January 12th, 2014

Some gets.

I'm still working on a big collection update, but it is taking too long, so I am posting some recent gets.
Scrapbook won't let me upload pictures from my ipad so I posted them on Tumblr here: http://blueringumbreon.tumblr.com/post/73064067104/picked-up-some-new-pokemon-figures-at-walmart hope the link works.

Picked up some new Pokemon figures at Walmart today. Glad to see that some X and Y figures other than the starters and legends are finally out. And they came with another checklist poster. Looks like they’re planning on releasing the attack pose starters and some 3rd generation remakes! Also, can’t wait for Litleo to come out. He’s my favorite from this generation! I’m a little annoyed at all the duplicates they are putting out though. I now have two meowths, two running pikachu, two standing pikachu, and three eevees! Seriously, it’s like every other figure pack they release has an eevee. I wouldn’t mind if they were different poses like pikachu, but they aren’t. Anyway, my pokemon figure collection is starting to become too big to manage! I’m thinking of putting some away until I have better shelves. Anyone have advice about storing Tomy figures? I don’t want to just throw them all in a box together, though they are pretty sturdy.

Collection Post

I haven't made a post in regards to the look of my collection in ages!! I started collecting when I was roughly 18, so 4 years now. I've come a long way since then. I used to try to collect all kinds of merchandise from so many characters (I won't lie, sometimes I still do XD). As I've gotten older I have become more focused collecting mainly plush and getting rid of some of the fodder.

Here is a photo of my collection BEFORE:

And here is my collection NOW!:

My favorite plush to collect are from the Togepi evo line, Munna's evo line and the wonderfully pink Sylveon! (I'll be posting my Sylveon collection at a later date as some of it is still in transit).

And because I'm curious, what piece started your descent into madness?
Mine was personally the Togekiss Jakks plush. I saw her misplaced on the shelves at walmart and had just recently evolved one in my White game and placed her on my team. At that time the goal was to have a plush for just my team, but it very quickly evolved and was apparent I was in it for the long haul XD

I hope you guys enjoyed my growing collection and can't wait to hear back from other members about how they started it all :3

collection update! wowza

. . .it's not really much of an update since I'm pretty sure I haven't posted my collection with all of you yet. so I guess it's a collection introduction!

I've obtained a ton of stuff over my first 4 months or so of being here, and through eBay too. Probably too much. >w< I just find it hard to turn opportunities down! I feel like I may never see a certain item up for sale ever again, so I have to get it! But I've learned a lot in these few months, as far as what a fair price is, items' rarity and so on. My paypal account is thanking you guys for that knowledge. :U hahaha.

Anyway, onto the pics!... the horrible flash pics! >:/ - Ignore any Star Wars items you may see, my boyfriend has claimed one of my shelves!

I really do apologize for the terrible quality of the photos. But I hope you enjoy them! Upstairs where we live now has no overhead lights and it's pretty dark up here. >.< best I could do.

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Thanks so much for looking!! :D
Casual Shoto

Question about TOMY figures seller on eBay

Hi everyone!

I have a question today about a seller on eBay that sells a lot of TOMY figures MIB. The problem is that the seller is situate in Hong Kong :/
Seller's name: buzztoy2007
Do you know if the sells legit items?
They do mention in their listing that the product is legit :/ but I don't know if it's true ><
Example of description in listing:

  • Brand: Takara Tomy (JAPAN)

  • Condition: 100% NEW .

  • Figure Size: approx 1.5-2 inch.

  • Official Takara Tomy products, High Quality products.

  • 100% Genuine !!!

  • Package include: Figure x4pcs.

If they are not legit, do you know some sellers that sells legit TOMY figures?

Thank you!

multipost, new collection, settei and custom plush questions

I have finally decide to add a new side collection Throh

The reason why I decided to collect throw is because of me and my family's history with what throw is the pokemon of Judo/ Ju-sit-su. My dad had taken Judo/ Ju-jit-su since he was a kid and was the teacher of it in my town and I have taken it, and with the new reason the release of nites has again slowed so it's time.
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Differences between Japanese and International Tomy figures?

When I heard that the new X and Y Tomy figures had a matte finish instead of a glossy finish, I wasn't too excited. Now that I have some of the new figures with the matte finish, however, I find that I like them more than the glossy figures!

