January 18th, 2014

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Magical Pokemon Journey WANTS

Hi, sorry to post again so soon, but I was wondering if anyone on the community had these Pokemon manga

Magical Pokemon Journey Volumes 6,7,8,9 & 10. They look like these and clock in around 160 pages

Viz media only made it to number 7, but I know english volumes 8,9 and 10 were printed in Singapore! As long as they're not totally ripped up or scribbled in, I'm interested! Thanks!

I've also found a Sinapore seller on ebay, but it's $10 shipping per book! Anyone near Jurong East, Singapore? They offer free local pick-up and it looks like they might be a games/comic shop.


I finally got sales permission! But because I have exams really soon, I'm going to put off making sales until after my exams. Stay tuned though because I have a lot of stuff to weed out :D

But I'm new to all this internet selling thing (I hope the comm will bear with me. I thought it'd be easier to work with nice people like you guys before using ebay and such) and I can't find affordable tracking rates in Canada. Do you guys have any advice about tracking?

Also, how do you guys post card sales? I feel that if I take pictures of all the cards I want to sell, my post would be cluttered with pictures. I thought of maybe just having pics of the good ones (rares, holos, super rares, etc) and letting people ask me if I have such and such common/uncommon cards. What do you guys think? And what do you look for in card sales? I don't have many cards post BW sets but I have lots of Japanese cards, EXs, some secret rares, lots of holos and more.

Hope everyone is having a great start of the new year! I can't wait till after my exams so I can be much more active

Sales, Gets, and Auction Reminder!

Hey everyone!~ I have a few items I'd like to find new homes for~ Basically everything that doesn't sell with either be donated or put up on an Ebay lot, so please feel free to offer on anything in this post. :) Please be sure to read the rules, hint hint.

If you're looking for TCG, especially recent commons/uncommons, just give me a quick wants list and I'll look for you. :) My duplicate TCG currently are not sorted, which is why that sales post will come at a later date.

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Next off, I have a photostory of my recent gets, starring the most self-centered Pikachu in the world..

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And finally, the auction reminder! There is about 2 1/2 days left to this auction, so go forth and bid on the pokedolls!! Click the image to go to the GA post!

すばせか/tigris cantus
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first sales post! yay!! including bell keychains, dex figs, and lots of other goodies!

- Feedback can be found here, and I was granted permission by entirelycliched on January 18th, 2014.
- All pkmncollectors rules apply!
- I ship from California, USA.
- I will ship next day, but if anything else comes up I will notify you and keep you updated.
- I will only accept Paypal. All prices are in USD.
- Prices include fees, and shipping, along with tracking. If you're out of the United States, we will discuss the price adjustment accordingly. If you'd like insurance, let me know and we will discuss accordingly.
- All items come from a smoke-free home.
- I will do a hold for 48 hours. I am also open to haggling reasonably.
- Items are a first come, first serve basis.
- If you change your mind about an item, do not delete your comment. I will know.
- If you commit to an item, please pay with in 24 hours. If you need more time, let me know.
- I reuse shipping materials. However, if you want a new box/new packing materials, let me know! We will discuss them accordingly.

I am willing to do trades for a shiny Absol kid, or any other Flygon goods.   Of if you have any of those you're willing to sell, let me know please. C:
Just a note:  Since today is a Saturday, and for Americans there is a holiday on Monday, I will ship out all orders on Tuesday.


click here to be transported to the sales!
Link hella cute

Finally updated sales! Go have a ball~

It's been an eternity since I've messed with my sales post, so today I decided to do a complete overhaul! Retook pictures and all that jazz, c: and even added some new things! Some collection weedings and neat finds all around, check it out friends~!
Edit: I even made a new banner for everyone's shopping needs~ (the last one was stanky, so I doodled this one up quick!)

Homerun Sales New baseballs colored

On another note, to make this post not so blegh, have a picture of mi Karrablast collection!
It's so gorgeous it just

makes me cry manly tears

P.S. Is anyone pumped for Bergmite/Avalugg merch? I am so ready, those ice lumps are my new jam
Glaceon love

Updated sales plus a few wants

I added a few more items to my sales and will be adding more again around the end of this month or beginning of next month. Because international shipping costs were more expensive than I thought and because I ended up losing a bit in sales due to shipping costs the minimum purchase outside the US is now $5.

Also, I'll be taking a few trades for a few wants on my priority list that are equal or lesser value to items in my sales so that hopefully I can finish my wants list faster. I'm only looking for trades within the US however since shipping is a bit too much outside. Once I get a few more items in I'm gonna post a collection update.

