January 22nd, 2014

cute pokedoll style altaria
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**!!!!Last sales for awhile updated Contest still going on enter in now :D !!!**

Hello all got some more stuffs for awesome price including Not to mention pokedoll MWT $17 and more awesome deals awaits! I also am selling my own collection of vulpix and more rare sold out items so take a look and got some more freebies :) And my win a free mini subsitute pencil case and sylveon clearfile event is still going the highest is $119 hanteninuyasha atm ^.^ Deal last not too long now!

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Thank you so much everybody <3  CLOSED!

Alola Vulpix
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Rare Eeveelutions Auctions!

I bring yet another round of eBay Lot Auctions!  I'm slowly but surely reaching the bottom of my sales drawers.. it's really quite astonishing how much I've accumulated over the past 5+ years.  It'll be nice to get that space back!

Assorted Figures & Goods Lot
Megablok Lot
Minicot Figure Lot

Now for the main part of my post: I've been debating it for a while, and I've decided to auction some of my very old very rare Eeveelution merchandise... so that I can buy more Eeveelutions!  Eevee collecting is a vicious cycle ;D  I also have some other Eeveelution merchandise for auction that I haven't seen for sale all too often lately.

THE WANTS!  I am looking specifically for the following items right now.  I'd be willing to do a partial trade/offset the cost of your final bid if you're interested in anything below.  The chances of many of these being for sale are super slim but I figured I'd try!

[Click to Expand Wants List]Glaceon:
Glaceon Keshipoke
Glaceon Megablok
Glaceon Chupa (older version, not candy figure)
Glaceon Chibi Strap
Glaceon Cookie Movie Badge
Glaceon Friends Figure

Sylveon Movie Keshipoke
Sylveon Standing Kid
Sylveon MPC Plush
Sylveon Cookie Movie Badge
PokeBox Custom Sylveon Charm (first version)

I Love Eevee Giant Lottery Plush (aha i wish)
Eevee Jakks Figure
Eevee Movie Keshipoke
Eevee Friends Figure

Furret TOMY Plush
Sentret KutaKuta Beanie
Mew TOMY Plush & Keychain (newest international release)
Minccino Tail Promotion Mug

Onto the auctions!

★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here!
Auctions will end in one week, on Wednesday, January 29th at 8PM EST (countdown)

Auctions are over!!​ Totals are coming shortly, please be patient :D  Thanks!!!

[Click to Expand Sales Conditions]
Sales Conditions:
★ I ship from the United States (New York) using first-class USPS mail and accept Paypal only.
For these auctions I will *require* either Priority Mail or insurance upgrades on orders over $100!  I cannot provide any lost mail refunds, and these are very rare items I would hate to see lost in the mail.
★ Packages are shipped in plastic bubble mailers by default. Please let me know if you would like to upgrade to a box or if you have any other shipping requests.
★ **Important Community Rules to Remember** Bids not placed in response to the highest bidder automatically do not count, and any bids placed in the last 5 minutes will automatically extend the auction 5 minutes until 5 minutes have passed without any bids.
★ None of these auctions have a Buy It Now, although where noted I will automatically accept a trade offer and end the auction.
I will happily work out payment plans for totals over $100! Please contact me before auction end if you anticipate needing a payment plan.

(Also including the following!)

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And last but not least, I still have an Eevee 3DS in like new condition for sale.  It looks absolutely brand new, zero signs of wear, and I am looking for $315.  Comes with original box/manuals/packaging/etc. but doesn't have it's own charger.  It is region locked to Japan and will only play Japanese version games~

Please wait until I create threads before commenting!! Thanks and good luck to those bidding ♥
Shiny Charizard

New Gets

I haven't posted in a while because after I finished collecting the first 151 Tomy figures, I stopped.
However, I still collect my favorite ones. Today, I got two of the new tomy figures.
Noivern and Chespin. Funny enough, they've changed how the paint looks!
Now it's matte instead of glossy. Huh? I don't dislike it, but it's kinda weird after years of being shiny! xD


Xerneas Yveltal

First Collection Update of 2014 + Bit o' Weeding Sales

I've been confined to my apartment and unable to go to work the past two days because of the snowstorm (if you live on the East Coast in the US, you know what I'm talking about... I can't say I'm all that impressed by the 5.5" inches in the DC metropolitan area though!), so I decided to go through my collection and take pictures to kill the boredom.  I haven't had a chance to show off the start of my 6th gen collections anyway!

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HQ Eevee plush want!

