January 26th, 2014

Grail get+Wants!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekends have been relaxing. I've been very busy with school and other stuff lately, so I haven't had much the time for an actual collection update. However, I did recently receive a grail in the mail....

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If I have brought from you and not left you feedback, please let me know! :D

Want List:
Solosis Retsuden Stamp-A giant want and last one I need.
Clear Reuniclus Strap

Tomy Plush
Friends Plush
Change-to-pokeball plush
All color metal figures-all colors
Minimodels: Anything but yellow, clear dark/light blue.
Oddish Pokemon time goods-Notebook, strap, bookmark with the large oddish picture
Bellosson Zukan Piece

And, of course, anything I don't have of these pokemon!

Thanks guy! :D
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eeveelution pokecen sitting pose group buy! ALL CLAIMED!

Edit: Wow, all plush were claimed! I'm just waiting on payments now and as soon as I get them all, I will purchase the lot.

Hello there! this group buy is for the pokemon center sitting pose eeveelutions! These items are marked as brand new and are being sold by a reputable seller on eBay. They are about 15cm tall. Each plush is $15 + fees ($15.75 within the US, $15.92 international)! I will be claiming Sylveon.

Claims will be first come first serve! If we are able to get claims for all plush, this is a commitment to buy.

$_57 (1)

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush AND shipping from seller to me. Second payment will be shipping from me to you.

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but please be advised that shipping starts at roughly $6.
-My feedback is located here and here.

Vaporeon - meloman1a - paid!
Espeon - doryphish333
Glaceon -doryphish333
Sylveon - myntii - paid!
Eevee - doryphish333
Flareon - doryphish333
Leafeon - doryphish333
Jolteon - doryphish333
Umbreon - doryphish333

Please let me know if there are any questions!

On a side note, I'm still looking for the Sylveon MPC and Pokemon Center mascot plush!

Booster box and Vivillion Question

Hi, everyone!

I have a couple questions for those that buy booster boxes. I have never bought one before but am considering it for XY. The box comes with 36 booster packs, right? And, I know it isn't an exact science, but is there an amount of EX and ultra cards that normally come in a box? Like...one UR and two EXs....or something?

And, I read that Vivillion has multiple versions of the same card in this set. Does anyone know how many? I have only seen pics of two.

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Does anyone else think Pokedolls are losing their "look"???

Hey all,

Posting something a bit different then my normal wants and many questions haha.

With the upcoming release of the new Pokedolls I thought I would see other peoples opinions on whether or not Pokedolls are losing their "look".

What I mean is the more original Pokedolls had a look that distinguished them as a Pokedoll and not just a plush of a pokemon.

However the newer releases of Pokedolls (I believe) are starting to become a bit bland and losing that Pokedoll look.

Does anyone else feel the same way?? I have put images below for people to compare :)

Would love to hear peoples opinions ^.^


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Sales update, still taking offers, and wants

I've updated my sales with a few more new items, and have lowered my prices on some things! (^ワ^)

I'm still taking offers on my Dittochu TOMY reversible Pokéball plush, I've relisted it in my journal starting at the price of the last offer, which was $15.
2014-01-14 06.55.022014-01-14 06.55.32

Click the banner below for sales and offers~

I'm also currently seeking the following plush (for a hopefully cheap price)~
$T2eC16J,!wsE9suw)0cPBRqggdJVS!~~60_57Talky Plush

And last but not least, a question! Is there a shopping service or any people that do pickups for edible items (in and outside of the Pokémon Center)? For example, I know there's a can of DyDo (Daido?) apple juice that Sylveon is featured on, but the only way I can seem to buy it is if I buy it in a huge group on FromJapan for a hefty price. There's also some candy packages she's featured on as well, but again, I'd have to buy it in a set. D: I hope this question isn't against any rules, and sorry for how long this post is!. xD;
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Looking to buy: 1998 Beanies

I used to have about 20 of them back in the day, then I lost them all... :c I just missed out on a bunch of them new with tags on eBay that ended for just $1-2 each and I'm pretty sad about it haha. I'd be interested in buying, especially in lots and within the US. Thanks for any help! OH, I also might be interested in any toys or plushes of the following: Garbodor, Vanilluxe, Joltik, Lickitung, Venonat, Musharna, Starmie, Paras, Gloom, Wartortle, Shedinja, Lapras, Mega Gengar, Whimsicott, Aurorus, Sliggoo & Goodra. Not sure if any beanies/plush exist of all those or not. I'm picky about played-with condition but they don't have to have tags.

