Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

i've gotten lots of questions and requests when it comes to the new eevee collection pokedolls with velboa fabric, and other items! here is the dealio...

-PREORDERS for the dolls individually will begin on WEDNESDAY! You can already view the page for them here.

-I am ALREADY accepting a limited amount of orders for the complete pokedoll collection. Buy them all and you get one free! Also, they will be shipped by EMS with tracking for your mental stability!

Pre-order here:

-The t-shirts (which will probably feature the designated eeveelution on the back) I will offer to buy the size and color you want for a 10$ fee. I do not know how much they will cost in the store yet. Also please keep in mind how bad the dollar to yen ratio is right now, they will probably not be cheap! I will also only be offering this to a limited number of people.

-All other goods I will stock what I can and host a Sunyshore sale for them probably on Sunday or sometime in the following week. There will be more goods than what the site pictures, so look forward to it!
Tags: eevee, info, sales
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