September 30th, 2013

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Pokebox Charms

I love collecting charms and I happened to bump into pokebox's charm and OMG they are so adorable. I am looking to buy them off someone. I would like for them to still be in their original packaging, but if not, thats okay.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Hi need your help Yokohama's people

Hi how say in the title need help about pokemon center in Yokohama...
any can tell me what merch exist in the store for now? (I know is so much merch) if is possible with images or video please.. or if exist one page any can let me know please?

Thank you so much for take your time in read this boring post ^^

I hope any can help me :)

another new Tomy Sighting: Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus Therian Formes spotted at Walgreens

Went to Walgreens by my home this morning with my mom so she could check out nail polishes. I checked out the toy section while she was looking and the had the Therian Formes there! I picked up Landorus with Hydreigon for myself and the had Thundurus with Rotom and Tornadus with Riolu too. I'm very surprised they had these I never heard of them coming out in the US this way. Hope you guys have luck at your local Walgreens too :)
slowpoke / scanned by prguitarman

quick sales!

Has anyone else ever received a shipping invoice from Noppin and just cringed? (I knew it was going to be high but STILL-) And of course, XY's on the horizon too! Both lovely grass starters that I hate to let go, but I know someone else would love!
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[SOLD] Meganium UFO - $50 (MWT; pretty uncommon AFAIK, the last one I saw for sale was this one!)
[SOLD] Pokemon Center Serperior - $50 (MWT; the hang tag is slightly creased/"bowed", but could be flattened; soft, almost velvety fabric)
Thanks for reading!
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Collection update and Natu!!

I was waiting until I had everything I've bought with me to do this, but every time everything arrives, I go and buy some more! x____x

But what I really wanted to show you was this guy!!

I found him on eBay with a buy it now, and he cost me the enormous price of... £10 shipped. ;A; I was worried he was a bootleg but it doesn't seem Natu has been bootied, and I got him this morning and his S sticker is present and accounted for!

He's in really nice condition too, so soft and squishy. >w<

Collapse ) buying safety?

Hi everyone!

I've been looking into (I'm in Europe, and want to avoid customs fees, so I always go for the UK versions if possible) for Pokédolls and figures and such. I know a bunch are bootlegs, and I normally don't have a problem with them, so long as they're obviously not terrible quality.

Does anyone know which sellers I should go for when buying Pokédolls and figures? I've never used ebay and have always been a little scared of the scams, so I figured I'd ask you guys!

Thanks in advance!

Sales Post!! Auctions: Houndour, Corsola, Cleffa and more pokedolls! and Hasbro Flygon

Hey everyone!
I just posted a new sales post on my journal. There are a ton of jakks/hasbro plush.
I also posted auctions for some rare pokedolls including: Houndour, Corsola, Cleffa, Magby and more! (and an auction for a Hasbro Flygon)

-Sales permission granted on by 9/24/2013 by Allinia
-Feedback is here:

Auctions end Saturday 10/5/2013 at 1PM EST
Please read the rules at the top of the entry! =]

Here is a preview of some of the items in my sales/auctions:

Click here to be transported: (super image heavy)

Also here is a link to additional pictures of some of the items: (even more image heavy)

Thanks for reading!

Fast sale/trade + wants

Hi guys I have a reminder bout the DX Jolteon I have for sale.

I was granted sale permission by Entirelycliched in August 2013.
Feedback is here:

The Jolteon would be 30shipped(haggling is welcome!) or is want to trade for Umbreon/totodile items!

Now for wants: I need more Toto's I have a wants list here:

But please offer totodile items that are not the following as I have them. (Regular pokedoll,canvas,friends, NEW banpresto, and 1:1, and the petite plush)

OMG XY STUFF + Nintendo World launch info!

After seeing multiple other posts where people found XY stuff in Toys"R"Us, I decided to head to my local one. (I would have gone earlier, but my summer job ended on Sunday.)

...And I found the majority of Gen VI stuff they talked about! A lot of the Tomy figures and most of the plushes. The Trainer's Choice stuff they had were mostly of the Grass starters, with all the Fire ones in a certain Pokeball set, plus a Blastoise somewhere. (and Pikachu)

So I went and got the Meowth and Fennekin set!

I like how more of the XY figures are packaged by themselves or in a multipack, with fewer Pokeballs and extra junk thrown in there! They're doing better than BW already in that regard. (some boxes are still a little big, though)

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Plus some other gets:

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ALSO, according to Bulbagarden's Twitter feeds: Nintendo World in NYC's XY launch event is on October 11 from 8 pm- 1 am! Read more here.

Introduction and first gets..

Hello all! I'm Sammyy a 25 year old girl from PA. I've been lurking around for a few weeks now and even made a few purchases from some wonderful members! I've been into Pokemon from the very beginning: the entire set of cards(original 151),the games, blue, red, yellow, some plush and so on so forth. Unfortunately for me, I lost my collection. Though, this did not stop me! I just got back into collecting.

