January 28th, 2014


For sale: Rare Eevee clip plush

i come today to offer this little guy for auction.
as far as i know he is quite rare and even unknown to most collectors, i had it difficult to get an ID due the lack of pics and info.
More pics and info under the cut!

la foto 4

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On other news!
I been finally finishing some more big pokemon plushies :D click the pics to see more!

riolulook aron4

Thanks for watching!!

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Hello comm! I'm looking for some things at the moment and maybe anyone can help me :3 I'm looking for any Raichu figures and plushies and it would be really nice to see some pics of raichu merch! :D
Have anyone the raichu burgerking light up figure for a fair price? I want this figure long time ago! Otherwise I'm ever interested in cute caterpie line, rattata line and oddish/vileplume stuff! Mostly I like figures, minimodels, figure stamps aso. Please no tomy or kid figures, thanks! :)


I'm really excited to see some merch! :3


Also I want to post my latest get! I got an authentic wailord pokedoll for only 1€ on ebay!! On the pics is also my old bootie wailord pokedoll for comparison! Look under the cut!


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Thanks for looking all & goodnight!

NEW ITEMS in my collection and TRIP in japan soon !!

hi everyone , i will show you one of my new item :) !

Here is an ipod pikachu 10th anniversary !!
only 40 MADE in the world

it s very hard to find it , i have never thought to get it in my life and see it on internet..
so it was my christmas gift to myself^^ .

it was made by COLORWARE , a famous company which made the ds lite, dsi and dsi XL world championship pokemon too !
ipod pikachuDSC_0401

ipod 2

i hope you like it :) !
here is my facebook group :https://www.facebook.com/PokemaniakCollection
i am a french collector and sell and buy a lot of new items :)!

I ll go to japan again during 3month , i will leave my country on 8th february , i hope i will find new items for my collection and for you !

Zukan pieces wants

Hello, today I bring you some of my wants. I'm looking for these zukan pieces:
bulbasaur and ivysaur
growlithe (all of these coming from the special 01 set)
seadra and horsea
mudkip and marshtomp

also if you have their bases/pegs i need them

thank you all!
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Quick Plush Lot Offers!

Doing a quick offers post!

Best offer by midnight EST tonight gets em :)

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On an unrelated note I am searching for an Unown A Pokemon Center charm because I totally overlooked that the Unown had changed last released, and now it's bugging me that I don't have both versions @_@ Let me know if you have one to sell!
pika cap2

Small sales

Greetings all well it's been awhile since I last posted but I've been busy getting the bedroom so I can some items showcased but I do have too much so I'm some odds n ends including some unopened TCG packs so check em out

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours if needed more time just ask
4.Due to weather shipping may be slow but I'll do mine best to keep you updated
5.Haggling is alright but no hurt feelings if refused
Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009

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New items for sale including 6 Ditto kutakutas!

Hello everyone!

Today I bring you some more plush for sale!
All are banpresto in make except for the friends and kutas.

All are in great condition but if you want more/ better pictures of some, don't be afraid to ask!

I received sales permission on March 15th, 2013 from Allinia
My feedback is here.


Click the picture or here to be transported.

I cannot trade at this time so please don't ask.

I also have more Pokemon Items up on eBay so go take a look!

Thank you for looking!

I hope everyone has a good day!

Introduction Post

Hello everybody!! :) I've just been accepted into the community a couple of days ago, and I'm absolutely THRILLED to be here! I've heard nothing but good things about this community and I look real forward to collecting Pokemon with all of you! My name is Jenni, and I have an Eevee collection! I love eevee so very much! My collection is still a bit small though. :s Thooooough, I look forward to expanding my eevee collection during my time in the comm. I have read some rules for the community so I'm a bit enlightened on what is expected, but if I do something wrong, please don't feel afraid to correct me! I will surely try my best to keep myself in good-terms with all of you even if I need some help every now and then! :] Thank you all for being yourselves!

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Desperate want & need! ^^

Hi my lovely comm members ;3 I come with a huge want. I have missed this item several times in sales posts and can't find one anywhere. Can't use FromJapan or YJ so hopefully someone here can help me out. My biggest want right now is the Sylveon cookie badge. I missed out on it a couple times in sales posts so I hope someone here might have an extra one they can sell me ^^ Also looking for some other things pictured below but my priority is the badge ;3
Grabbed these photos from different sites so if these are yours and you don't want to see them posted pls let me know.

Sometime over the weekend I should be posting a sales/auctions post which will include Eeveelutions, Luxray line, and Haunter line ;)

Cheers & thx!!

sylveon-cookie-badge sylveon-wants

Waaay overdue Collection Post!

Hi PKMNcollectors! Becky here :3

I havent posted on here before and this is my waaaay overdue collection post!

Here it is!!

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And here is my list of current wants:
Chupa Leafeon (the one with its nose in the air hehe)
Rapidash line zukan
Any latios/latias plushies

Will add more at a later date...

So that's it for now! Hope to post more in future :)
Thanks guys!

Phantom snorlax

I've been trying to find more information on this figure on my own but to no avail... Any Poke experts on that can help me with this Snorlax Tomy? He's a complete damn mystery to me. Any help to finally solve this would be very appreciated! <3

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EDIT: So he's a recolored Tomy, apparently nothing special, yet I've never in all my years even seen him in box, and I've only seen him out of box like 3 times... Someone have one for sale? I'm limited at the moment, but I can spare a little. Check your stashes! :D
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Pretty specific wants post

Hey there everyone!

I come to you with a very specific search...

I am looking for a pair of WINGS for the 2000 Hasbro Electronic Lugia.

I got a poor Lugia off EBay who had lost its wings and I would love to restore it to its old glory.

The wings are easily removable, so if anyone should have a completely wrecked Lugia lying around with wings that are in good or okay condition, please let me know. (:

This is what I am talking about: