willowistari (willowistari) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hello! While I was browsing the back of pokemon toy boxes at the store the other day I noticed a picture of a clip and carry pokeball belt that comes with sableye and pikachu. Imagine my excitement, I love sableye and figures of it seem to be hard to come by.

Sadly I can't find it anywhere: not in stores, on the store websites, amazon, or ebay.  I can only find it for sale here.  Does anyone know anything about it?  If you have the set or just the sableye to sell I'd be happy to throw money at you in exchange.  :)

I'm also looking for information on the mega sableye and jolteon Pokemon Get figures. I think they come with candy, but I'm not totally sure. They look rare and hard to find though.  Thanks!
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