My collection is small but I'm very happy I can start over and have a mate who doesn't mind(in fact adores my nerdiness). I've picked up a few figures and plush from the local Flea markets and goodwills. This area isn't great for finding treasures but I get lucky once in awhile. My favorite are the ghost Pokemon! With Gengar tugging at my heartstrings, banette is the second favorite and I am looking forward to trying to get my hands on the I love Gothic series. Legendaries are almost in tie with my beloved ghost Pokemon. I told my mate I wanted to collect all the legendary Pokemon in plush form, till I realized how many there are! I'm a little behind! I may not know all the names of the Pokemon now a days but hey, never to late to learn.
I'm very much looking forward to X and Y and have my limited addition 3ds xl on layaway. I can't wait!
Anyways enough of my rambling!

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Dragonite and Amphy

I need help Identify if this plush is the real deal D:

So I bought this Dragonite plush on Ebay from: gundamit awhile back.
I'm a little worried now about its authenticity; since he keeps selling them.
So here are a few pictures of his tag and hush tag.
If anyone has the Dragonite plush can you calm my nerves?

Is it real or is it fake? xc
Edit! -just found out he I real. So thank you everyone! (:
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Collection update with some shocking gets! A wild member re-appeared

Sorry, I haven't been posting in a while. I've been a busy bee because of school and all that stuff. I just received my 4th package of September today. So here are my gets of Tons of Tomys! I'm an avid purchaser at Mitsuwa. Saturday was my 10th time going there!
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Thank you for viewing this post. I'm new to cuts and am thinking it is hard.

Only a quick sales post

Hello comm! This is only a quick and small sales post! A few things I will move from my collection and some TCGs :D
Please come and take a look! :3
Have a nice week! ^-^

[*click here for the stuff!*]

Gifs- Sales permission granted on May 28, 2013 from godudette
              - My feedback: ""

Gifs- I live in germany and I ship worldwide!
              - I accept Paypal only
              - Minimum purchase please is 3$!
              - All prices are without shipping costs or paypalfees!
              - I´m not responsible for damaged or lost items. If you want insurance, please tell me!
              - Please note that international shipping can take 2-4 weeks or longer in exception!
              - All things comes from a smokeless and dog-/catless home (I only have gerbils :3)
GifsShipping costs (for every country!!)
            - Flats: 1-2$
            - Non-flats: 4,50$

2013-09-29 18.53.02
- Dratini&Dragonair Auldey Tomy figures in package (package is open): 8$
- Bulbasaur Niue 2001 coin (MIP): 50$
- Togepy keychain: 5$
- Bulbasaur Metal figure: 5$
- Bulbasaur MEgablok: 5$
- Bulbasaur custom figure: 7$
- Chansey bell keychain: 7$
- Wooper keychain new in package: 7$
2013-08-25 13.27.52

2013-09-29 18.49.04

2013-08-25 13.10.46
Cyndaquil tomy figure: 5$
2013-08-25 13.13.40
A very little fuzzy pikachu figure: 3$
2013-08-25 13.19.08
Clear Wigglytuff kid! 5$

2013-08-25 15.24.56
Cool pearlthings for kids! 5$ for both (bellossom & chikorita)

2013-08-25 15.28.11
A rare volbeat u-mate bean: 6$

2013-09-29 18.41.11
Meowth promo card mint: 4$
2013-09-29 18.41.16
Pichu promo card mint: 6$
2013-09-29 18.43.40
Ho-oh & Lugia cards in german mint! 5$ for both
2013-09-29 18.44.07
Espeon & Umbreon cards in german mint! 5$ for both
2013-09-29 18.45.34
Celebi & Sudowoodo cards in german mint! 5$ for both
2013-09-29 18.45.44
Pikachu promo card in german! Good condition but not mint. 5$
2013-09-29 18.45.51
Cute Pikachu & Raichu promo cards in german! Mint! 5$ for both
2013-09-29 18.46.07
Sandslash & Erika gym cards mint! 3$ for both

sales updated

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback:

hey everyone so I updated my sales, here's the link to that:

I have added some items and changed some prices.

and let's not forget my trade post from yesterday:

Thank you ever so much for reading :)

Finally made myself a Sales Post!

And even a cheesy banner~! X3

^Click here for my Sales Post!^

My sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on 8/23/13
My feedback is here:
And more rules and stuff are in the post!
I have LOTS of plush (lotta pokedolls, some jakks and some banprestos!)
I also have a few figures, and a pretty rare "advanced" charmander charm.. Yeah just one charm XD
Also about the Bulbasaur/Squirtle plush I had inquired about a few days ago? Well, I've decided to put it up for auction at a later date. I'll post about it once I do decide to put it up for auction! c:
Ahem, anyway! Thank you for checking it out~! x3

Pokeball Keychains GA last payment! + Politoed... or not...

Hello comm!

The Pokeball Keychains GA arrived today (finally!) so let's finish with this. Thanks everybody for making this possible!! <3


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And... The other day, my boyfriend found a "Politoed TOMY" being sold by the user import_empire on eBay but it has a google photo so we asked if they had a better photo to see the figure and... well... this happened...

I have no words... I guess it was impossible to get it so cheap... I'll continue with my Politoed search I guess...

Thanks for everything!