January 21st, 2014

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Panda to me

Okay, so long story short: I recently started to really like Pancham after months of being kind of indifferent to the little guy, and I'm now on the prowl for this keychain, which I think has such an adorable pose:

(Image credited to Pokevault - it was the best image of it I could find in google image search.)

Also, if you happen to have any other Pancham stuff for sale right now, then be sure to let me know - I'm not really in a position where I can spend too much money right now, but I might be interested.

Selling some pencil toppers + Grail get! aaand lati wants

HI all :D I have some pencil toppers for sale. Almost all of them are MIP!!
There are about 30 so chances are you might find a pokemon you like :O
Click here or the picture to go!

Also I got a huge grail from a member that I cannot thank enough, leafyoddish98! I'm so grateful they sold this to me, I have been looking for this lugia forever!!! Here he is :D
You can see how huge he is compared to the 1:1 cyndaquil that I also recently got on ebay for a reaallly good price.
I'll post some more pictures in my collection update I should be posting soon.. I would have done it today but of all days, it's raining and cloudy >:

So I retrieved my grail, now I'd love to finally get the other one! This latios plush:

And ANY lati items. Figures, flats, anything, chances are I'll need them! :3 Especially ANY plush. I'm always looking for plush!
My other wants are here clicky. Although I'm not looking to buy too many things
Thank you for looking :3

Grails and Side Collections!

Hello everyone, I'm her today with to very exciting gets! And some other cute things, along with a few wants

When I saw these up for auction I couldn't wait to jump on them One was a little harder to aquire because of the pokemon it was but I'm so happy I was able to get them!

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I am also still looking for the 2008 minky Espeon and Flareon pokedolls mwt (tags as close to mint as possible). These are very high wants.
And of course pretty much anything else eevee related.
And this Absol kid.

(image from google images)

Thank you for looking, I hope everyone has a wonderful day<3~

Some wants + sales

Yes yes! I am looking for both Latios and Latias 2009 JP MWTs. Looking to spend around $50 shipped each to US 95116.
Please let me know if you have one for sale or know someone who has them for sale.
*photo from a four-year old post by Gin. Please let me know if you would like me to remove it.

my other WANTS are here: http://tryndamere.livejournal.com/1334.html

And.. of course my SALES!


Coming out of hiding sales! ~Calling all Bliztle lovers~

HEY GUYS!  Remember me? Nah, probably not cause I changed my name. I used to be breethezebra! :D

Well anyways I'm back after moving around the country a bit, and I stumbled upon a small box of pokemon items I'd like to sell while going through my things! I'll have more when I find the rest of my boxes, but for now click HERE to see the few things I've got!

Glad to be back! :D

jubilee | sparks

Obligatory 'a new member appears' + Wants Post

Hello! My name's Mellisa and I've just begun dipping my toes into collecting Pokemon - specifically, skitty! I've been a lurker for a while now, but it's only recently I decided to start doing some collecting of my own. You've all got some amazing collections; right now, mine is only composed of a few figures or so, but I hope to turn it into a ferocious army eventually ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

What I have my eye on:
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Anime-ted Wombat

Seeking coloring books.

Hello everybody! Just a quick kind of vague want here: is anyone selling any Pokemon coloring books? Language doesn't matter, nor does age (though I would prefer unused, or pretty discounted price if it IS used). I remember having quite a few as a child and would like to re-find those as well as acquire any that feature newer characters as well. Thanks!

a wild Celesteon appeared!

Greetings, y'all. New member. Been collecting for a very short time, so all I have are the eeveelution Tomy sitting plushies and some common uncommon and rare cards. Not worth photographing, yeah. But I do make art! I do sculptures and a little bit of drawing. My wants list is quite long, so I will make a separate post for that.
I collect a few pokes, my main collections are Espeon and Umbreon, and my many side collections are Lugia, Eevee, Vulpix, a little of the other vees, lati@s and Gardevoir.

Edit: wants list will be up soon

oh so awesome gets

I've gotten atleast 70 pokemon (about 50 in box) in the past 2 months, but they are all still sitting in Japan ^-^. I just wanted to post my most recent, which is one I've never seen in all my years collecting. I'm not even quite sure what it is! All I heard is it was only sold in movie theaters, so I guess it's really rare? Anyone that can fill me in even more is much appreciated! :D Collecting from the states leaves me in the dark a lot. xD

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Hope everyone is doing great!!!
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Awesome Gets and Mystery Pikachu!!

Hello again everyone!

Recently I've obtained a large box from SMJ with several new goodies that needed to be shared!! I've waited months for them to be stored in the US. So let's dive into the styrafoam ocean and take a peek, shall we?


Here's a preview!!


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DX Minun Question + Looking to Commission someone to make Eevee Ears/Tail

Hey again everyone!
I have a few quick questions for everyone here at the comm!

My first question is about these two gorgeous guys:

(more picks under cut)

I recently got a DX Minun pokedoll off the comm since I was looking for one in better condition than the one I bought off YJapan. When I got him I noticed some differences though. The minun on the left has slightly more faded colors, and the minun on the right's blue fur is kind of shiny. At first I just thought it was age or something, but then I noticed their tags are two difference colors. One is brownish, and the other is grey. Were there two different releases of DX Minun pokedolls or is this just a common thing with plush? Both of their tags say 2004.

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My second question is about cosplay commissions. Does anyone here on the comm take commissions for things like ears and tails (or know someone who does)? I ordered a dress for an eevee cosplay, but it's a lot darker than I thought, and it doesn't match any ears/tails that I can find online. If someone is willing to do a commission I was hoping I could either send a pic or a small piece of fabric to make sure I the colors match. Please let me know how much it would be for both as well =] I would prefer a pretty big tail (something I can secure to my dress with safety pins probs), and ears on a headband I can wear. I also would rather they aren't made of felt.

Thank you so much everyone!