Sales: X & Y Pokemon Center Plush

Making room for some new arrivals. Any plush is $26 shipped anywhere in the US.
Ask for international quotes.
All plush are NWT from Japan.

2014-01-26 16.35.18

All community rules apply.
International shipping is available, just be mindful it may cost more.
Granted sales permission on 5/31/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback can be found here.
-I ship from PA in the United States, and ship Worldwide. (I ship either 1st class or priority mail in bubble mailers or boxes (depending upon size of item).
-Item will typically ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment.
-I accept Paypal only.
-Payment expected within 48 hours of confirmation of purchase, unless we have made an arrangement.
Any questions, please feel free to ask! :-)

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Awesome gets: AND HUGE GRAIL GET!!!

Hey everyone I am finally able to update my gets, and boy did i receive such an awesome gets over Christmas Break even a huge grail of mine :D

Warning image heavy:

So anyhow here are some tomy gets including rare ones!

First some tomy which i dont collect, but they are awesome amazing, and rare 2nd gen tomy's at that.

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Now for some random toys that came with my tomy lots:

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Now the Tomy's i actualyl collect 1st gen :P Got some pretty cool ones: and a very rare one:

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Yes the rare awesome silver mewtwo :D! So lucky to have found one.

Now for what you've all been waiting for GRAIL TIME!!!

Lets see who can guess what it is with only this lil image:

If you guessed the special lottery zukan of lugia and ho-oh which only 1000 were made for the competition in the entire world! Then u are correct! (granted 1000 more copies were reprinted later in late 2000's) but the ones i have are from the lotto special :D

Photo shoot of the amazing grail: They are beautiful figures, highly detailed, the plastic feel and smell is phenomenal high end plastic haha. My only complain is that the bases came somewhat dirty (should be expected from such an old toy) but i think i could clean them out and make them more clear. Anyhow i love them and would like to thank xxstarcassxx for pointing me in the right direction towards the grail! Without further ado:

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Well thx for reading everyone, ik it was a long post :P Hope u enjoyed it! ^^
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"Try Again" Sales! + Looking For Latios and Latias TFGs

Hey guys! It's sales time again for me. I am hoping to really sell all of these stuff as they are really taking up space in my room! I'd like to try one more time selling in the community before I put them up on eBay. I've got some unreleased Groundbreakers TFGs and some rare ones from the third set like Flareon and Magnemite! Also some plushes I was hoping I can sell as a lot. But will try to sell them individually for now as I am having a hard time selling them as a group in eBay.

Anyway, let's get it on!

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Auction Reminder Post!

Quickie reminder that my eBay auctions are ending in a few hours! (A little bit before 10PM EST)

As requested, I've also changed my minicot lot to auction format to make it easier to GA :)  It ends in one week!

(Click the images to get to the auctions!)

I have a handful of other auctions ending next weekend as well: Allinia's eBay Auctions

Andddd while we're doing reminders... my Eeveelution Auctions are still ongoing and are ending next Wednesday: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16511728.html

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend ♥ Good luck to all bidders!
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Help to complete the Grail: Vaporeon Pokedoll Search!

Hello all! Hope you have been having a great weekend! I've been getting some awesome Pokemon pieces from community members - waiting for a couple more packages to arrive before I get a new photo posted!

I'm still on the search for the last piece that will complete my grail : my eeveelutions pokedoll set!

On the hunt for:

- Vaporeon pokedoll (any year, Velboa or minky version) W/ hang and tush tags

I'm willing to negotiate pricing for this pokedoll as it is the last one I need!

