January 6th, 2014


toy news time!!!

hello all! long time no post for me!! it's been a busy month, and i have tons of collection updates, but for now i bring coolnews!

it's new candy figures coming in spring. and the first figures of mega ampharos and talonflame! (the others have MC or other figures out/announced).

litleo also looks especially adorkables *u*

click to enlarge!


Hi guys :)

I come to you today in the search of something that I want to buy for the husband for his birthday. He likes, by his words, "silly dumb pokemon". He doesn't mean that in an offensive way! :P But his favourites aren't known for being elite fighting machines and are definitely more on the comical side.

And so I am looking for a Farfetch'd plush! As far as I'm aware there's only 1-2 different ones, so I am also perfectly happy to consider commissions and possibly also bootlegs.

Right now I'm shopping around and won't be able to pay this second, but I'm asking now as I suspect it might take a couple of posts and some time to be able to find one!

Shipping would be to Ireland and I'm looking to spend around $40 total. It doesn't need to be a big one, just awesome :) Tags are fairly irrelevant but I don't want him to be a mess, the plush itself needs to be in reasonably good condition. He will be loved!

Re-intro, collection update, and stuff!~

Yoooooo. I haven't posted anything on here in ages. My name is Nicole and my favorite pokemon is alakazam! Before I was only collecting plush, but recently I decided to expand my collection and focus on abra-line goods so now I am back! I stopped going on here all together like a year ago just because my life got really busy. Honorable things I meant to post about but never did was that I got my grail (Alakazam UFO) maybe two years ago? (omg) and I went to the Pokemon Center when I studied in Japan and I was really overwhelmed being there.

I figured I'd post my current collection! THIS CUT IS BIG, kindof.

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Also if you have an abra-line non-flats and it's something I don't have let me know!
Thanks for reading!
hoppip stamp

A few wants!

It's my 5-year anniversary with my fiance coming up next week, and I'm looking for the following as gifts! Please let me know if you have any you are willing to let go at a reasonable price ;w; Everything I've found on eBay and other sites is really expensive, I was hoping I might be able to save a bit by looking here!

Pikachu Pair merch (will look at anything! But mostly looking for keychains)
Sylveon 3DS XL/LL clear cover OR any of the similar cases/pouches/holders for 3DS XL/LL with Sylveon on them
Mew Pokemon Rumble figure
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Lisk get! Post Con & Post Japan Sales go on~

I am proud to announce the beginning of my heliolisk collection with the obtaining of the heliolisk clearfile! It's super pretty!

(Feel free to use the image for your own want list)

The back has a full colour image of heliolisk and some little stats like all of the gen 6 character clear files.

Even though I don't collect dragonite, this plush was too cute to resist, I found it at a small Japan themed store in Melbourne

Now on to sales.

Featuring fan made sylveon magnets, stickers and old sales

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2014 Sales

Hello everyone! I recently had my 4 year anniversary here! I feel like such a veteran now =D. Let's celebrate with a sales post. My next post will be a collection update with Flareon, Arcanine and a lot of Tomy keychains.

First some rules
~ I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept paypal
~ I ship anywhere in the world from the Netherlands
~ All prices are in US Dollars
~ Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/knienke/
~ Old feedback: http://knienke.livejournal.com/2034.html

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Pokemon 0202pokemon oktober 028

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Another "post what you collect for T&S"

my next postage day will be this friday!

sales banner pokemon
trades (depending on the items can also sell now):http://xxstarcassxx.livejournal.com/2595.html

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/xxstarcassxx/

again you may be wondering what this post is about.

I am looking to either sell or trade items (though at the moment mainly sell) All you have to do is post a list of the pokemon you collect and i'll check if I have anything I can trade/sell

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(haha sorry for the cut name)

thank you for reading :)

New Year Sales and a Game :)

Hello everyone!

It's been some time since I've posted and thought I'd bring you a bunch of new sale Items!
I'll be getting more Items throughout the week so keep an eye out for new merch! :)

Some of the lovelies:


Click here to go to my sales: http://baconscreation.livejournal.com/13492.html

Now onto the game!

Can you figure out which one is the real Pokedoll?


Leave your answer in the comments! :)

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!

Introductions and Greetings!

Hello all! My name is Deidra, and I'm new to pkmncollectors and livejournal. I would love to be a part of this community because I've grown up on pokemon. Recently I began collecting Latios and Latias merchandise, they are my favorite pokemon! I have a small collection right now, but everyone begins somewhere right? My biggest grail wants would have to be the tomy latios and latias plushes so I'll have a special eye out for them! I'd love to get to know you all and see all of your wonderful collections as well and try to help you complete them!
My collection :)