January 1st, 2014

Mew Plush Want!

Hello! I was wondering if anyone was selling or if anyone knows where i could purchase a not-too-expensive Tomy Mew Plush like the one under the cut below!
Also if anyone is selling any other mew plushes, i may be interested in them if you wouldn't mind showing me. c:
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I need one to go with the mewtwo kigurumi i'm making.
I'm going to carry it with me while i wear it!
If anyone is wondering how my kigurumi is coming, there is a picture below of what is done so far!
The arms and whole bottom is finished except for the buttons.
I still need to make the hood, buttons, and shoulder/neck thingy(which is why the shoulders haven't been sewn up yet). I'm pretty proud of it so far.
It's like 200x my size so it kinda looks wonky on me, and it's the first kigu(or any kind of costume) i've ever tried to make, so please don't criticize it!
I have very little sewing experience.
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Thank you for looking!

Collection Update! and Bootie Question...

Oh gosh, it's been FAR too long, I've put my update off so many times. But hey! What better time than 1st day of the new year. My holidays have been far from enjoyable, but at least my collection has grown. One nice thing I suppose.

Here was my collection when I first joined back in July (2013)
Hope I did these cuts right...

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To "cut" to the chase (oh I'm so funny...) click below to see my collection update!
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Also since I'm making a post already I may as well as ask my "bootie" question.
I bought a Leafeon TOMY plush from a random user on an Art website. She was just selling her plushies at random because she needed some cash. I also bought the talking Pacharisu, and small Buneary plush from her as well. Those I'm pretty sure are NOT booties, however this Leafeon is well known to be notorious for having booties made of it, so I figured I may as well ask to see what the community thought.

She came with no hang tag, but neither did the other two. They were pre-owned and previous owner had removed them all and thrown them out when she had originally bought them, so sadly all I have to go on is their tush tags.
Does anyone know to REALLY tell the booties of these to the real ones? I can't judging by photo's online but perhaps one of you on here will know more.
I wont be that upset if she is since I paid near to nothing for it, but it would just be nice to know as the question as been kinda eating at me for awhile...

Here are the pictures of it:

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pika cap2

Search for Pokemon throw

Greetings all I hope everyone's having Happy New Year well I'm on a hunt for a Pokemon throw blanket.I was hoping to get one for Christmas but no luck so maybe someone here could help me out I did check out Ebay and Amazon but they want $30-$50 for it weird considering I've seen it for $14-$20 during Thanksgiving to now so if anyone has one or have seen one please let me know

Thanks for viewing
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New Year search Begins!

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to make a small post about my small collection update and my New Year search list!

I got a Takara Tomy Charmander (so excited!) and also got myself one of the Sylveon boxes with all the Eevee-Luton cards :)

Please note that because of payment limitations (either by money order, concealed (tracked) cash or if you have an amazon account, I'd prefer US seller as otherwise trying to find a payment avenue is so tricky ;; ) I'd also love total costs to be quoted with shipping with tracking if possible <3

I'm very exited to start my search, any and all help and/or points in the right direction are truly appreciated!

My current search list:
2012 Pokemon Center Standing Pokedoll Series
(above are my top three! )
Pokedolls w/hang tags and tush tags
(above I'm looking for the nubby style small pokedolls, I actually have an Eevee and Jolteon currently from a long time ago, but took the hang tags off by accident ;; )

The above are my high priority wants in my current search, I'm also looking for cute figures of Eevee (or the evolutions), growlithe (I heard there was a canvas plush or pokedoll of growlithe? Would be interested in getting a quote if anyone has one available ), Arcanine, vulpix, I really enjoye all the canine pokemon <3

Look forward to meeting some Pokemon goals with apokemon Collectors this year ^^


New Year Gets!!

Hello everyone, and happy new year! :D

I wanted to share my new gets that I got since my last update! I'm starting to get into the canvas line.

... Aaand my set is complete :D

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wants: Bulbasaur patchwork plush

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new years! I'm just making this post as I'm looking for a couple items for my bulbasaur collection!

I'm hoping someone from the community may have a patchwork bulbasaur plush they would be willing to sell (shipping is to the US)


I'm mainly looking for the large plush, but if someone has both they will sell, I would gladly want the keychain bulba as well ^-^

Auction reminder and quick Pokedoll Collection update

Just a reminder that my auction for super rare Pokedoll Charms is ending on Friday January 3. Some charms are still at their starting bids! This may be your only chance to own one for a very long time because of how rare they are!