Any helpful points in a good direction would be great, or if a community member out there happens to have a Vaporeon they are looking to sell - point me in their direction! It is very appreciated!

Some things about me:
- I would prefer US transaction as I'm anxious to get my hands on this pokedoll, but will look at any route!
- I like tracking on packages!
- I can provide payments through money orders (bank or postal) or Paypal if I'm provided an invoice through my email
- I'm quick to respond and issue payment! :)
- I can haggle to make a good pricing ^^

Thanks so much guys! Have a great evening and hope to find this elusive little pokedoll soon!
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Kalos Dex Charms Pick-up!

EDIT ON 02/09: ALL CHARMS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED! With the exception of those whose payment did not have an address attached. I have left you comments if your address was missing. Please send it along ASAP!
Another note: If you took $3 off your payment and ended up not making a Sunyshore order, please send along the $3 at your convenience.
Thanks everyone!!

Hey all! This is a pick-up post for the Kalos dex charms! Run by me, picked up and shipped by denkimouse. :D

Important notes:
-This pick-up is limited to a 100 slots. You may claim as many as you wish.
-Payment is due right away.
-We'll give you a shipping total after you make your claim. Your claim is confirmed once you pay.
-Pick-ups may be combined with other February 8th goods (dolls, Pokecen plush) ONLY! Please mention your charms in the note when making an order on Sunyshore, and subsequent charm payment. Please do not make an order with non-Febuary 8th goods and ask to combine with charms. Due to a limited time to ship before a vacation, all non-Feb 8th orders must go out before that weekend. Feb 8th's Pokedolls and Plush will be on Sunyshore starting the middle of this week!

Prices are as follows:
Single: 5$
Legendaries: 5.50$
2-set: 7$
3-set: 9$
4-set: 11$
Furfrou set: 18$

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EDIT ON 02/09: ALL CHARMS HAVE BEEN SHIPPED! With the exception of those whose payment did not have an address attached. I have left you comments if your address was missing. Please send it along ASAP!
Another note: If you took $3 off your payment and ended up not making a Sunyshore order, please send along the $3 at your convenience.
Thanks everyone!!

Looking for Sylveon merch!

Hi everyone! I am looking for some Sylveon merchandise for a friends birthday C:

EDIT: I found her a plush, but I would still like very much to get her a figure. Preferably the laying down one she really wanted, but any one would be okay! I'm open to buying other Sylveon merchandise as well if it's cute!

So feel free to comment with what you have and what you're willing to sell it for, shipping would be to Canada R2G 0M4


They're getting more cunning...

Hey all! Sorry if it seems like I'm posting a lot of late, after this I will stop them for awhile XP I just wanted to ask for some advice from you smart people! I noticed that some bootleg plushies have the correct tag, and the plush itself may look legit! What are the ways to tell what's real and not? Pictures of comparisons will be appreciated if anyone doesn't mind ^_^
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My pokemon collection~<3 & Wants list updated.

Hello guys, since I am fairly new here(used to be more of a lurker for a few years) I decided I should show off my collection to help people out whenever they need images.

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So I have several collections going on. I don't think I even got them' all in my photos. I might have a few stragglers' so you might as well check my profiles' album out~!

Edit: I also apologize for some of the pictures not being straight. When I was resizing it through another site they did that to me. <___>;;

Also~! Does anyone know if that large pikachu is a "mirage" pikachu or not? It's made in italy. Stuff I am looking for as well is anything of the poli-line, anything oddish or of it's evolution line, and other play-by-plays.


Update: hey guys I just wanted to ask if any of you have anything pikachu related? :v I am looking for those small pikachu beanies (hopefully with tags- looking for 5-10 of these lol) made by hasbro. I am looking for posters, and whatever I am also looking for any of it's evolution/pre-volution's merch.

There was this pikachu with a smaller body, and a bigger fat head stuffy I found it cute. Idk if you guys have a ref. for pikachu merch.