February 1st, 2014


So, I'm obsessed with this Pokemon. xD My new favorite since Mr. Mime! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew or had any news of a Tomy figure release, plush, anything? I just saw a Meowstic Tomy, but I can't find anything Espurr anywhere (official anyway). Thanks!!

thank you

Gets + Plush Collection update!

Hello comm!

With college in full swing and my load of intense computer classes starting up, I figured I'd do at least a small plush update since I haven't updated in a looooong while and I probably won't be able to do so until Spring Break D:

BUT! On to the gets! :D

My boyfriend and I went to TRU yesterday, and I happened to pick up these!~
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And here's some of my recent gets!
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I have a question about a certain plush I acquired!

His fur is super soft and looks nothing like the other Teddiursa pokedolls I've seen. To be perferctly honest, I'm not even sure he's a pokedoll, but his hangtag does say "Pokemon Center" and looks pretty legit, but I have no idea. Any info on what he is would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, there's something I have to confess...
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Woo! That took forever to type XD but I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^

p.s. Does anyone have a fire type friend safari with Growlithe? :3
Oshawott - Glacidea

The Littlest Samurai Pokémart + Squids Day!

Hello everyone! After working for a few days non-stop, I am proud to introduce:

Take a look around, and enjoy! My feedback link, etc. are on the FAQ portion of the site. <3

And now, for anyone who actually has been watching my posts, I said last time that my next post would involve this:

Now I won't go into too many details here, but those who know me well know that I have been waiting on wishing for squid pokémon since I was little and teeny tiny. When I first saw Inkay and Malamar in the Coro Coro scan in July, I literally cried. Bawled. Happy tears everywhere. My squids were FINALLY here! I didn't care about how much merch there would be, I decided in that moment that I would gather every piece of it I could find.

Well, time went on, and Inkay got more merchandise than even I had first anticipated. He was getting things left and right, and we found out he was even going to be a member of Team Rocket in the anime, creating even MORE merchandise for him! And finally, Inkay became one of the mascots for the newly built Tokyo Bay Center! Can you imagine, a squid pokémon I've been dreaming of for years, gets to be a MASCOT?! I was floored to not only have my metaphorical squid cake, but eat a ton of it, too, in a sense! I felt like Inkay had reached the pinnacle of success

But boy was I wrong. It's a rare treat that a pokémon gets an entire promotion dedicated to only itself; Stunfisk and Rotom were some unique ones from the last few years, and then of course there are always promotions having to do with popular pokés such as Pikachu, Piplup, or Charizard. But never in my wildest dreams did I predict what came to Pokémon Centers across Japan on January 18th.

Of course, I am talking about the Oh, Inkay! promotion:

Come with me, on a very short but exciting journey to Tokyo Bay for SQUIDS DAY~<3

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Thanks for looking, guys!!! <3 Have a happy day!
shiny mew

Looking for Bulbasaur items!!

Hey everyone! I'm looking to gather up some Bulbasaur stuff that came out recently that I just didn't get around to buying. I'm really hoping I can get more than one from one person, but I have a feeling the odds aren't so high that that will happen!


From left to right, top to bottom

1. New kid
2. MPC
3. Banpresto keychain
4. Pokedoll
5. Pitapoke

Pita poke is my highest want! Also, if you have the MPC, could I see a picture? I've seen a bunch that has really wacky mouths XD

Please let me know your price! For shipping purposes, I am in the US, 53593! Thanks :)

Totally just realized...

That I missed my 1 year anniversary on the comm! Time flies when you're having fun! My first post was on January 29th, 2013... and now it's February 1st, 2014. I'm so happy that I found this community because I love sharing my collection, and I love seeing how enthusiastic others are about their collections (even better if it's completely different than what I collect! :D) I figured I'd post a somewhat collection update/updated wants.

Pictures and wants under the cut!

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Buying Plushie +Trading for Houndour pokedoll

Hello everyone! I am back and still looking to Buy/Trade c:
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

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And for buying I would like to buy one of these 2 items: I am HOPING for $30 shipped in the US -but please let me know what price if I'm under offering.

-The (NEW) I love Eevee laying plush -offering $40.
-Little tales Pikachu plush (Not the mascot pair)

Here is a cute image of Amphy waving. Hope you all have a great day! :D

Some wants!

