January 20th, 2014

Leafeon Questions!

Hello everyone! c:
I seemed to have gained quite a few leafeon plushes in my collecting of Pokemon plushes. I just love her so much that i couldn't get just one! I'm also thinking about having her as a small side collection.
So my questions are:
1- What items that i don't have yet would you suggest i get? I have a picture under the cut of what i have so far! c:
2- Can anyone confirm the legitimacy of my leafeon Pokedoll? There are also pics of her under the cut. I don't have her hang tag near me right now, but it is the older red one with Pikachu on it.
Please please and thank you very much!
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Want: Christmas Fennekin plush


I was looking for if anyone had a Christmas Fennekin plush for sale. I've seen it on sale at ebay but it's listed for $149 not counting shipping.

I'm a Canadian buyer and I can pay through paypal. Based on previous listings I've seen for it, I'd be willing to pay between 20-40USD not counting shipping.

On the hunt: Houndour Pokedoll!

Houndour pokedoll

So I am seeking a Houndour pokedoll.
I do not care if it is American or Japanese, It does not require hang/tush tags, and it can be in loved condition. I WANT this plushie hehe. Please let me see a picture of this plush before hand.
So if you are selling or know of anyone that has this plush; please let them know about me or please contact me so we can discuess this more. I really want to complete my Houndour/Houndoom collection.
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Raichu auction and some weeding sales

I have a Banpresto Raichu watch NIB! The battery is dead, but maybe can be replaced? The box isn't immaculate, but still in great shape. Watch is mint! :D Any questions please ask:

Auction will start at $10 and will end January 27th at 6pm Eastern time.
All community rules apply.
Payment is due in 24 hours.
Sniping adds on 5 minutes.
Bid in $1 increments.
No deleting bids or backing out.


I am also doing some weeding sales. I am still deciding if I want to sell some plush/figures. May update this soon xD


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UPDATED 1/18/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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Pokemomo Shaymin plush?

Hi all,

I have a small request/ possible want!

It's about the Pokemomo Shaymin plush, one of the super tiny item in the promo picture.
xy sleeping

About how big is it and does anyone have one that they can take some photos from the front and the side?

I am debating whether it's worth getting but I can't even find somewhere with actual photos/ have them for sale :S

Thanks in advance!

Middleman found Thanks!

Hello community :) I'am looking for someone that can help me buy a Pokemon item from a German site. I can pay for the cost right away, I'll be home most of the day so Ill probably get back to you really fast if you are willing to help me.
It would be really appreciated!!

My feedback if curious.

To make this post a little less boring ill be adding a bunch of discounted sales soon (mostly plush),so look out for that post. Have a good day everyone.
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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Massive Sales Post (BW and XY Zukan, BW and XY Kids, MPC!)

Hello, everyone! I'm here today with tons of sales. I have been a member of the community for almost five years (!) now, and the various group buys/pre-orders that I've done have left me with quite an inventory over the years...since I am going off to university in about six months, I figured that I should have as little inventory as possible to account for when I move. I will definitely have a place for my collections, but this inventory requires quite a bit of space to ensure that quality and condition of the items are protected...so I am cutting the prices on many of these items, and putting some up for the first time. Please take a look, as there is a wide variety of stuff that I hope will go into loving collectors' hands instead of inside a clear plastic tub (:().


1. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009. Feedback can be found on the system here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/heatrotomftw97/
2. I ship to anywhere from California, USA.
3. I ship orders, unless requested otherwise, in a bubble mailer, new-in-box/with tag/mint (whichever is applicable XD)
4. All items listed are new-in-box/have both tags/come with original inserts/etc. Basically, everything listed is as it came originally. If you have any specific questions, though, do not hesitate to ask.
5. As these are "clearance" sales of sorts, PLEASE HAGGLE if you feel a price is too high! I priced these based on previous prices of mine to be fair, and nothing is set in stone. If you want a lot of stuff, I will definitely give a discount off the base price as well as a discount on shipping if applicable.
6. I usually ship orders the next Saturday from when the order is placed. When your order arrives, please leave feedback at the above link. I will do the same for you.
7. I accept PayPal payments, but NO E-CHECKS! If you send an e-Check, I will refund your order and ask for other payment. If for some reason you cannot do PayPal, please contact me regarding other payment options to see if we can work something out via other means.


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MY Pokémon Collection Plush:

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Phew! And that is all! Please comment below with your ZIP/country so that I can quote you. Remember, ALL prices are negotiable, and I am eager to haggle if needed!

Thanks everybody!

Huuuuuuuuuuge Gets List from 2013!!!

Ok, soooo I got SUPER busy with school last year and only got to make ONE collection update at the beginning of 2013. This one is for the rest of the year. I've held back a bit from Pokemon related stuff as I've mainly focused on buying games and anime, but I've still made some significant additions to the collection^^ So note that there is A LOT of pics on here (100+!!) Enjoy!!

