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29 January 2014 @ 01:10 am
Hey guys! I was looking for some things on the internet, which I need for my collection.

Here are some things I'm looking for:
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Also an question:
What is this for an Jolteon plush? I found it on Toys Logic.

29 January 2014 @ 06:29 am
Hi Everybody!!

In last zukan auntion, i got some of the zukan pieces i was looking for, so i'm updating my want list. You can check it on my journal entry


Please, let me know if you have some of these pieces for sale

Thank you :D
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29 January 2014 @ 12:14 pm
Pokemon Trash is a big website on France. Neoxys, the founder, needed to see my Giratina O's collection.

I speak about you guys, and HOW AMAZING YOU ARE.
How you help newbies, and how it's amazing to help each others.
I explain that's one of my favorite piece it's the first I buy here. The Giratina Keychen.

Pkmn Collectors is the best thing I ever had in my life to complete my collection.

You can't understand French I suppose, but you can see a lot of my Giratina O's collection here. I didn't make a big update since a long time ago, but I hope you will love it !

SALES TIME! Finally got permission and some free time. Time to weed out my collection (cards first to get some practice with selling online)!

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29 January 2014 @ 12:29 pm
Hi everyone! I've been away for a really long time and thought was time for a re-intro and collection update!
Here's a little about me: I'm a 23 year old girl and I have recently graduated from college (within the past year) and I'm now working full time. I joined the community back around September 2010 and was active til about the following April I want to say. Ever since then I've been MIA due to other financial obligations. Butttttt somehow (I don't remember how) I suddenly decided to visit the comm on a whim. So ever since last November I've been back pretty much haha.

My main collection is Piplup! (With his evolutions on the side of course) My desire for all eeveelutions has skyrocketed and I was swept into the eeveelu collection craze because of the I <3 Eevee collection (my poor bank account) I also have a small side collection of Jirachi and a (very very) small collection of Absol. I also looove dragons and the fire starters <3

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Thanks for looking! :D
29 January 2014 @ 01:25 pm
Just wanted to show what came of last weeks post and some gets! :D

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I have lots of nice things in my sales still :)
29 January 2014 @ 01:47 pm
Hello everyone! It's been a lil while since I shared anything on here, but recently I've got some super cute Sylveon merch so I just had to show you guys :D I'll post pics under the cut~

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I'm having a bit of a Sylveon phase at the moment ahaha :B
Shrike Flamestar
29 January 2014 @ 02:06 pm
Hey there, long time no post.  Been having a bit of a tight budget so shopping around here has had to fall to the wayside...  I'll try to get a collection update sometime, but now I come with a quick want.

I've been collecting Pokemon cards again (or at least I was when I had money a few months ago!) and am looking for a new binder to store part of my collection in.  Namely, I'd like the Eeveelution binder that was sold in Japan a while back to keep my Eeveelution cards in!  (And Mew and Zorua who I'm also collecting).  Now, I do not need the promo cards that came with it as I already have the English versions, I just want the empty binder be it new or used in good condition (don't even need the card pages, I have my own!).  I saw that Pokevault is selling the empty binders, but thought I'd check in here first to see if I can get one cheaper.  Here's a picture of it:

No real price in mind, just less than Pokevault's price ($40) I suppose.

Got it now, thanks to Allinia!
29 January 2014 @ 03:14 pm
Hi Everybody!
This is my first post on pkmncollectors with some of my wants, so if anyone is willing to sell any of the items listed please comment.

Any metal coins like this one with Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, wartortle, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur or Venusaur.

I'm also interested in these badges

I would also like to know the shipping charges to Egypt.
Hi guys :D I updated my sales with some cool stuff :3 Check it out! here's a preview:

There's also quite a lot of pencil toppers left!
Click the picture or here to go

Also there's a person at my (kinda) local flea market, and he sells lots of pokemon figures and tons of other cool stuff.. I don't know anything about these things so if there's something you like here, you should let me know, maybe I can pick it up for you?? None of these figures look like booties to me but yeah, I think there's some Tomy's in there?? All I'm saying is that this guy seems to know his figures really well, so idk ha.

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Also a question!!! Okay we all love playing with our pokemon in amie, but is there a pokemon you hadn't expected to fall in love with while playing with them?? Sometimes I just like to pet a random pokemon and they're just uggghh so cute. I fell in love with giratina. I never really liked giratina before but after petting him in amie and taking one huge bites of poffins and squirming all around when he gets happy (in origin forme), just omg I fell in love with him and I'm now considering collecting him OTL.
(click on the gif for the source :)
Archduke VaporLeon
29 January 2014 @ 05:03 pm
2014-01-28 17.50.34
This little dude showed up yesterday, and it spurred me to reshare my bug (and bara) collection. :D
{click here to see my horde!}
29 January 2014 @ 06:55 pm
So I've been on the lookout for the jumbo Pokemon Center Sleeping Pikachu kutakuta. I looked on the completed listing and noticed some that have sold. But the ones I have seen look different from one another. (both pics from eBay)


This is one that sold on eBay for around $60 in early November I believe. Looks cute and loved.

This is the one currently for sale on eBay MWT for $500 (which is wayyy overpriced if you ask me)

Now I noticed a big difference in these. The top photo's tail appears to be attached to Pika's back while the other one's tail is free flowing. And the top on just looks like it has generally a different body shape. Were there different releases of this guy? I would rather have the one with the tail attached but it could just be that they are the same just the top one in more worn. Any info would be appreciated!

And in other news, check out my new custom plates for my new used Civic!!

