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Spirit Rubi
24 January 2014 @ 12:25 am

I've been meaning to do an updated collection post since the end of December, but one of my packages from December didn't arrive until last week. I wanted to wait until it got here before I posted. But now that everything is here, let's begin! (I'm still not use to posting so I apologize in advance if I mess up on the cuts.)
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This next section is solely TCG cards so if you don't care for them feel free to skip ahead. <3Collapse )
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24 January 2014 @ 12:45 am
Hello all! So tonight I am selling/Trading a couple of items; I'm willing to offer multiple plushies for these wishies.

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
~So please let me know if you wish to trade! OR I can also include money with these items.

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24 January 2014 @ 02:21 am
EDIT: Thank you for the link to blueringumbreon's Tomys. I forgot about that. Still wondering if anyone has a different stamp than these three though. :)

AULDEY is not stamped on ANY packages I have that are in Japanese. Seems AULDEY is a Chinese redistributor of Tomy... Legit of course, but now I feel like a retard for wanting to collect them. I thought Auldey were like the first releases for some reason. Blech! Oh, well. I love the lil' diamonds on the packages, I'll continue to collect them... Does anyone know if Auldey did a full release of all 151?

Ignore my st00pid. My attention to detail obviously sucks. I'd make a horrible detective LMAO.
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i have some big items for sale! i really want these gone (because they are big), so some of them are holy moley cheap!! click for bigger!

Japanese Lifesize Fennekin, MWT: 90$ shipped (20$ off my original pickup price a few months back :D)
Laying I Love Eevee Collection Cushion: 30$ shipped each
Pikachu Little Tales Cushion: 35$ shipped
Large Banpresto Dedenne Plush: Mint in plastic! 35$ shipped each.
New Year's Mini PokeDollHouse: 60$ shipped (click here to see what's inside!)
Tomy Espeons, MWT!: 22$ SHIPPED!! each.
Talking Emolga, displayed as collection item: 30$ shipped
Toy Factory Emolga, displayed as collection item: 12$ shipped
Big Fuzzy Sleeping Oshawott: Has a few cut threads (to make his arms floppy). In great condition, was displayed on a bed for a few years. 30$ shipped.

just comment to buy anything you like! i am open to haggling.

pickups are also happening tomorrow for these cool guys and other things! come have a look at the full list!

all feedback and other sales policies can be found here!

thank you comrades!
♡Hello Skitty Sales♡
24 January 2014 @ 08:18 am


I just updated my sales post with new items!
I have also cleared out most of the sold stuff and took new photos, I think the pages will load a bit faster now :)
Please take a look♥

24 January 2014 @ 10:19 am
[~ I was given sales permission by entirelycliched on Dec 1st,2013]

Hi,again! Sure has been a while -u-
And it has because I recently moved to Colorado! Now what does this mean?

I can no longer do any Southern Islands set pickups!

However, I do still have a few sets left from the last visit I made to the comic shop and
you can find those in my store.

I've sold most of the sets I had in my possession but there are a few that are left.
Sorry to those who will be missing out on that ;u;

But while in between jobs,I will be available to take a whole bunch of traditional commissions!

click to be linked to the commissions page^ you can find the rules and other details on that page as well.

Thanks for lookin'!
24 January 2014 @ 10:32 am
Just a friendly poke towards my journal, where my vee lap blanket is up for auction- it ends on SUNDAY, at 8PM PACIFIC/GMT-8.

As asked, I -will- take payment plans, and I'll discuss terms with the winner of the auction (should they need one, mind you, you never know.)


Also, a question!

Is there a plush of Sylveon that is comparable to the DX set of I <3 Eevee plush? I have Jolteon and Vaporeon, but I would love something in that size of Sylveon. I can't purchase anything just yet, mind you- so no offers, please. 
♡ Kami ♡
24 January 2014 @ 11:05 am
I've updated my sales with some old dex charms and more, so help me get rid of my adorable side-collection! I'm shipping everything out later today! c:

Click the banner below  to be transported to my sales~

Also, I'm seeking a Sylveon MPC! Otherwise I'll have to resort to Y!J ... ;___;
24 January 2014 @ 12:49 pm
Hi everyone! So I recently got the type focus clearfiles and some cute hoenn handkerchiefs, but I have no idea how to display them. So I was wondering How do you display your bigger flats like clearfiles and handkerchiefs? Do you frame them, just hang them on your wall or do you just keep them in a safe place? Pictures would be nice :)

Also updated my sales. Added things such as charizard banpresto, vulpix egg plush, sleeping kalos pokemon and more
Sales made last week were shipped on Tuesday

Have a great day!!! :D
24 January 2014 @ 02:13 pm

i think i am going to cry...

And............CHARMS??!!! All of XY Pokemon: as charms!!

EDIT: Charms slots go up this weekend. They will be limited so BE PREPARED!
There is only one day left on the auction and almost every poster is at the starting price, and I have flattened the posters out since I had taken the original auction pictures
Here are a few of the posters with no bids but there are many more, click any of them to go to the auctions
 photo 203181bf-ab86-4f39-a7a2-bf28b6544eba_zps0dcae9d1.jpg photo 2d91f351-333d-4e83-ac48-c303c409a207_zps47199163.jpg photo 1509f393-9dca-4a96-90fa-a65470033e4a_zps1d43f1f7.jpg photo 3ac38831-698a-4ac5-a566-b27cbef1109d_zpsba828084.jpg
Tommy Pappas
I tire of Tomy US' terrible distribution, so I wonder where I could cheaply find the Japanese versions of the figures. I've seen some on ebay from Hong Kong sellers, but I'm not sure if those can be trusted.

Hey all! This is a huge group shout out to say that all orders that have been paid were shipped out today! The receipt is beautifully long, a work of art I must say.

Those who ordered insurance or tracking on your packages: I will be leaving you a comment direct, or PMing you if your messages are turned on, with the details about those for your records -- I will also be giving out the lodgement numbers for all Australian members who bought items in the auctions.

I still haven't received any comments or payment from the following members:
kaffeina, raindance11, and pandaeatworld (gave you a revised total, just not sure if you've seen the comment!)

Could the sole member left above please get back to me ASAP if you see this here, thank you!

And thank you all for participating!
24 January 2014 @ 06:38 pm
Hi again- I've got some new gets and a rather exciting firefox merch item!
From the comm:Collapse )
From eBayCollapse )
(Truffles couldn't help herself, she had to look. She says hi!)
eBay Xmas Miracle!Collapse )
Thanks for looking! <3
wants are roughly arranged by priority
a small tree blocks your path! would you like to cut it?Collapse )

For these items, I have a price in mind, but I'd like to see yours first.
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24 January 2014 @ 11:07 pm
2014 SALES update!
Hi all! It's the time for a sales update! It's been quite a while since I last updated my sales, but I finally did so and the new sales post for 2014 is now up :D

Loads of new stuffs added and lowered price on old stuffs. I haven't been very up to date with prices, so if you think anything is really off, please kindly let me know ^^;

A friendly reminder that I ship from Hong Kong, shipping/ packaging (excluding fees) will start at $2.1 for most figures and small plush, and around $4.4 for medium sized plushes, to most places in the world! (cheaper within Asia)

Everything's on straight sale ^^

SALES Previews:


(Please click this fake cut or pictures above to the SALES!)

A bit off topic but my non-pokemon sales is updated too 8D


To people who participated in my Good Night Friends Pick up, here's the Payment Post!

xy sleeping
(Friendly picture reminder :P)

Pick up is done, photo and payment instruction under the real cut :DCollapse )

Thanks very much everyone :D