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gets! (er... finds rather)

hi guys!! i found a bit of stuff last night while going through a box in my room! i havent seen this stuff in nearly a year!!

ta da!!! behold movies/games i forgot i had!!

i remember that i found the first, third, and fourth pokemon movies at goodwill a time ago! also the thunder shock vhs tape. they all play perfectly! the heros tape is lost, so now i just have the case. :,(
the two tapes without boxes are totally togepi and pikachu party! i believe someone gave them to me, ive had them a while!
my friend from elementary school gave me the pokemon colosseum game! i lost my gamecube controller, so i cant play it now. x__x

well thats all folks! i'm really REALLY hoping i get SOMETHING in the mail today! if i do, ill post again tomorrow!! ALSO how is my new icon/wants banner? they feature my New Official pkmncollectors mascot, memphis the umbreon!

thank you for reading!! peace my pals! <3

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