To my sales: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/15550391.html

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auction reminder

Just a quick reminder that my auctions for the Eevee blanket, the sleepy Eevee pillow, the Eevee pouch/case, the Fukuoka re-opening pillow, and Eeveelution stamps end in a little over a day from now! Click here or the image below to check it out! Everything is presently at the starting bid. :)

Also have these items available:

MWT Stunfisk rug - $85 shipped in U.S., $95 shipped anywhere else
MIP Haunted Lamp - $90 shipped in U.S., $100 shipped anywhere else
MIP Eevee plate/bowl set - $85 shipped in U.S., $95 shipped anywhere else

MWT Substitute plush (I have several in stock) - $29 shipped in U.S., $34 shipped anywhere else
MWT Cubchoo pokedoll - $25 shipped in U.S., $29 shipped anywhere else
MWT Snow Oshawott - $30 shipped in U.S., $34 shipped anywhere else
MIP Eevee egg - $20 shipped in U.S., $23 shipped anywhere else SOLD
MWT walky Eevee (large) - $29 shipped in U.S., $34 shipped anywhere else SOLD
MWT Snow Torchic - $30 shipped in U.S., $34 shipped anywhere else SOLD
MWT Tales Pikachu - $37 shipped in U.S., $39 shipped anywhere else SOLD
MWT 2003 Banpresto Absol $90 shipped in U.S., $95 shipped anywhere else SOLD

The above + anything in the auctions can be combined with purchases here (also where sales info is located). I still have a ton of Pokemon Center Eeveelution plush, 1/1 Eevees, Eevee/Pikachu cushions, lottery prizes, and Rainbow Pikachu promo plush available, along with the freakishly huge shiny Magikarp, 1/1 Froakie, and more!

A short introduction

Hello, community! As you can see, I'm new here. Everyone has been very nice so far, though, and I'm hoping that with a little luck, my want list will get a little shorter, and I'll be able to make a friend or two. >///<
I'm a long-time fan of Pokémon. My earliest memory actually includes me being glued to the T.V. watching Pokémon with my older brother, and I've played as many games as I can get my hands on, but I'm quite new to collecting. It started one year ago with a candy tin, and I just sorta kept going after that. There was no doubt my main focus would be Eeveelutions but then X/Y came out and Fennekin stuff started ending up in my room as well. Though, if something else strikes my fancy, I bookmark or wishlist it for later.
My collection is a little small I think, but considering I've only been at it for a year, I think I'm getting along pretty well! I'll put pictures under a cut in case anyone would like to see it. ><
Once again, this community has been really awesome thus far. You guys are great. Don't forget that. uwu

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New items coming out and a want

Hey everyone :)
I found some new items to be released soon. The first batch is from the I love Normal Pokemon collection to be released June 2014.

There is gonna be a snorlax pillow!
Then some plush. Plush include 6 different 'mons:



I also found an I Love Eevee Flareon Head Cushion. I think it is bootleg though. Which is scary that they are already bootlegging new stuff and making their own.

Last, but not least, an Eevee Nanoblock!


Anyone have the STICKER that came with the new Jolteon attack kid for sale? I just need the sticker,
The kid right here:



EDIT: Just found this for release!
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Wants: Pokemon Power Bounce + Nidoking and Rhydon merch

http://www.psypokes.com/dex/picdex/redblue/034.png http://i755.photobucket.com/albums/xx196/GlaceonLynda/SoD/pokeball.gifhttp://i755.photobucket.com/albums/xx196/GlaceonLynda/SoD/pokeball.gifhttp://i755.photobucket.com/albums/xx196/GlaceonLynda/SoD/pokeball.gifhttp://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/8/8c/Spr_1b_112.png
These bouncy balls/ Power Bounce balls have been something I've adored for years. I own a few open and beaten up ones but would love to start collecting them in the packaging. As far as i know there are Snorlax, Gengar and Stantler, odish and dratini as well as all of the ones in the photo below in the power bounce set.

Also after some merch of rhydon and nidoking, my two favourite pokemon! I don't think much exists of them but I would love to get my hands on some.

Anyone have one for sale, drop me a message :)
(edit: would be looking for shipping to the uk)

(I pilfered this image from MasterShambler's glorious collection (who is not inactive which I first though))
atlantia zorua

Auction Reminder!

Just a reminder that That Sweet Tail Auction is almost over! It's got about 4 hours left. :) Get those bids in for my first ever plush! It's super unique, will never be made again like this, and you can always remember the days of when I started plush making! He's minky and has embroidery details! Super soft and completely hand made by yours truly. <3

Please click the image below to check out the auction! He's only got a few bids on him. Get in there while the gettin's good!

Introduction post!

Hello everyone! My name is Jodie and I am new to the community :) I have been a fan of Pokemon since the show first came out, I remember getting the preview VHS in the mail and running across the street to a friend's house to watch it together. Since then, I've played at least one game from every single generation.

I currently collect Fennekin plush! And I also dabble in collecting Furret plushies. I say "dabble" because there are only two official plush, and they are both very rare and very expensive. So I am very excited for the new I Love Normal Furret plush coming out in June! I've actually already pre-ordered it from AnimeRaro @_@

A picture of my little Fennekin collection below the cut!

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Anyway, thanks for having me, I am really excited to be a part of the community!


Hello guys,
I would like some help in checking if this figure is authentic a not (:
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Also does anyone knows the average price for one?
I understand that its not allowed but I've checked ebay and y!j but no luck so far.

Thank you!

Discussion Time! Woo!