It's a take off my website www.pkmnlove.weebly.com :D

Have a fabulous day!
29 January 2014 @ 07:28 pm
* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* My Collection Site
* Sales

I got lots of new Bunnelby and Croagunk things so thought I'd show them off :D

I also have plush commissions open so check the cut below if you're interested :)

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I'm having a sale on my custom plush, check it out below!
Custom Plush Sale!Collapse )

Check out my sales! I added more things and lowered prices :)

Thanks for reading!
29 January 2014 @ 08:31 pm
Decided to have a bit of a clear out. Because my shelf keeps getting knocked, and picking up all these zukans is getting to be infuriating! x_x Also a pretty little Vulpix candy figure I found laying around. I don't know what any of these guys are worth, so I'm putting them up for auction!

Sales permission granted by Allinia last year (I can't find the date, eep).

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29 January 2014 @ 08:48 pm
Hey all,

Just a simple post today to ask if anyone has any Tomys for sale? It's getting closer and closer to my birthday so the money's almost here :) $$$ haha.

Also I am interested in some things from Japan but unsure of how to get a hold of them. I know we can not ask for middlemen for japan on the comm because there are businesses but I need to know what middlemen services do people use to get things?

Hopefully some people can help me.

Thanks everyone :)
First now that i have the special lottery lugia and ho-oh zukan im relaly thinking of collecting the leg. birds and dogs zukan. (to pose with them appropriately xD). In regards to the birds i see articuno has one with ice all over, is there one of moltres and zapdos with kind of a special effect like the articuno one? Or a regular articuno one? It doesnt seem like they go together well D:

Now for the gets :D!

mew! Mew! MEw! MEW!!!Collapse )

The first mew is the CoroCoro Mew in brand new condition :D! Flawless. Going to try and PSA it but idk how it works? Has any1 done this before? Can give some advice etc (much appreciated :) )

The second one is an already PSA 10 condition Ancient Mew card, i was so happy to see this because it is so RARE to see this card in such perfect condition. Probably because most people got them as kids haha. I've been looking for this for a long time xD.

However, i may get rid of these in the future because unfortunately they really are odd in terms of what im collecting :/ (figures). Or i may make like a framed poster with all my favorite cards and hang them haha buh.

Amongst some other cards which have some value (both monetary and sentimental) Got the original 3 starters signed by the voice actor of Ash ketchup (such a nice woman btw :P)

Anyhow thx for the help with some of these questions and thx for viewing ^^.

Again it's been a few months (or 5/6 months...!) since I've updated so I was able to grab some time to show my gets within the last 5 months of collecting...I'll hopefully be able to make a proper collection update sometime soon. After moving house and with what work this house needed doing...it's been fun, we're almost there hopefully!

During these 5 months I was able to obtain another of one of my biggest wants top 5 wants...and I can't believe it...! (Lots of pics!)


There's more than Latté under this cut~!Collapse )

29 January 2014 @ 10:11 pm
Just wanted to pop up a reminder for my sales post!


Wooo Sales!

Includes TCG, Plush and Kids!

Also doing a special off on ALL TCG. 25 cards for $10 shipped ANYWHERE. $1 supplement for Holo and $0.50 for Reverse Holo. If you're buying more than 25 or multiple batches I'll do even better deals, help me clear some of this bulk!
29 January 2014 @ 10:37 pm
Hi there!

I just wanted to say hi again, it's been almost half a year since I last logged in. I got rid of a big chunk of my collection and stored the rest. It's been busy and turbulent the past time so I couldn't bring myself to reorganise it. Doing that now, and with that comes trying to be more active here again!

For those who don't know me, I'm a Dutch girl who collects all the Vees' TCG and I'm looking to complete base, jungle and fossil out of nostalgia :3 I used to collect more but I kindof gave up on that since I change my mind easily but the trading cards seem to stick. I'll be posting a picture soon!
Some of you may remember but last year I also did commissions in these: http://illumeee.livejournal.com/1303.html I hope to take them again in the near future, or at least something related to them!

That's it for now, taking things slow lol. I just placed and order at trollandtoad cause I'm way behind on my card collection xD By the way if anyone can help me by the missing logo error cards of both Jungle Jolteon and Jungle Vaporeon that'd be awesome :D

See you soon!
Today, I have a multi-purpose post!

A few AMAZING gets! :DCollapse )

Anddd, that's it for gets!

Next -- a super cool thrift store find!

Click to see!Collapse )

Lastly, my usually wants plug, as well as plush trades!

First, click here to go to my permanent wants list:

I have a few plush for trade for something/s on my wants list -- I'm open to other things as well! Just let me know what you have!

On to the plush! :DCollapse )

Anddd, that's it! :D

Thanks so much you guys! Hope you enjoyed this post! <3
29 January 2014 @ 11:17 pm
hey folks. its been a very long time since ive posted. forgot my password lol money's been a bit tight here so i was wondering if anyone can help me. i want to know if anyone who is selling pokemon plushies or pokedolls reasonable in price ? i cant afford much but can we work out a deal ? please if anyone can be of assistance let me know :)
29 January 2014 @ 11:45 pm
Working right now on catching up to comments/feedback/email/personalized shipping responses/etc., so if you are waiting on something and reading this, you are not being ignored! Just needed to get this stuff up ASAP because international move soon. Tons of plush items to come later, but since they can't really be combined with clear files, here you go!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse in April 2010.
Feedback is here.

If you are buying more than one, -$3 per file! Unless you want more than will fit in the envelope, in which case we'll have to work out a box.