Hi everyone! I was hoping someone could sell me this plush; I can't say no to laying or sleeping plush xD


I know it's super cheap on yj but I really don't want to use it, and it's pretty expensive on ebay so I'm hoping to get 40 shipped for it :)

Thanks in advance <3

Edit: Bought one! Thank you so much everyone, I don't know why that listing didn't come up in my original search >w
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My grail has arriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiived. Raichu auction reminder

It was a normal day, like any other. I was cruising Y!J aimlessly looking for new releases on my adorable Eevee. Then, it happened. "Could....could it be?!" I exclaimed. I frantically clicked the little image and closed my eyes in anticipation. It finally loaded and there it was. My grail. Buy It Now for 1280 yen. I panicked. How was this still just sitting here? My heart pounded as I scrambled to get a deposit approved by FromJapan. I just KNEW that by the time I set everything up and went through the motions that it would be gone. I submitted my bid and waited. I watched the item go from "bidding" to "won!" I still didn't believe it. 4 years of searching and then the 2nd one I ever see is BIN for such a low price. Maybe it was in bad shape or wasn't the 17" one that I was wanting. So I didn't get too excited over the win. Just paid and waited. It arrived today and it's even better than I thought. It is brand new....WITH TAG! It has a lose thread around his toes, but I don't mind. He is perfect!

My newest little eevee plush from lucario was here to help me unbox my grail! I named the little one Happy. Lucario messaged me saying her mom thinks she labeled the package Happy instead of my name, Haley. I laughed and said I hope she did. That would be hilarious. Well she did and it was hilarious. ;)

WHAT COULD IT BE??? Come see!

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Thanks for looking!! Oh, before I forget here is a shameless reminder plug


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What time is it??


I'm after a Japanese speaker, in the hopes they can translate this book? My boyfriend got me it for Christmas, and I love the pictures and it's charm alone, but I wanted to know what it actually says.

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Also I wanted to share my latest plush with you guys! I almost never seem to make plushes for myself, but I've been in a massive plush funk lately so I thought I'd try something new to break out of it. ; u ;

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Some gets & Buying your Shinx stuff!

I ordered quite some stuff and the first things just arrived today, so I just wanted to share my happiness with you guys! :'D
It's not even half of the stuff I ordered but they are the first items of my soon to be huge (hopefully) shinx (evo) collection!

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I'm still looking to buy some shinx (and evolutions) stuff. Mainly plushies! (:
Don't have that much to spend for now, but my birthday is coming up and then i'll spend some more money. (Probably way too much xD)
So please tell me if you have some shinx stuff for sale!

Keldeo Tomy DX question?

As a Tomy DX collector, I know China has some old Auldey brands made, and so far I have yet to hear about any bootlegs, so I haven't worried about getting any fakes. I got this off Amazon today and noticed how HUGE the tag is on it! The baggy was in Japanese, it has a Shopro sticker on the other side, and comes with that extra tag that some come with. But, I've NEVER seen the tag this big! The newer ones all have the standard, small tags that do open up, but about 1/3 that size!

Anyone else that owns/has owned this can tell me how big your tag on it is? Is it a trend they had for a bit or something, like maybe it Keldeo's other forme had it too? Photo shows a water bottle next as a comparison.


Selling flareon and vaporeon canvas plush!

So a huge grail popped up for me and I'm in need of funds! I realized I don't really like vaporeon and flareon as much as I do jolteon, so I'm putting these two canvas plush for sale :)


  • They are both $100 OBO shipped with tracking.

  • They do not have hang-tags but they are in very good condition.

  • I can ship them out very quickly :)

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Sorry for such a small time period from my last posting but the auction only has a few hours left :3
Thank you for looking!

You can also check out my sales post for some pencil toppers :3 click bob or here to go
-Sales permission granted on May 6th, 2012 by entirelycliched
-My feedback is here and here

Wearable merch show!

Okay so to begin I apologize for my last post, I seriously thought those shirts were new 0.0  to make up for it how about a little game? Where everyone can show off his/her pkmn shirts, hats, socks, any type of appropriate clothing! In this post, only positive feedback is given! So nobody should worry about getting criticized in any way! I shall play the announcer and say stuff like: "ohh suchnsuch really pwns that Charizard hat!" Of course anyone can both enter and be judge bc this is all just  for fun! Negative comments shall be deleted, I want this to be a confidence builder for everyone here :) we all deserve to feel awesome~ And of course if you are not comfortable taking a pic of yourself wearing merch, it's totally fine to put a shirt or any other appropriate merch on a table and take a pic of just that ^^
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