January 4th, 2014

Mew Close-Up

Happy New Year - suuuuper late kinda-grail gets!

Happy New Year, y'all!

I've been meaning to do this update for a few months now, and it's one I've been pretty excited about!

I finally got the movie 16 zukan that I had literally been waiting on for months, and that I've posted about a few times before. Long story short, I pre-ordered the set off of Anime Raro back in May, and when my package finally arrived in August...well, the package was ripped open and the contents were gone. After much pestering the company, they said they'd give me a 50% refund, but never followed up. I was pretty pissed off.

But then! I reconnected with without_reason, a local pkmncollector, who wanted to order the same zukan set, so she and I got it together! We met up at the local Pokemon Gathering the night before X/Y's launch. Here's a small preview of what I got!

 photo fromwithout_reason_zps52afebf1.jpg

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A friend of mine is currently in Japan and said he's bring something Pokemon-related back for me, so I'll probably be posting about that soon! (The same friend who got me the Umbreon min Pokedoll actually, as well as an awesome Pikachu baking mold I use all the time!)

I've also added some things to my Sales Post, so you should definitely have a look! I'll also be adding some new cards, and possibly auctioning off MIP Jakks sometime in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Also, a dangerous question, but what X/Y merch are you hoping for for the future? I'd really love to see more Meowstic, especially plush and a zukan, and I hope we get more Mega Pokemon!


Target Tomy Clearance + Tomy Canada Question?

First a note: Was in two Targets yesterday, and with what looks like planograms being re-organized (yet again) with little on the shelves of two that I went to yesterday, they are having stuff on clearance. The one I went to WITH Pokemon merch, had what little they had on clearance! I picked up a two-pack of Tomy figures for $4.88, which was pretty good. So you might want to peek in stores and see if any are clearanced out! That is, in places that still HAVE Tomy stuff. (Once again worried with Tomy's poor distribution and whatnot, despite them saying that it's up to the store, not to them...)

But that's Target America, I have a question now for Canadian locations (since I'll be there next week): how is the distribution there?? I remember that Jakks actually did BETTER with bringing out stuff there. I think I heard that Walmarts even were doing ok with stocking? But that was a while ago... Where's the best place to go? Walmart? TRU? Target Canada? I'm mainly just looking for the hyper-sized figures from Series 2 and the reprints in XY (Mewtwo, Charizard, Lucario, Deoxys, and Garchomp/Tyrannitar, if they were even released outside of the NZ area?) Did Canada have any exclusive places for these guys as singles/multi-packs like they apparently do in America with Barnes and Noble/Target/TRU, etc.?
Thanks for any help!^^ 
Pokemon - Bellossom
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Pokemon VHS Help

In a few months I'm going to be meeting Veronica Taylor :D :D :D And I want to ask her to sign my copy of Pokemon The First Movie. Only problem is, I don't have one :(

I plan to buy a copy that's not a problem, but I know the VHS came with a promo card inside the case and I believe it was different to the ones given out when you went to see it in the cinema. Am I right? If I'm buying a copy of the film I want to buy it complete and have the right card that was meant to come with it.

Was this the same all over the world or was it different in the UK?

pokemon advanced topps

So I was going through some of my boxes in our garage and uncovered a huge ziploc bag of topps cards that I completely forgot I had. I believe I have close to 100! I was curious on if they are at least uncommon and tried searching online for anyone selling them but found almost no results! The most I could find were the Advanced Challenge set being sold, and I tried using the -Challenge trick and still couldn't find anything! The most I can find are catalogs but that doesn't get me an idea of their rarity :( I have dug fairly deep and found absolutely nothing, even searching through the community with a "cards" tag yielded no result :( I will put a picture of the particular type of cards I have as it seems every series' design is a bit different. Also, I'm curious if anyone has these cards so post some pictures of your own if you do! :)

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Looking for Pokebox Charms - Trade?

Hi, Everyone!

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link

I'm looking for two Pokebox Charms from the first Eeveelution set (I think they were all food themed). I'd like to get Eevee and Umbreon. I think Eevee has pancakes and I'm not sure about Umbreon. Actually, if anyone has a photo of Umbreon that they are willing to share, I'd like to see it. The only ones I could find were blurry.


I have Flareon from the first set I'd be willing to trade -

I recently received this pin on accident. It's really cute and I do like Raichu but I'm not sure about keeping it, so I might considering trading it -

I might also be willing to purchase the charms...it would depend on the price.