Oh and as a reminder if you missed my HUGE shop update of plush, cards, flats, and other things, come check it out here!

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Has anyone heard of the HG SS Coin Medallion?

I was just wondering if anyone has seen or heard of a Heart Gold and Soul Silver Coin Medallion that was given out at an E3 convention? It's got a diameter of about 3 inches. It's also fairly heavy. On one side it is gold with an image Ho-Oh under a blue imprint of the Pokémon logo and the other side, the silver side, has Lugia in it's "standard" flying pose also under the logo. The images have in imprint saying "GOLD VERSION" and "SILVER VERSION" respectively.
atlantia zorua

Dat Squash! He's all shiny and stuffs!

I bring you another custom today! My last one for the month as I'll be super busy with other plushies. So I made for you to gaze upon a Shiny Pumpkaboo! That's right. Shiny. Pumpkaboo. Only the MPC is known so far for release, so here's your chance to get something really unique, and really amazing! He's that fabric we all love: minky! He's got those details we all adore: embroidery! And he's got that smile that could make a Sylveon swoon. I'm just kidding. Sylveon makes everyone swoon. <3

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Just One More! Search Fore Vaporeon!

Hello Community!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! With some awesome people's help and assistance I was able to find a Marill and Espeon, but now it is time for the last BIG one!

Reaching out to all you awesome people today as my search continues with ONE MORE on my super-wants list, and the one to complete my current (seems like) super grail - to complete my line of Eevee-lution pokedolls WITH tags.

Vaporeon is the last!

I'm willing to haggle, I know it is a rare, hard to get plush, but I'm willing to work for it!

Looking for a Vaporeon pokedoll, any year, with BOTH hanging tag and tush tag.

If anyone knows of one for sale or knows of any auctions/weeding posts I've missed, a point in the right direction would be great. Or, if your a collector and willing to take an offer and help a grail dream come true, please hit me up!

A little about me:
-I'm in the U.S. - would prefer a U.S. seller as I'm anxious to get this pokedoll in hand BUT I'm very willing to consider outside of U.S. sales!
-Can do money orders (bank or postal) in U.S., or, pay via Paypal invoicing (I like to be timely and pay asap!)
-I like tracking on packages!
-Pokemon is awesome :)

Talk soon guys and carry on! <3

Legitimacy check for Little Tales tote bag

Hello again community! Today I come to you asking for your advice:
-specifically, owners of the Pokemon Little Tales tote bag.
I bought this bag off of eBay through a seller with 100% feedback, but I'm having some doubts.
·The original tote bag had the treehouse scene on one side and the other side. The Little Tales logo and a Vulpix nexr the bottom. Below are the pics of the bag (both sides) and the leather tag sewn inside. Was this bag made with two design variations or was I sold a bootleg?
Buneary and lopunny

Collection Update! So So So Overdue

OK guys! Hello!

It has been actual years since I did a collection update (or it at least feels that long ._.')
I have been fighting through uni and have now acquired a permanent job meaning I have the time to actually become active on here once more rather than just lurking!

I joined pkmncollectors about 6 months after it was created so have been around for years. I wouldn't have the collection I have now if it weren't for all you wonderful people!

So, to those of you who don't know me (or have forgotten about me) I am Chargan. My collections include; Jolteon, Buneary, Lopunny, Pikachu and most recently Bunnelby.
I am a lover of all things lagomorph (rabbits and hares to those of you unfamiliar with the term) So I also adore Maractus and Azumarill but never bothered to start up a collection of them due to money and little merchandise.

Anyway enough waffling! My collection can be found under the cut, if you have any questions feel free to ask and i shall do my best to answer you :)

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There we go then! That is my collection. I am so glad to be back once more and I hope to become super active just like the old days!
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Plush lot sale!

Hello all! I come bearing many MPC's in this lovely lot:


It contains: Slowpoke pokedoll, Jakks tepig, Canvas Ampharos, Tomy Shaymin, Pokecen Vaporeon, Custom Hydreigon by Glacedia, and the following MPCS: galvantula, ducklett, mienshao, tranquill, cottonee, elgyem and rufflet.

Price for the lot: $125 shipped.
Will not split up. Sorry!
Sales permission given many moons ago by lineealba...I think.

Sales clear-out!

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/xxstarcassxx/

I want to get rid of the items I have for sale, so i will be putting them up for sale in a lot on ebay soon. but before I do so i'll post here one last time for sales :)
i'll probably do sales for another 1-2 weeks and then that's it, it all goes on ebay
so just click on the banner bellow:
sales banner pokemon
or this link: http://xxstarcassxx.livejournal.com/2258.html

not accepting trades at the moment.

thank you for reading!