January 25th, 2014

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Pokemon Petit and new Pokemon Center plush

Today was a fun day at the Pokemon Center!

I have been looking forward to the new Kalos starter petites since they were announced, and they were definitely not a let down. On top of that, the Tokyo Center was not very crowded at all - not empty, but not Sylveon / Eevee party time, baskets on heads crowded, so I could more easily walk around at my own pace and take my time picking and choosing exactly which plush I wanted, which makes the entire experience a lot less stressful.

But enough small talk, here are some pictures from the Center!

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As I said, today was fun! It's been a while since I was able to go for a new release and not have too many people there. February 8th will probably be a little more hectic...but metal charms? Dedenne pokedoll? Espurr plush?! I am ready.

Thanks for reading!
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new stuff!

I don't know if anyone posted this stuff yet so i shall!

First - New poseable Lucario figure from 'SHFiguarts' which i think is a brand from bandai? Not d-arts, but very similar to the venusaur/charizard/blastoise/mewtwo that came out a while ago.

Coming Out in May!

Second, More stuff from banpresto's 'we are team rocket series..including DX PUMPKABOO AAHH.

I am not sure of the date of pumpkaboo and meowth (wobbu and inkay already have february dates - i assume pumpkaboo and meowth will be march?)

keychain figures too!

coming out in march!

soruce for lucario, and the figures. twitter.
Source for the plush/other things. this twitter

Moar Sales

Guess who updated their sales again, with more TCG and X/Y related things? Yup, this panda!

You can find my sales here!

Really wanting to try and shift some of the bulk of all of these 800+ odd cards, so go crazy, make a huge list and lowball me, I'll more than likely accept your offer providing you're not lowballing on the more valuable ones! :)
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Bell Plush Commissions & Sales!

I'm opening up two slots for bell plush commissions, plus I have a premade Talonflame bell plush for sale and a minky Spritzee bean bag plush open for offers! Visit the link above for information. :D

ETA: Commission slots all claimed!

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of time!
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Long time no post!

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday Season full of lots of Pokemon fun! I got a couple Pokemon for my collection, and got everything on the shelf I have now. As I plan on collecting more, I will be adding an additional shelf. I'm excited about that!

When I started my collection I had one Pokemon, a Hoot Hoot pillow, well loved. Still stays on the pillow next to me every night.

Now some pictures. This might be a bit picture heavy.

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Thanks for looking if you did, and when I can I can't wait to see everyone gets and then sales as well!!

Custom Head charms (January)

Hello community!
I'm having some personal issues and would like to open commissions for the things I know I can finish and ship in a timely manner.
Not gonna bore you with any sobsob story, so I'll go straight to the point :P
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Im doing Head Charms, got some of the samples still for sale but I'd like to do custom ones aswell.
They will be $14/$18 SHIPPED (flat/tracked)
I can combine shipping but might alter the shipping price.

Available for straight sale: 1x Fennekin, 2x Froakie & 2x Squirtle (they can be remade)

Auction reminder

Just a friendly reminder, there's almost only half a day left to bid on custom Klefki and custom Charmander. Charmander is at starting bid still! ^^


And while I'm posting, I'm still working on my one card per pokémon collection, thanks to a lot of kind users here I'm pretty far along already, but there's still some holes to fill. So if anyone has sales posts with cheap TCG cards in them, feel free to let me know. ^^