January 9th, 2014

  • syminka

Collection update, want and grail get?

First order of business. I am looking for this oshawott kid. Don't need the box or sticker. Just want an unscuffed/minty fresh kid.
I just need him and the wind up oshawott toy and my oshy side collection will be complete!! :D I love completing things <3

I think I just won one of my grails on Y!J for $15. I am unsure though. I have to wait til it arrives. The wait is killing me. It was BIN for 1,280 yen. I am afraid it is too good to be true, but we will see. I refuse to believe it right now xD

I have some new collections! 70% of my collection is from the community! Thanks so much everyone!

Here is everything. I never realize how much I have until I take a picture. IT'S STILL NOT ENOUGH!!! xD
Lets zoom in and see whats new!

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Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed!

p.s. How many people need this mans shirt?! *raises hand*


New years cleaning

Heres a big sales post because I neeeed to get rid of all this stuff I've accumulated haha, also I did a little bit of weeding. (I'm not very good at weeding though xD) There are cheap prices and lots of neat things :) anything that doesn't sell is going on a lot on ebay just an fyi! So if you want somehting you better grab it <3!

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Also I have a great update coming up! some grail gets even >u< <3 lots of sylveons to be sure haha! so stay tuned~
Princess Snivy
  • hebilea

The time has come...my Snivy line collection + 3rd anniversary!

Hello hello!
In the past weeks, I have been incredibly busy with Christmas, and then me and my mom decided to redecorate the bedrooms, paint them and such. My new room is almost finished, but I haven't realized until now how much I have in my Pokemon collection. Thus, I will do a MAJOR collection weeding, hopefully this week, we'll see. For now, since I am redecorating my room and going through my collection, I thought it's time to show of my beloved grass snakes collection :)

It has been now 3 YEARS since I have come to this community, so I thought might as well celebrate it with one of my all time favorite Pokemon <33

This is what my collection used to be like....2.5 years ago when I was still living in the US? Now hoboy....man, has it changed.

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That is also all from me, thank you so much for looking <333
  • togachu


Hey all,

Sorry I'm a bit inactive on the comm.

Thanks to everyone who always help me out though :)

I am still collecting the talking figures however have come to light that some are really hard to find and they are expensive :/

But I am thinking about completing my tomy collection to get the original 151 Pokemon figures.

If anyone can help me out these are the ones I am in need of:
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I would really like them in good looked after condition and please don't sell me bootlegs :(

I would also prefer if I could buy more than one from the same seller to avoid lots of shipping prices.

Shipping would be to Australia.

Thanks you guys are awesome :)

First update of 2014!

Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I was away for two weeks with no internet or phone etc. I am now home and have got a few things to show!

Jump in below!

First of all, I received an enormous package along with a smaller one, back in December just before I left. What is it? Shiny Magikarp helps up open them!
Second, a small update in my collection ~

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Thanks for reading ^_^

Also, to anyone whom it may concern: I have fixed my inbox, as some of you weren't able to send me PMs! Now it should work and I should be able to received PMs :3

Ultimate PKMNCollectors Update!=)

Hello PKMNCollectors!  I'm back with a collection update!  Over the past year, I've been brainstorming ways to make shelf space and I've devoted this one space to my most beloved Poke stuff.  All my other stuff is in boxes!xD  I had to sell X and my 2DS, but I'll figure I just wait for my tax refund...hopefully the Pokebank will be open and I can restart my adventures with Suicune. :) Now, on to the awesome!


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Hi! An introduction

Hi everyone!  I'm Kaffeina, or Owlie.  I'm a grad student who mostly collects Gen I Pokemon, specifically Magikarp/Gyarados, Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard, Bulbasaur/Ivysaur, Lapras, Sandshrew/Sandslash, the Pidgey line and Vaporeon.  (I also have a soft spot for Haunter, Gengar, Espeon and Umbreon.)

(I just realized that with the exception of Bulbasaur, I collect the Pokemon that I played most of the way through Pokemon Red or Gold with.)

I mostly collect small stuff, such as charms, clear files and stickers, since they're sort-of useful and easy to store, in the same way that shorts are comfy and easy to wear.  I've started moving into plush and figures too. (No collection pics yet, unfortunately.)

I look forward to Pokemon-ing (can I make up verbs?) with all of you!