(Not sure if I need this or not since its a reminder but here:)
I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012
Feedback here



And here's just a quick picture of my current Pokedolls. Just got Sceptile from the Tushless GA so now my Gen Three trio is complete. Right now I am looking for Phanpy, Altaria, and Houndour, so lemme know if you guy have them :)


And I also have uploaded a full collection video to my channel on Youtube, so feel free to watch that as well :3 (The quality is terrible I'm sorry about that.)


New Year Wants

Hello fellow community members and happy new year! Its been a while since I last posted and this is my first of the new year! I have decided to look for a few wants I have been eyeing for quite a while and a bunch of new stuff. Any help would be appreciated!
On to the wants:
First is the Froakie vs Eevee tomy 2-pack figures. I'm looking for maybe $14 shipped but I'm open to offers as well.
Next is the Pokemon Center Standing Eevee plush. I believe this plush was released in 2012 and I'm hoping to get it for $30 shipped and I'm open to offers as well.
I live in Singapore. Pictures are under the cut. Thanks.Collapse )

one holiday get! + WANTS WANTS WANTS! C:

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a GREAT Christmas, and a great New Years! I've been out of town visiting family - during Christmas, I got 1 special Pokemon present from my hubby!

YESSS! Venusaur! :D:D:D He's adorably adorable, and I decided to get him his own little shelf, as well as adding a few of his evo's plush! :D

I've also had no luck finding things off my wants list -- please take a look and see if you can point me in the right direction? Any and all help is appreciated! :*

Click to be transported! :D

Thanks! :D

Bat Flat Sales (Pages)

SOLD: Feraligatr, Typhlosion/Sunkern, Swinub/Cyndaquil, Front cover, Horsea/Flaafy, Miltank/Mareep

SOLD: Suicune/Meowth, Togetic/Totodile, Hoothoot/Teddiursa

SOLD: Sandshrew/Tauros/Gengar, Croconaw

SOLD: Bottom left Eevee, Eevee & Entei

SOLD: Purrlion/Tympol

SOLD: Purrlion/Pidove


SOLD: Top row 5th in, Top row 7th in, Bottom left Typhlosion, Togetic/Celebi/Mew, Both Noctowl and bugs pages, Eevee/Snubble/Vaporeon/Flareon

SOLD: Sea/Graveyard scene with Gengar, 3 down & 5 across, Both Nidoran family pages

SOLD: Lapras/Suicune, Gengar & co, Bottom left, Jirachi & Mew/Fire starters

SOLD: 3 dogs page, Cyndaquil&Totodile/Suicune&Entei, 4 down & 5 across, 5 down & 7 across, Bottom row 4 in, Unown/Croconaw/Ariados/Eevee

SOLD: Victini

SOLD: Bottom right

SOLD: Top left


SOLD: Quilladin/Gengar


SOLD: Both Gengar


SOLD: Ninetales, Kangaskhan, Eevee

SOLD: Scyther, Gengar, Vaporeon

SOLD: Mr Mime

SOLD: Moltres, Aerodactyl, Articuno

SOLD: Jynx, Vileplume, Gary


SOLD: Gengar/Snorlax, Poliwag/Slowpoke, Eevee/Mr Mime

SOLD: Mr Mime


SOLD: Hoothoot

SOLD: Shuckle, Umbreon, Espeon


SOLD: Feraligatr/Furret, Absol/Surskit, Espeon/Aipom, Torchic/Anorith, Arcanine/Sudowoodo, Croconaw/Unown, Eevee/Geodude, Glalie/Spearow

SOLD: Gligar/Mightyena, Wartortle/Blastoise, Garchomp/Hitmontop, Gyarados/Wingull, Caterpie/Treeko, Gliscor/Groudon, Kyogre/Mothim, Breloom/Shroomish, Kingdra/Bellossom

SOLD: Glaceon/Cresselia, Haunter/Torkoal, Magikarp/Magnemite, Gengar/Tauros, Croagunk/Crobat

SOLD: Vaporeon/Magnezone, Zapdos/Jolteon, Relicanth/Seadra, Dewgong/Sceptile, Cranidos/Skuntank, Zigzagoon/Crawdaunt, Dusclops/Sharpedo, Hypno/Drowzee, Front page/Gardevior, Hitmonlee/Zangoose, Starmie/Scyther, Jirachi/Suicune

SOLD: Eggsecute/Mantyke, Togekiss/Togetic, Metapod/Drapion, Diglett/Deoxys

SOLD: Politoed/Poliwhirl, Dunsparce/Nosepass, Nidoqueen/Nidoran

SOLD: Seel/Steelix, Pachirisu/Scizor, Butterfree/Lotad, Mr Mime/ Palkia, Typhlosion/Dragonair, Cover page/Clampearl

