Amanda (nefhithiel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A wild mail day appeared!

I was waiting for a bunch of stuff last week that for the most part decided to wait until today to show up. There are more wayward packages out there but Pikachu will track them down!

Here's everything all together. I traded for some of the Pikachus and the Dratini with hantsukihaunter and the Electivire kids and most of the Munchlax colored keychains with drzoidburger. Thanks y'all!!

The giant Darkrai card came from ku_bek and MPC Dratini (soooo tiny wow :D) and Jakks Pachirisu came from docgerbilsworld Everything else came from eBay.


It's amazing having all the colors of this keychain. For the longest time I only had the blues and green. They were a blind bag giveaway at the theaters in Japan for Destiny Deoxys.

Glorious Munch promos! The McDonalds one is glossy (and an extra so it will probably wind up in my trade post).

Chus and such!

Gah the Sprite on the back of this cardass is too stinking cute!

Mini kibbles! And a kuji walku key ring and a Pikazard sleeve one of my cards came in.

Jumbo Darkrai is amazing!


So those are my gets for Monday! I'm still interested in trading my full art Lucario Ex for your full art Darkrai Ex so let me know!
Tags: 1st gen, cards, collection update, darkrai, dratini, electivire, gets, mpc, munchlax, pikachu, snorlax
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