January 10th, 2014

clemont inventin


check out the things coming out on january 25th! i think you guys might be pretty happy!!

delphox!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite wizard!!!

and adding these into pokemon petit! there will be many goodies as well!

なんと! this clearfile is perfect! to me, anyway. this actually comes out tomorrow!

fun update yay!! cannot wait to go get them!

YAY! Trade Post Finally! :D

HURRAY! I finally have over 10 positive feedback, and I can start doing some community trades! :D
Feedback here! http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pkmnexcavation/
Please note I do NOT have sales permission, so I cannot sell these, even though I'd like to! Trades only until I apply for permission! <3

I've done 40+ trades on youtube under my channel Pokemon Excavation (I've got 919 subs as well, so with these two bits of info, I'm considered a trusted trader)! I've got more info on this, and MORE HAVES here: http://pkmnexcavation.livejournal.com/2160.html << TONS more here!! (Kids, clear kids, rare TCG stuff - including sealed and promos, Bandai, Banpresto, Tomy and moooore!

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VERY Small taste of what I have for trade! :3


Greninja plushie baby &lt;33
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Collection weeding sales and offers!!

I have decided to get on with my sales while cleaning up my room, because the more packages I do, the more I can get rid of things and it will be easier for me to move around X'D
Here is a preview if what I have for offers, like sleepy Pichu pillow, Wailord Time cushion, Raichu line zukan and of course, much much more!
NOTICE!!! I will set up a price I want for the offers, HOWEVER, I might also take lower than that, so do not hesitate to ask :)


Onto the offers first! I decided to add my Joltik kid for a few size references :)
Please read the rules first, before you decide to buy!

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Now to the sales!

I have a ton of new things up for sale, all come from my own collections!!!
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That is all from me, thank you so much! <3
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Buying Shinx/Luxio/Luxray items!

i'm looking to buy some nice stuff from the shinx evo-line.
Mainly looking for plushies now, must be in mint condition! (:
I'm really looking for the Mystery dungeon Shinx plushie
But I could only find bootlegs on ebay, so if you're selling one or know someone who sells them please let me know. ^^

Update: Ordered the plush, hope it will arrive soon! ^^
Still looking for some other stuff though!

New member here :)

Hi guys! I'm Nessa (or midnight 312, whichever works XD) I joined this community about a week ago to make some new friends and collect some of my favorite pokemon merch :) I'm very new to livejournal and im not 100% familiar with everything yet so any advice helps (like how to buy, where things are, etc.) I've been a huge fan of pokemon since around 2005 but ive only been playing the games until I recently got into collecting plush, figures, and sometimes cards. Right now, my favorite to collect is pokedolls by far (and anything having to do with the eeveelutions, my favorites) My collection is very small right now:

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^ Hope I did that cut right... Anyways, i'm only interested in buying for now. I'll only post a few wants for now:

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That's about it for now :) Can't wait to meet u guys ^.^

gets! wants! jazz hands!

Hey there! Hope y'all had a lovely holiday season~! I'd like to share a couple of things that I got around Christmastime this year! (Including some things I have questions about!)

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The Dratini plush helped me realize something... I'd like to start an official collection of first-gen dragons! Dratini is so cute, and Dragonair is so beautiful, and Dragonite is such a lovable goober!! So to that effect, I'd like to see if anyone is selling a Pokemon Time Dragonair plush. I'm crossing my fingers for around $35 shipped! (I'm in the US)

Ummm... and I guess that's it! Thanks for looking! n_n

Moving out mew and eevee sales!

Yes- the time has come- I am selling the majority of my eevee and mew collections! After starting off selling some things on ebay I remembered how much more pleasant it was to sell on here, and now I'm back!

I've also got some zukans/etc of other pokemon but mainly it's for all of the eevee and mew lovers out there!

Hopefully there will be some things here that you guys can purchase and love as I go off to college and abandon my poke-passion (at least for now)

I was granted sales permission on 7/27/2013 by entirelycliched

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rill pd

epic photostory filled with customs, a grail, and pokedoll cuteness! ♥

Hello collectors! It's been so long since I have posted... but that is only because I have been waiting... patiently... for this day.

Today... January 10, 2014... is a monumental day in my collection. It is the day that I finally receive something I NEVER thought I would ever own in my collection. IT IS ONE-OF-A-KIND! I guarantee you will be impressed! :D

If you want to know what it is.... read on. ;)
Quick reintro / backstory: I'm godudette / andrea! I am a Marill, Cresselia, and Darkrai collector. I also avidly collect Pokedoll charms and Pokedolls that are adorable... which is pretty much every one that has ever been made.

I absolutely love shiny Pokemon. Ever since I figured out how to RNG flawless, shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum, I have loved shinies.

As such, I've always wanted to have a shiny Pokemon plush of my main collections. Shiny pokedoll versions of Darkrai, Marill, and Cresselia are all GRAILS for me. :) Over a year ago, my very wonderful, amazing, and GENEROUS friend em_lemon said she would be able to create a shiny version of one of my Pokemon in pokedoll form. If you want to know which one she did for me, click the cut! ;)

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new eeveelutions

Quick Sales For The New Year!

Hey guys! I have been pretty busy lately so I haven't posted in a little while, but I kind of need some quick cash right now for an upcoming bill :( Hopefully you guys find some stuff you like :) I decided to give up my 2005 Flareon pokedoll to someone that would like it more since I do not collect Flareon plushies. :) I have some battle museum figures, kids, and other figures in my sales as well. I have some TCG leftover at my journal- however the post is really old and is not up to date so just ask me if something is still available if you see anything you like. TCG here at my journal: http://eevee-evs-lover.livejournal.com/

Sales Permission was granted on 11/28/2010
Feedback is HERE: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eevee_evs_lover/


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Hi everyone! long time no see! I've kind of fallen out of pokemon collecting, and i've just been hanging on to a couple things because they're nice, but they've been in storage for the past while and i realise there is probably someone out there that would like them more than me!
under the cut i have walky bulbasaur and squirtle plush, and a custom gligar plush (by me) for sale!!
(sales permission granted by former mod lineaalba in 2010)
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