January 2nd, 2014

by viper_fox

Lots of gets + updated sales + a probably lost/stolen package :(

But let's start with 2 new Shiny Pokémon in game (even if they could have been 3 if I hadn't press "run" before looking at my screen and see a gorgeous Shiny female Fraxure...what I was looking for... ><)
I'm not yet decided on Golurk's nickname. Dragonair is nicknamed Osiris (captured in a Premier Ball) and will evolve into a beautiful green Dragonite <3

Now the gets o/

¤ from Sunyshore
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¤ from Pokevault
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¤ from poliwhirl
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¤ from nagaineko
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¤ from +Poke Box+
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¤ from AmiAmi
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¤ from neeko48
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And now the bad news. I've been waiting for an Air Mail package from Noppin for one month. I know I should have chosen at least a registered method but my wallet was short at that time and as I had never had any problem with Air Mail before I thought it would be fine.
I will wait a little but what can I do if my package never arrives ? I can't believe that postal services have no responsability. Because in that way it's normal that some bad persons feel free to steal packages...

Thank you for reading :3
And Happy New Year all \o/

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(some plushies and XY new Kids)

Wanted - US Middleman :)

I've trawled over the community rules and can't find anything against this as it isn't a Japan pick-up/translation/middleman one :) If it is against the rules however then please let me know! I mean no harm, I just want mah grail!

I've found an auction on eBay that I'd love to pick up, it's my grail! However unfortunately despite the seller giving me a shipping quote last month, they've since decided they don't want to ship overseas.

I'm looking for someone in the US who would be willing to be my middleman for this auction and ship it on to me in Ireland :) It'll be a large-ish box so would require a proper post office trip, not just a new envelope and stamp.

If this is something you're happy doing, please leave a comment and we can discuss the details in more depth :) I don't want to take up peoples friends pages.


All sorted, thank you!

Figures, Figures, and More figures GA extras claim post


Hi guys! The lot came in!

This post is going to be dedicated to extras claims. They're available to participants only and are $.25 each.
The cost will be added to your payment 2 cost, which I will post tomorrow night.

Okay, so I'm extending the extras claims until 2:00 tomorrow (1/4/14) EST and opening the claims to any pkmncollectors member. The items will still be $.25 each. After that I'll total up the profit and discount it from everyone's payment 2 totals, which I will get up soon after that.

Just let me know if you want to claim anything in the comments and things will go on a first come first serve basis.
I did never recieve payment for payment 1 from thepapayafruit or rainyan. We didn't PM people for the payment or anything so it's understandable if you missed the post. You could look at the payment 1 spreadsheet here and pay to cblue92@roadrunner.com, or if you don't before payment 2 is up I'll just combine them for you.
I also took pictures of everyone's winnings. (I got a new camera for Christmas and I was playing :) ). Unfortunately a lot of them have marks and paint chips. I tried to clean them all off a little, but I don't have any magic erasers or anything. Maybe they could do a better job. You can click the pictures to get a larger view.

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Plentiful Kid Figure GA Reminder

This is your only reminder for the Plentiful Kid GA!  If there is a kid figure you are looking for, check out the lot.  They start at only $1. We have not reached enough bids to get even one of the lots yet, and a lot of the kids have no bids, so bid more if you want to win these!


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Click here to go!
The bidding ends in 3 days!

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And a Happy New Collector!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year, I hope everyone started the year with bright eyes and happy faces :) My username is Noibatcutie, but it's fine if you call me Shelby :) I joined the community around November after lurking for several months and falling in love with the atmosphere and sense of camaraderie everyone had. So I finally decided to make a livejournal and join! I've been a Pokeaddict since I was 4-5, being born in the mid-90's allowed me to witness the big Pokeboom and get swept in with it. I have a fairly large Tomy collection which you will see under the cut, but due to being a military child I have had to experience a lot of moves...and additionally we took on an incredibly energetic puppy which caused a lot of my Tomy's to lose paint and limbs ): It's not an incredibly urgent matter, but I hope I can one day restore them and maybe fill in a few spaces of my Tomy-dex :) My favorite gen is the Third, closely tied with the First of course! And even sixth gen is leaving an imprint in my heart... Anywho, I just fell in absolute love with the Hoenn region, and it holds many of my favorite Pokemon! Which leads to what I plan to collect! I adore Milotic, I remember falling in love with it when I was battling Wallace in Emerald and hearing the beautiful cry of the water dragon...After beating the game I began my search, spending endless hours searching every tile fishing and fishing for a Feebas as friends had instructed me in finding the elusive fish...and then I finally found it! So of course, I plan to hardcore collect Milotic and Feebas! Unfortunately it may take a while to do so, I'm a senior in high school and so far it looks like I will be a rather poor college student, and because her items tend to be more expensive it may take quite a while for it to take off...but one day I will own every item!! :) I will end my story now by simply listing my collection plans and then posting my current collection pics and including a few more things about myself under the cut!

Hardcore: Milotic, Feebas, Dusclops, Duskull, Banette, Noivern Line, Dedenne, Pumpkaboo
Occassional: Darkrai, Jirachi, Mightyena line, Houndour, Noctowl, Froslass line, Bulbasaur, Manectric Line, Froakie, Xerneas/Yveltal, Zorua, Sliggo only, Slowking
Wouldn't Mind: Altaria, Inkay, Growlithe, Bunnelby, Gulpin, Espeon, Skitty
Will Buy For Friends: Flareon, Mareep, Slowpoke, Piplup, Spinda

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And I also have a question: Does anyone know of some kind of Tomy repair contact? Or ways to get parts of Tomys? As you saw many of my childhood figures lost parts and I would like to repair them approppriately. If I can manage to get parts, some I may be able to super glue, but others (such as Ledyba's stubs which are uneven and wouldn't glue right) I'm not sure how I would fix :C If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I'd really appreciate it!

I would also like to thank white_chocobo, allyugioh, and brittanylischka for dealing with my first few buying interest posts! I wasn't aware that I didn't have appropriate funds when showing my interest in a few items but everyone was patient and kind when I explained ^^ I will do my best to cut back from mistakes in the future! Happy new year everyone! I'm glad to be here! ^^
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Collection update! Past the 100 pokedoll mark!

I guess I should start with a re-intro as I don't post that often...so I'm Ana, I live in Mexico and am an animation student. I've been a pokemon fan since I was about seven or eight, my favorite pokemon is Charizard. I began collecting on February 2012.I mainly collect pokedolls, but I sometimes get UFO's and Pokemon Time plushies as well.

I recently got 100+ pokedolls, so I had to rearrange everything so that there was space for everyone!

preview collection update

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This year's goals are to get all starters, legendaries and 6° Gen pokedolls. And of course, keep hunting the 3 kanto pokedolls I'm missing.