SOLD: Buizel/Flareon, Ponyta/Skiploom, Poochyena/Prinplup, Houndoom/Persian, Piplup/Pidgey, Feebas/Happiny, Magby/Igglybuff, Wailmer/Hoothoot, Moltres/Phione

SOLD: Mudkip/Combee, Milotic/Misdreavus, Quilava/Slugma, Mismagius/Staravia, Weezing/Linoone, Mewtwo/Miltank, Buneary/Mew

SOLD: Chingling/Leafeon, Raichu/Manectric, Luxaray/Vulpix, Jumpluff/Totodile, Raikou, Vileplume/Rampardos, Riolu/Charmeleon, Duskull/Noctowl, Slowking/Slowbro, Snorunt/Uxie

SOLD: Gyarados/Rapidash, Onix/Arcanine, Skamory/Aipom, Anorith/Absol

SOLD: Sceptile/Vaporeon, Togepi/Togetic, Shellder/Relicanth, Chinchou/Medicham, Zapdos/Zangoose, Squirtle/Celebi, Hitmonlee/Sharpedo, Altaria/Chimecho, Nincada/Swablu, Crawdaunt/Zigzagoon

SOLD: Vibrava/Cyndaquil, Trapinch/Exeggcutor, Cloyster/Volbeat, Magby/Aerodactyl

SOLD: Flaffy/Venomoth, Articuno/Jigglypuff, Lanturn/Charmeleon, Heracross/Muk, Lapras/Luvdisc, Weavile/Linoon, Wailmer/Hoothoot, Noctowl/Raikou, Smoochum/Misdreavus, Latias/Latios, Ho-oh Wailord


SOLD: Ninetales/Krabby, Pika+Squirtle/Hypno, Poliwrath+Psyduck/Scyther, Vaporeon

SOLD: Venomoth/Fearow, Articuno

SOLD: Persian, Gary, Green tiger, Eevee/Geodude

SOLD: MrMime/Venomoth with trees

SOLD: Shellder/Zigzagoon, Dusclops/Sharpedo, Wurmple/Gengar, Hitmonlee/Zangoose

SOLD: Togekiss/Togetic, Suicune/Cranidos, Both Deoxys Pages, Banette/Jirachi


SOLD: Umbreon/Articuno, Aerodactyl/Purugly, Wailmer/Hoothoot,

SOLD: Totodile/Machop, Vileplume/Rampardos, Riolu/Charmeleon, Noctowl/Raikou

SOLD: Feraligatr/Furret, Aipom/Espeon, Gengar/Tauros, Spearow/Fearow, Front page, Marowak/Kangaskhan, Eevee/Geodude

SOLD: Shellder/Vaporeon, Togetic/Togepi, Dewgong/Suicune, Starmie/Scyther

SOLD: Mareep/Tentacool, Flaafy/Venomoth, Totodile/Machop, Hoothoot/Pidgey, Noctowl/Raikou, Tangela/Slowking, Slowbro/Slowpoke, Magby/Igglybuff, Mewtwo/Miltank

SOLD: Feraligatr/Sentret, Totodile/Croconaw, Togetic/Natu, Lanturn/Chinchou, Furret/Hoothoot

SOLD: Golem/Ponyta, Rapidash/Slowpoke, Cloyster/Shellder, Articuno/Zapdos, Zigzagoon/Linoone, Mr. Mime/Scyther, Jynx/Electabuzz, Goldeen/Seaking, Houndour/Houndoom, Mantine/Skamory, Ditto/Eevee, Magby/Miltank

SOLD: Spinda/Trapinch, Sharpedo/Wailmer, Jirachi/Deoxys, Absol/Wynaut, Snorunt/Glalie

SOLD: Riolu/Lucario, Manaphy/Phione




SOLD:Typhlosion/Feraligatr, Togepi/Natu, Sentret/Hoothoot

SOLD: Raikou


SOLD: June, September, Februrary, March

SOLD: Cleffa, Abra
John super happy

A Very Pokedoll New Years!

Right now vulpes_canis and I are out at my family's lake house for an extended New Years! We've been here since last night, and, as always, we decided to do Pokemon pictures! This year our theme was Pokedolls, although we did end up bringing some other plush for a photostory for my Tumblr. But Pokemon are Pokemon and so even the non-dolls were welcome in the New Years festivities!


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sales update + new permanent trade post

hello it's me again haha                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/xxstarcassxx/

I added a few small things to my sales~

sales banner pokemon

aaand tadaah! new permanent trades post~

also a reminder of my "post what you collect for trade/sale's":

I swear i'll have some other post's beside's trade/sale soon!

anyway, hope y'all had a good new year :D

have a good day/night~