Hey guys! Just a few things I'm looking for at the moment~

I'd love an Axew line zukan, I keep seeing them in sales posts but they're already gone by the time I get to them heh. Same goes for the metal Sylveon charms, my keys need a lil fairy-cat-dog to keep them safe :B

I'm also pretty much always on the lookout for charms/straps, I use them on my sketchbooks and I've nearly run out! Pretty much any Pokemon is okay for these, I think they're all cute!

Thanks guys~

Quick game sale!

rumble blast

Selling this game, only thing is that it doesn't come with the case or manuals, but other than that it's in great condition! It also comes with a 1 year warranty, so if it stops working or anything you can get a free replacement at your local gamestop ^^ (the warranty is good until next January).

Asking 10 dollars OBO, plus shipping~

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched Feb 19, 2013
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=latias_latios_7

Edit: My sister asked me to sell her copy too, so for that one it's great condition with 1 year warranty, but it comes with the case.

She wants 15 dollars OBO, plus shipping.

Please keep in mind these are the US versions!

Also I made this Furret the other day :3

I think once I'm done working with my recent commissions I'll make a Celebi too, my room needs more of these hanging up xD

Collection Update #1

Hi, all
I would like to sincerely apologise to everyone because I have not posted in an uncountable amount of time. (a lot of stuff happened, a lot of personal stuff.) So, I just wanted to say sorry. Anyway on a good note I have continued to add to my pokedoll collection. Here are some pics

photo 1photo 2


as a reward to myself for paying off my labradoodle's vet bills before interest charges kicked in...

....does anyone have a BRAIXEN Pokecen plush for sale?

(I didn't have enough in my paypal to purchase one from Sunyshore before they were taken down ;~~~~;)

shipping would be to the US, 93455!

EDITEDITEDIT- thanks for the input everyone! I went and just ordered one on ebay, since I could get another item I was looking for from the same seller. :3 
! Jolteon

Collection Update and Kids Lot for Sale!

I've received a few exciting items recently, so I think it's time for a collection update!

Toz's Jolteon Collection

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Also! I still have a lot of sales items (some of which never even saw the light of a sales post), but not enough time to do sales on them right now. So I thought I'd try putting a lot on eBay and see how it goes. This one is a 200 Kids lot!

Pokemon Kids Figures Lot (200)

Click the image or this link to check it out!

The auction is set to ship to the US only or use eBay's deputy program (which I notice is now the default), but I'd be willing to ship to a pkmncollector winner in another country if you just pay the extra shipping.

Thanks for looking! :D

Quick and Small Want

Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has a I <3 Eevee, Vaporeon keychain that they would sell to me. He's the only one left to complete the keychain set :P I'm looking for one that is in good condition with it's tag for $15 shipped to Canada? If anyone has one, please let me know and comment below! Thanks for reading! ^_^

I Love Vaporeon
Pretty in pink

(no subject)

Hi guys! I haven't posted in here in years probably. I was collecting for a long time then I moved and stuff happened (lol) but now I'm kind of back to collecting! I just wanted to show everyone some stuff I've gotten in the last few months :>

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Quick sales

Just have two items for sale today

Both are $5 each new with cards

My TRU had everything released from tomy thus far. I keep fighting myself over if I should get the big Fennekin plush or not ;___; Just can't bring myself to spend $32 on it.

Also, I got this and it looks like Mawile and Manetric are to be released!

Things for Sale&Trade!

Hello comm :) I come with some collection weeding sales and I'm also open for trades!
I have some figures, also some rare tomy figures, some older plushies and old customs! Unfortunately no x/y pokemon! :-o

What I'm searching for trades: Any raichu figures or plushies I don't have, also oddish, vileplume, caterpie line, rattata line, bulb line, wailord.  Please no flats :)
I like also minty old or cute things.

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Thanks for looking all!

Collecting is never ending <3

Hello all ! Valentine's day is almost here :D Lets take a moment to cherish our collections and our collections to be <3
Even though we may be after a few more things in our collections, our collections don't really end because our love for pokemon never dies<3 i love you pokemon!
I want to give these few pieces of merchandise nice new homes if any one has any of these<3
Vaporeon riding a wave fcs
A vulpix kid
Metal vaporeon figure
Vaporeon mini cot

Thank you for viewing!
Cherish your loved ones and your collections this valentine's day! :D