January 13th, 2014


Help?! .___.

Hello comm!
While I was looking up Mew cards I stumbled across this cutie!

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My big question is, has anyone seen these anywhere in the US or even overseas? I've checked all Targets, Walmarts, Toys R Us, even local card shops, but it seems like every place is still recovering from the holidays and haven't really restocked anything new so I figured I should ask on here and see if anyone has any information about these :]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years :}
I also plan on doing an update soon since my wonderful Japan package has arrived ^_^
Until then~♥

Small re-organization. Plus, updated wants list. :)

Hello everyone!

After doing small collection weeding, I reorganized my plush! I like to do this every now and then since I like organizing, lol, and I somewhat get tired of looking at them eh same ol' way. I'm still in the rainbow colored theme, as usual, along with some shelves with Pokemon that are my main collection. After a day or so, I went to the local Walgreens for my usual groceries. I came across the Christmas clearance section, with everything 75% off! So I HAD to grab some of these really cute LED lights that have tinsel in them! So, on the way home with my awesome goodies, I thought about lining my 2 main shelves with them! And boy, did it come out cute!

I was in a rush taking pictures, so I didn't really get to take the time to show you the lights. ;__; *ashamed* but! alas! there is always next time! Click the cut to see pictures!

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And that's it! :D

Also, I've updated my wants post! Please take a look, and help me knock some items off of it! XD

Click the banner or here to go! C:

Some new things I'm wanting is that Poketch watch and the Arcanine marble case! XD and of course, everything else. Let me know what you might have, or know someone that might have something on that list.

Thanks everyone! 'Til next time! :*

Can anyone make a Pidgey/Pidgeot plush?

Hey guys!

Just got back from the Pokemon Video Game Regionals in Virginia yesterday. What fun!! :)

I had my faithful Hasbro Pidgeotto plush with me, but seeing everyone else with their most recent higher quality plushies really makes me want to have a more accurate Pidgeot. I was wondering if anyone here takes or knows of someone who takes plushie commissions?

Basically, I'd like a plush version as close to looking like this as possible: http://www.pokemonpapercraft.net/2011/09/pidgey.html?m=1

However, I do think I'll ask for Pidgeot rather than Pidgey, though the two are so similar I wonder if there's a way to make a base plush with interchangeable "hair" and tail feathers? But that might be getting to complicated... :P

So basically I'm wanting a high-quality, accurate looking Pidgeot plush. Doesn't have to be big - just wanting it to be around 6 inches or so, and preferably made out of minky fabric. I'll be willing to pay a good price for it (nothing RIDICULOUS though since it's only 6 inches). As far as I know, poor Pidgeot NEVER got an official plush release (outside of that "mirage" prototype that was possibly from Play By Play) so I'd really love to find someone who can do the great bird justice. :)

Please post here or message me. Thanks so much! :)
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Want Setteis!!! - New Side Collection :D (really going to go broke on this site xD)

After finding out what Setteis are they fall right in what i like to collect!

So i am looking for Setteis of all types of pokemon! I prefer the following: Charizard, Mew, Metwo, Blastoise, Venasaur, Pikachu,Lapras, Dragonite, Lugia, Ho-oh, 3 legendary birds.

However, i am willing to look at any and all setteis which u are willing to sell!

PLEASE NOTE: I prefer setteis from the original anime. (the first season)!!! (Yes i am aware that lugia and ho-oh wouldnt be part of it :P)

Questions for my new side collection:

How can i tell if a settei is authentic? Are there even fake setteis?

Where would i buy setteis if there is a specific website plz direct me 2 it :D (or is it just like ebay and stuff like that?) Would shops like mandarake or other anime stores have them... (new at collecting setteis)

Thx for everyones help and offers ^^"!
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hey guys! Update and quick want.

Ok, so as soon as I get my new account approved, my new name will be pokemonpatrol.
So I've been doing a lot of refreshing my collection, and giving a lot of my stuff away.
BUT for good reason.
I have been making room for this plush.
He is the Cuddle Pillow Gengar Plush.

The sad part is, is that I cannot find him anywhere. I really want this guy more than anything. I get paid Friday and I can send the payment as soon as I receive my check. If anyone could please make my dream come true I will give you infinite internet hugs.

More Stuff For Sale And Another Cool Get!

Hello all!

I have updated my sales post with some more items that many of you might be interested in.
Some of which are settei from the best wishes series, a Gastly applause plush with its tush tag, a Cwinget custom articuno plush, some figure lots, and much more!



Click any of the pictures or click here to be teleported:

I also have a few things up for offers at the bottom of my sales!
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I received sales permission on March 15, 2013 by Allinia
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/baconscreation/

Now my cool get!

Can you guess what it is?

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Thanks for looking everyone!
Have a great night/morning!

Trainers Kids Figures?

Hi, all!

Going through my Pokemon figures, I have been feeling like "I have to get their trainers!" so I have decided to get Ash and friends as well as Team Rocket.

I know Kids figures of trainers exist; I have Tracey, Cilan and Iris, plan on getting Ash and Team Rocket.

Did they release any for Misty, Brock, May, Max and Dawn? (I also hope they release some for Clemont, Bonnie and Serena) If so, could somebody please link me up as to where I can get them?

I ask because I have like 40 Kids figures of Pokemon when they sold them in packs at Coles in Australia.

Thank you!

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Small want!

Hey guys! I'm searching for a (North American) copy of Pokemon XD for Gamecube. Shipping would be to Canada!
I know there are some available on eBay, but most are pretty expensive - I'm looking to pay around $30 USD, at the very most (after shipping costs), if possible!

New gets!

Ohhoho! Quite busy with the posts huh everyone XD that's awesome bc that's just more for us all to read ^w^ well I started off the new year with chicken scratches all over my leg if anyone wants to see I might post a pic in the comments.... Moving on! I got some pretty cute gets and a pic of my whole collection so let's see if I finally mastered the lj cut @-@.         Collapse )
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