obvious talking, just showing you the difference before and after :3
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Also : I'm looking for an US shipper for an ebay lot, I have already asked but the seller is not very open to offer international shipping... Thank's for your help aarux !

Wants : I need 3 little things for my Cranidos/Rampardos collection. I got a Rampardos Retsuden stamper but still need Cranidos now. Found a Cranidos Korean eraser, just need his evolution to go with. I'm looking for setteis of these two pokemon too ! ♥

To complete my sinnoh dragons trio, I'm looking for a Giratina pokedoll (atlered form). I really don't know if he's still available somewhere for pick up. Just lookin' for one in good shape ^^.

Thanks for looking / help and sorry for derpglish ! <3

charmander, pokemon, happy

Peeking Pokemon Plush

Hey everyone!
So lately I've been looking at the peeking pokemon promotion and I was wondering if anyone could help me figure something out. Does anyone know if the cute little mascot plush are full body plush in the little bags? Or are they just the little faces and hands? Thanks in advanced for any help :)

Wants post!

Arg, sorry for not being around my as I'd like to lately >_> Been here and there, and have a looooooong backlogged pickup post that I need to work on when I get a free day, along with another big sales update (which would also be lengthy :p) School's been sucking up so much time >_>

Anyhow, just posting up a bit of a wants post! Imma be a bit lazy and boring and not post any pics, but I'll still be descriptive :p (Stars will indicate priority wants, so not really in any order.) I may not take all the offers, but I'll see what you have^^ Sorry, just typing this out tiredly so this is sort of a ramble....

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