So, I've been trying to figure out if there are Auldey Tomys of certain Kantos. It just doesn't make sense that there wouldn't be all 151! I've put together an image for you all to help you if you are wondering the same.

RED= Single Pokemon in a Package Auldeys (small circle is for those with accessories)
ORANGE= Double Pokemon Diagonal Packaging Auldeys
YELLOW= Double Pokemon Single File Auldeys.

As you can see, some are missing! I've circled in gray the Pokemon I think would be in the Double packaging (single filed most likely). If you can help me and the community figure out if the Pokemon NOT circled (or in GRAY) have been made by Auldey Tomy, please let us all know!!! Pictures would be wonderful!

Link to most of these listed here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/MC_First_Generation
Anything not listed, like Persian/Ninetales and Paras/Parasect have been personally witnessed myself.

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Perhaps they skipped them and threw them into these sets? Or just went ahead with the next series. I've seen this one and bought a Gastly/Haunter/Ditto/Dittochu/Rhydon/Rhyhorn set, and I vaguely remember another one with a Nidoqueen in it, and one with Magnemite/Magneton, but unsure of who else was contained. I also remember a Magmar? They were NOT marked Auldey however. Can anyone help me with any of the other sets they might've made in this series while we're at it? :D

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Shew, enough rambling!!! Please feel free to discuss! :D
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soulsalight has sales permission now! hooray for soulsalight!

(granted by entirelycliched on 1/18/14)



Up at my personal journal for auction today- until the twenty-sixth of January- is one Eevee Collection Promo lap blanket. Used only twice, as I just don't have the room to properly display this ubersoft piece of artwork. The starting price is only 20.00, but there is a catch- I'm not comfortable shipping overseas just yet, so I'm afraid that those outside the US will have to wait for another chance. (I wub you all, I'm sorry. :C)

Quick wants

Hey again everyone, just another quick wants post looking for a few metal figures.

The ones I am looking for atm are regigigas, solrock, articuno, poliwrath and dodrio.

If anyone has any of these that they are willing to sell, please let me know

Plushie sales

I moved a little while ago, and my room is finally in some sort of order.  I had to get rid of some shelves, so I have a lot of plushies in storage that I decided to sell.

(last pic FAIL!)

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Also I have some new bags in my Etsy shop, check them out

That's all for the moment :D  I have some tazos from my childhood in storage, I've been thinking about selling them D: they've been in a box for years, but I'm still a bit reluctant...

Have a great weekend
entei and hibiki
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Sales! Official plush, figures, flats, and customs! Also a few wants~

Alright, added some more items from my collection including a handful of Lugia figures and a few more plush! I reduced prices on some items as well, so please check it out!

Please note that on January 26th, shipping rates with USPS are increasing, so these next few days are your last chance to get things at the current shipping price!

Sales permission granted by
dakajojo on 5.21.11
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell.
-Prices do not include shipping and fees! I ship from California, USA using USPS.
-Reasonable haggling is alright!
-I will hold items for 48 hours.
-I have a dog but he's not allowed in my room. However, his fur does get everywhere but I will brush down everything before sending!
-Paypal is my preferred method of payment! Please pay within 24 hours of sales confirmation.
-My feedback is located here and here
-I will trade/partial trade for anything in my wishlist at the bottom of this entry!

-If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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Meanwhile, some wants! I'm a little pressed for cash, so I'm going to be looking for the lowest price possible..;;

-Sylveon plushes! The PokeCen one is on its way, but I'd especially like an MPC or the Tomy?
-Sylveon PokeBox charm with the lollipop! (The one that's NOT in stock right now.) - Looking to spend about $10 before shipping.
-Entei Ichiban Kuji keychain (preferably MIP)
-And of course, small custom plush of shiny Sylveon and/or Luxray!

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Sales and offers

Another six months has passed since my last post. But then again, I've not had much to tell about my own collecting. I've not bought much since I completed my Shiny Kids collection, but hopefully it'll change soon! I'll most likely make a gets post next month, when I'll finally get one of my grails. Or three grails, actually. I'm so hyped for getting them and can't wait to finally hold them in my hands <3. And I hope it'll awaken the collector in me again. At least it'll bring me that much closer to completing another part of my collection.

After not being able to sell anything since last summer, I've finally updated my post and can re-open my permanent sales. I've got VS cards, metal and Rumble figures, phone straps, charms, Shiny Wartortle and Blastoise Kids and Raikou Battrio... and a lot of other small things.

Follow the teaser pick or this link to the orders post.

Also, since I have no idea if there are people who want this item, I'm taking offers for it.
It's a very small and cute children's book.

Featured are Wingull, Latias, Latios, Poliwhirl, Jigglypuff, Plusle, Minun, Zigzagoon, Wailord, Mantine, Remoraid, Octillery
12 pages

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Sales permission granted by rachelled on 3/9/2012 and my feedback can be found here
Offers start from 3$ and continue until there's ~24 hours from the last one. No reminders, since this is hardly a valuable item and not even mint. But there's many Pokemon there and I want to give anyone who's interested a chance. ^^ (I know I would love to find something like this featuring Yanma...)