January 16th, 2014

Espeon Atsumete! Happy Mascot Plush Offers Reminder

Haha, so time got away from me a bit ^_^; I shall be ending offers on my rare Atsumete! Happy Mascot Espeon Plush within the next 24 hours unless there is a sudden explosion of interest. She's still pretty low, considering she is the rarest Eeveelution plush out there as far as I know~

Click here or the image above to go to the offers post.

And upcoming I have a huge sales update and also a huge collection update - now expanding into a second room ♥
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Quick reminder on weeding! + My glass cabinets!

Hello hello!
First thing, I wanted to remind you that I am ending offers on various items from my own collection tomorrow Friday :)

I also have a bunch of things to sell from my own collection, due to the need of making more room!

Please CLICK HERE or the pictures to go to the offers and sales post!

Second, some people know that I am redoing my room, so I would like to show my glass cabinets that I got from IKEA and was able to fill up with a bunch of my favorites <3

My room isn't nearly finished, but at least I can show off what I have in my cabinets that I am so proud of having <3

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That is all from me, so thank you for looking <3
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Clear files! :D X and Y

I got the most recent set of X and Y Clear files so I could grab the Meowstics, but I'm selling off the others! $10 shipped anywhere. :)

I am a slow shipper.
Permission granted in 2009 by Linealba.


Pyroar M
Pyroar F

Auction reminder, less than 24 hours left on DX and Oversized Pokedolls, and offers on a Dittochu!

Hello guys! Just a reminder that my auctions end less then 24 hours (January 17th at 11 AM PST).
DX Minun Pokedoll and Oversized Plusle Pokedoll are still at their starting bids!
2014-01-14 07.03.46
I'm also still accepting offers on my Reversible Pokeball TOMY Dittochu.
2014-01-14 06.55.022014-01-14 06.55.32
AND I updated my sales. :3
All of these things can be found in this post here!

Introducing a new side collection! [yus, and the wants..]

Hello again everyone!

I will keep this sweet n' simple and say that I am starting a new side collection. Today I realized how attracted I am to Manectric (why, yesssss, this includes Mega Manectric. Nope. Not Electrike.) They're adorable badass! :D I don't believe there is any merchandise of him, except kids, and a Hasbro action figure, which I have! :D Correct me if I'm wrong here.

There's my tiny 2-piece collection of Manectric. XD

So! I have come with wants for any Manectric goods! I demand them! Come on now, give 'em up! c': This includes if you miiiiight have a custom plush of them, or something similar. The more the merrier!

I'll also include my usual wants post here:


Hey Everyone! Starters for Sale!

Hey Everyone! SO as I have said in my other sales posts... I don't have as much room in this new place as I did at the last one. These guys have been in storage and need to go to someone who will love them!! (Of course I kept a couple things :P)

I was granted sales permission on 9/24/13 by allinia

Sneak peek of some of the items for sale...
Gen 1 to 5 :) click here to check it out!

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Thanks for reading my post ;)

Nymphia Craze!!

So, you can imagine when I found out that there was a Pokemon to be released named Nymphia, I freaked! Insta-addiction. She's just too damn adorable. I am just now starting to collect her since Kantos in package have been extremely costly. So, I was wondering if anyone had a Talking Sylveon figure they'd like to sell me. :D I really don't want to order from Japan right now as shipping has been costing me a lot lately. Thanks! :D

Thank you, Herar!! :D

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US Takara Tomy distribution questions

Hey guys! I come bearing questions and hope its alright to be asking. If not, I profusely apologize.

Ok so I live in a place with sparse Toys 'R Us's and no Nintendo only stores or Pokemon kiosks so I've been relying on outside sources for pretty much all Pokemon merchandise. I'm looking forward to the new Tomy Braixen/Delphox plushies and figures and saw that the plush would be around 25/35 each. But when I checked Sunyshore's preorders (my go to for new stuff) they were quite a bit more. I'm guessing fees and stuff, no biggie but since it's Tomy I was wondering if they were going to be available more locally.

So I guess what I really want to know is, where do you guys get your Tomy merch? How good has Tomy been with releasing stuff in the US? Are the figures sold individually or only in multi packs?

Thanks for all your help in advance guys!
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Gets and finally new Display! (plus: custom figures)

Hey lovely collectors! :)

It's time for another collection update!
My last collection update was like 2 months ago or something? :D
Also: I have moved, and that means that I have finally a proper collection display now which I will show you too. ^^
Warning: This is a veeery long and image-heavy post. :O

This is preview, click the cut for more photos. ^^


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Also: here are two figures I made. :)


I made Leafeon for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and she was the first figure I ever made. I made her of Fimo Clay and colored her with acrylic colors.
Aaaand I actually also made a Mega Charizard X, but it's not finished yet. xD

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Thanks for watching. <3