As always, I'm willing to look at any Houndoom and Houndour merchandise people have for sale or trade. ^^

~ Risha

P.S. I know that I have been slacking with replying to messages dealing with cards. I hope to start replying to those messages soon. I was busy pretty much the whole month of December (getting a new puppy, my fiance graduating from university, and then visiting family for 2 weeks for Christmas/New Years). I apologize.
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Funny Merch Game

Hey all!

I thought it was time again for something funny/different again. :)

It's a funny merch game, yaaay!
So, what I want you to do is either take a photo of your favorite or one of your favorite pieces of your collection, show it to us, and come up with some funny captions which should or can look like this:

"I like *name of Pokemon* because ... [some funny thing here :D]"

For example: "I like Charmander because he always lights my cigarettes." ^^

It would be especially nice if you had a photo of your favorite Pokemon in your collection dressed up or displayed in a funny way!

So, without further ado, let's get going! :)

Trading Magikarp Pokedoll!!

I checked the rules but I didn't see anything about not being allowed to post trades but if I am breaking any rules, please tell me and excuse my apparent lack of reading skills.

First of all, I DO NOT HAVE SALES PERMISSION but I understand that you can trade as long as you have 10 positive feedback which I do have

Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bobsama195/

-I will only trade with you if you have 10 positive feedbacks (plus, that's the rule). Message me if that will be a problem.
-Hopefully, the shipping will be around the same but if not, shipping will be paid by the opposite person (I will use a bubble mailer unless requested otherwise so it's likely that the shipping will be roughly the same or your shipping to me will cost more, so I will pay the extra that it costs)
-I won't trade with people banned members
-Offer are acceptable and encouraged but I may decline. Do not be upset at me if I do decline. Please try to stay in the boundaries of what I collect though.
-I will choose who to trade with based on how much the offer appeals to me, not by first come, first serve or anything like that. Do not be offended if I don't choose your offer.
-Any questions, comment or message me!

Now, onto the fancy guy. History:I got my Magikarp Pokedoll about when I first joined the comm last year but unfortunately, it wasn't worth the money I paid (I overpaid for it :l ). I know it's a grail for some people and since I'd feel bad for making someone pay as much as I did for it, I decided it should finally go to a much more loving home. So trading it was the best idea. If you're interested, cut the cut!

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So Much Happy

Oh My Goodness It's an Update!

Hello everyone! Happy belated New Year!
Well some of you may have noticed that I've been relatively quite on the community lately and I haven't given a proper update in months... Well I have a bit of time so here's an update with all the new plush I have added to my collection in the past few months!
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So that's my collection update, but I have one more thing on my agenda before finishing off this post and that is a trade.
This is PikaBoo my 2012 Pokemon Center Halloween Pikach plush, and although I love him dearly, I think it's time he went to someone who actually collects pikachu or ghost types or halloween plush. Anyway I have fallen in love with Fennekin and was very sad to realize I missed my chance at getting a Fennekin Christmas plush before they blew up in price. But I think PikaBoo for a Sweaterkin would be a fair trade :) so If you have an extra or would rather have PikaBoo here please let me know :)
I'm really only interested in The Christmas sweater fennekin plush but if you have something from my wants post I might be tempted into trading
I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched December 13th 2012
My feedback is here

Thanks everyone and as a final note I did something most epic last night :) I put pencil to paper and drew out all of my favorite pokemon from each generation in one giant picture :>
That being said I hope you all have a wonderful day! :D
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Taobao; prototype plushes?

Hello mina-san!~

How's everyone doing? Long time no post from me!
Currentely I am trying to gain some experience with the Chinese Taobao buying place.
They seem to have very interesting items, despite many rejects/bootlegs.
Something caught my eye.

I stumbled on this VERY rare Victini plush. The V-generate one. Only 100 made.
It's super cheap and looked too good to be true. I was getting more skeptical when
I saw it in an other auction as well.
Still I'm wondering HOW can a plush this rare just be for sell so cheap? When I looked
at the pictures the plush didn't look like a reject at all. So.. maybe it's a prototype?
I even found rare Pokedolls from which I know no rejects/bootlegs exist yet!

I looked through many more auctions and I noticed something else. The Banpresto ones
have very 'weird' tush tags. You see the logo and 'Banpresto' just in red. Maybe this is a
way they mark their prototype plush?


These Keldeo plushes are an example to clear things up. Look at the right plush tush tag. Banpresto marked bigger than on a final tag and I notice some scribbling too?

Meloette on the right is an other example.


A back picture of the very rare Victini. You can barely see the tush tag but I'm almost sure he has the 'prototype' tush tag as well. (Red letters)

So does someone have experience with Taobao? It was so tempting in almost buying the Victini but I thought I'd ask the comm first for help! :)
If you want a link from an Taobao auction just PM me!