So I was wondering, do the Japanese release X and Y figures have the same matte finish as the ones released internationally? Are there any significant differences at all?

I've noticed differences in Japanese and American releases of plush, for example, so I wasn't sure about the figures. Thanks!

Help with this Slowpoke plush?

Hey everyone!
I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this slowpoke plush.

I looked around online, and I found reference to a Japanese slowpoke plush that looks almost identical, but this guy has a tag (pics below cut) that is all in english, so I don't think it's the same one. Was there a US version made of the Japanese plush? That seems like the most logical answer, but I can't find reference to a US slowpoke like this. From the tag I can tell he's a Tomy, but that's about it. Are there any slowpoke collectors out there that can help me out?

Mystery Solved! Thank you to everyone who helped!

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Thank you everyone!

Looking for a vaporeon pokedoll!

Hey guys :) I was wondering if anyone has a vaporeon pokedoll that they're willing to sell? I'm not picky about what year it is or where its originally from as long as its legit and being sold by someone in the US (sorry, but international shipping fees are too expensive for me right now). It also doesn't have to have the hang tag either, but must have the tush tag and be in good condition. I'm only hoping to spend around $30 with shipping included :) This is basically what i'm looking for:

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Hope someone can help me out :)
  • al_ecko

Selling Pokémon 3DS XL

After a lot of thought, I'm selling off my Red Pokémon 3DS XL.

Shipping only within the UK.

£200/$330 including next day delivery (guaranteed by 1pm), tracking and signature confirmation.
Console is in great condition, no scratches or marks. It will be reset to factory condition prior to posting. No charger, as it wasn't supplied originally.
- Add Pokémon Y version for an additional £20/$33.

Sales rules:
- All Pkmncollectors rules apply
- Granted sales permission in 19/12/2011 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.
- Paypal only.
- Can hold for 48 hours if you're committed to buying.

Can ship every day this week!
  • togachu

Question for Tomy Pokemon Collectors :)


I am trying to complete my collection and am still after quite a few figures (check my previous post).

However I have a question in regards to the figures I know that there is Tomy and Auldey Tomy.

My question is, what is the real difference? I know there is a chinese make and japanese make. But where all 151 original pokemon made into original tomy figures or do you need auldey tomy figures to complete the set??

Also is it normal for some figures to have holes in the bottom or do none of the figures have holes in the bottom..??

Any help would be much appreciated :)



I desperately need to reclaim my storage space, so I'm listing a bunch of Pokemon Center merch for sale! Today, this primarily includes Eevee things. I have multiples of most of the items pictured, so I will check stock even if something you're interested in has already been asked about! If I don't have it in one of the bags I already pulled out, I can offer to shoot you a comment if I find it in a subsequent cabinet later on before listing it for sale, but unfortunately cannot destroy my apartment (moreso than I did already) looking for things tonight. ;_;

Let me know if prices are wonky; all I had to go from was undercutting ebay. I WILL (without exception!) undercut any online stores! The blanket, pillow, pouch, stamps, and Fukuoka release pillow (that's for some reason not in the preview) are for auction here! Everything else is a straight sale.

Please do not PM me about sales! PM pages have not been loading for me. :/ Also, all pictures are cickable to larger versions!

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Edit: Added-on items!

MWT 1/1 Froakie plush - $75 shipped in U.S., $85 shipped anywhere else
MWT Sylveon Pokemon Center plush - $18 shipped in U.S., $21 shipped anywhere else
MWT Pikachu/Eevee cushion - $56 shipped in U.S., $61 shipped anywhere else
MWT 1/1 Eevee plush (new release) - $59 shipped in U.S., $64 shipped anywhere else

MIP lottery figures - $14 shipped in U.S., $17 shipped anywhere else (+2 for tiny box instead of mailer)
Mint Eevee tin - $35 shipped in U.S., $40 shipped anywhere else
MIP Eevee mansion wallet - $33 shipped in U.S., $36 shipped anywhere else
MIB Rainbow series Pikachu plush - $30 (will need box if buyer doesn't want the box flattened)

MIP Pikachu blanket/pillow case - $43 shipped in U.S., $46 shipped anywhere else
Mint Eeveelution cups - $15 shipped in U.S., $19 shipped anywhere else (+2 for box instead of mailer)
MWT Massive Shiny Magikarp - $165 shipped in U.S., $231 shipped anywhere else