January 8th, 2014

Human Wants!!

Alright, so my all time favorite human character in Pokemon is Grimsley. Grimsley is just...I don't know if it's the cocky smile, the fabulous scarf, or my imagination running wild with thoughts of a mob! style Grimsley inspired by his apparent gambling habits...but I go crazy over this guy. Only problem is he has no merchandise outside of a clearfile and a cameo in a quiz book! Now I do plan to get my hands on these...but I was curious if anyone has any knowledge of Grimsy merch that I'm unaware of :3 Also I'd die for some kind of button or charm...I looked back in the comm but I didn't really see anyone advertising such a thing but if anyone is willing I'd love to commission something Grimsley! Under the cuts are pics of the aforementioned Grimsley merch and some other small things :) It'll be a while before I come into more money and am very limited so I'm doing my best to limit myself XD So nothing to crazy for now :)

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So I realize that this is a bit more of an information gathering post more than a wants post...or I dunno I guess it is XD I just want so much! Limiting oneself is a tough task for a Pokemon enthusiast! XD Alright, thank you for your time! Have a good night/morning? and a happy Numel (or Hump - get it because Numel's have humps...) Day! :D
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I totally don't collect Eevee.. Also NYC questions!

Today my Mum took in a birthday parcel for me from Sunyshore. I was not allowed to peep inside...
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I had to shut my eyes whilst Mum tried the ring on my finger, and it fits perfectly. We were amazed because it was ordered in Japanese sizing. We expected to have to take it to a jeweller to adjust it. I've only seen the one preview pic online which is a CGI render, so I'm very excited. I'll share some good pics when I crack this baby open on the 17th!

My previous post had this little preview in it of a new friend. Let's take a closer look!
Hello Eevee! Aren't you chubby wubby! :D She is actually one of the >> Pokemon Centre Tissue Box covers <<, but I took out my sewing machine and unrolled her seams where the hole was, collected the material from around them, and gave her a belly. I also closed up her holes, removed elastic and some other tweaks. I would not recommend doing this unless you are a plush maker, because there's a lot to go wrong, and at the halfway point you are left with a sad empty eevee and the slight panic of no turning back.
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Now, we're starting a New Year and I have a good few people who have not paid for their GA shipping in 2013 - some of these go back quite a way. I am not rushing you guys, but I really want to start 2014 afresh. If you don't pay in January I'll pass your info on to a moderator to prompt you, as this is the second reminder for everyone.
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Regarding future GAs, I won't be helping out with any shipping until after February. I'm going on holiday for 12 days of February! To NYC! I'm going to be staying 5-10 minutes walk from Nintendo World and some theatres! Eek!
If you know some cool shops to look at in NYC, please let me know. I love Pokemon, arcades, tabletop gaming, My Little Pony and dinosaurs. ^_^

Semi-grail get for my birthday!

Hi guys! It's my birthday!

And my parents were so nice to me this year. They got me a gaming chair for my Wii U! I'm so happy about that. Now I can finally play Nintendo Land with stereo soun-

Oh wait, the semi-grail.

Well, my parents also got me something in a relatively big box..

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Oh man this is the best birthday EVER! See you guys soon!

Winter Break Collection Update

Howdy All,

It has been a really hectic Fall semester and I have not been able to post or comment as frequently as I used to. This Winter holiday was much needed. As I am prepping to go into my last semester of college (I hope), I wanted to make an update since I'm not sure how much free time I will have this Spring. Actually, I'm feeling a bit of the sadness knowing that I paid my last tuition bill recently and this is actually the end. College was so much better than HS and it is definitely a life experience even though I went to a commuter school. Thinking back, Pokemon Collecting was a hobby that started in college and it will probably continue though not as heavily due to space issues.

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Thanks for reading!

Commissions and custom sales

Hey everyone,

Holiday season is over, new year is here, tons of cookies have been exterminated.
i hope you had a nice time and got a ton of great presents!

I would like to get to you with a few small artwork aka ACEO card sales and new open slots for commissions this time. I won't auction them this time but offer them for a fixed price instead.


Click the cut to continue!

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MISC cupcake rawr

Real or fake Axew???

I found this Axew online.

Only I'm not sure if he's real or fake.

I've done all the preliminary checks as per the rules. But there's only 1 listing & I can't even find a similar pic via Google. Maybe my Google-fu fails me.

Any help would be appreciated. =^.^=

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marill marills everywhere

Hello all! it's been quite a while. I stalk the community but don't post lately because I don't collect as much as I'd like to lately but I still like to see pictures of everyone elses!

Anywho, if anyone remembers me, you know I adore marills! Quite some time ago I bought a custom Pokedoll tag of marill... recently, my 3 year old son got a hold of it somehow and bent it all out of shape! I'd like to eventually have one reprinted if at all possible but I can't recall who made it because like I said it was made for me quite some time ago. I thought I'd come on the community and see if this artist is still around and/or reprinting anything like this. If not I still have the original and I can live with that. Here's what it looks like:


any info on this would be appreciated!

Also I will share a few pictures of my collection. I got a surprise gift in the mail from bluehyaku (squeals of excitement!) and set up an older item of mine that is really big and awesome... so if you like marills, check out the cut please! ^^

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thanks for looking at my pitifully small update! keep being awesome fellow collectors! ^‿^

Collection Update and an Interesting Find!

Hello all!
I've finally done an update of my collection. Well, more like a half update considering I don't have my figures in this update. Lol
I have a lot of new plushes as well as some old faces that'll never leave my collection. :)
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Now onto my interesting find!

This 1ft tall beauty is a bank! I found him on eBay while looking for the smaller poke banks.
You feed the money through his mouth! Unfortunately, though, he doesn't have a stopper on the bottom so I haven't been able to use him.
I do currently have him up for offers on my journal but would love to trade him for a 1ft tall blastoise if possible! (Quagsire can work too.)
(I'm working on getting him a stopper.)
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As always my sales are here:


I've added some more plush, figures, and even some lots so have a look.

Have a great night/morning everyone!
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Sales Post!

Hello Everyone!

I've updated my sales post for the first time in forever!! Lots of prices are reduced and new things have been added, too!

Check it out by clicking the pictures above or banner below! Thanks for looking!