February 2nd, 2014

Rotom attack

Mew and Metal auction reminder and Pokemon juice can sales/pick-ups!

Just a quick reminder for my Mew and metal figure auction: ending at Sunday/2nd February at 11:00pm (GMT+8)! It's around Sunday morning (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone. So around a day left!

The metal figures got almost no bids, so it's a good chance to take them home I guess ^u^ Click on the preview photos above or here to bid on them~

And as always, if you're bidding on the items, feel free to combine with stuff from my sales too ;) I just added some new Swirlix and Fletchling phone straps!

Also on the other hand, I spotted these pretty Dydo Pokemon juice cans in the local stores /*u*

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Looking for Pokemon Center Dedenne

Hello all,
My boyfriend let me know today that he was going to buy the pokemon center Dedenne as a valentine's day gift, but I stopped him since I thought that the price was a bit steep at 40 dollars on amazon (ebay has them for less but they wouldn't get here by valentine's day). Is there anyone in the community that has one for sale? I'd prefer a seller in the US, since quick international shipping is a bit pricy n_n;

The below image is borrowed from pokevault.

Thank you all!!
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

Even MOAR Collection Weeding Sales & Auctions~

Alas, the downsizing must continue. I have selected some more items that would love to find new homes. Most are available for straight sale, but I have a special set of auctions also. If you're looking for any Eeveelution +Poke Box+ charms, have a look below the cut!

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Updated sales can be found by clicking this photo~

You may combine your regular sales purchases with auction items, but they must be paid for in advance. Payment for the auction item(s) plus shipping will be due when the auctions have ended.

A Quick but HUGE Want !

EDIT: He's been purchased, with BOTH tags! HURRAY! :')
Thank you colocho_robotto !

Hey guys!
I have a little money, and I'd like to spend it on something I feel I just cannot live without!

Every time I see him in someone's collection I just want to squeal! Now I must have him! o__o <3
Banpresto Heracross!

I'm willing to pay around 50$ for him (I have a little wiggle room, so don't hesitate to send me your price!) preferably WITH Hang and tush tags, but if not, I can live with just tush tag! :)

Pleeeeease let me know if you're selling your Heracross, or know someone who is!

I want nothing more than to snuggle him. :D

Aggron y Bergmite bbs

Pokedoll badge and Tomy figure auctions!

I've had to do some thinking about my collecting again, and as much as I love them, college will suck these bbs into a box! (Horrible fate really) I also need the space, and I'm thinking about trying out sculpting! Basically life's smacking me with other priorities, so back out into the world they go! <3


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(Also, hope all you americans are enjoying the super bowl! Eat much junk food! Go seahawks huh wut)

I also updated my sales with a few new nick-nacks! Check it out~ c;
Homerun Sales New baseballs colored

Seeking Sylveon Boston Bag

EDIT! Willing to trade talky Sylveon (mint out of box) for the bag!

Hello everyone! My Sylveon collection is becoming bigger everyday (thank you to everyone in this community for making it happen!) I plan to upload photos VERY soon (I'm really just waiting on the 2 packages to come in from overseas >.<)

But this one piece is desperately wanted, the Sylveon Pokemon Center Boston Bag! I've looked and had no luck. I live in the US. Quotes would be to Edinburg, TX 78541 please. I've posted a photo of the bag for reference (picture snagged from imperium_bunny, if you'd like me to remove or replace it just let me know!)

sylveon bag

Please help me out this crazy Sylveon fan :D

charizard pokedoll

Hi guys :)

I want to borrow your expertise please :D So I'm looking to get a Charizard Pokedoll and I found one on ebay but it seems cheaper than all of the others and that's made me wary. To my untrained eye it looks legit but I was wondering if you'd be able to click here and take a look for me :D If anyone has any experience with the seller mina-green2008 too let me know :)

Similarly if anyone is offering one around this price point I'd much prefer to buy from the community! Thanks!

Edited to add: Is there a Venusaur pokedoll? Google brings up nothing.. I'm wondering if maybe Charizard was 2012 and Blastoise was 2013 then maybe Venusaur might be this year?:D
entei and hibiki

highly wanted!!!! plusle/minun bank auction & reduced price sales!

hello everybody! so, I just finished up a super crazy interview yesterday and it's the new year, so I was hoping you guys could help me with some of my wants~ first and foremost, what I want most is the Sylveon Pokemon Center Mascot Plush!! I believe the usual going prices for this is ~$30 so that's how much I'm looking to pay, but I am always open to offers! i keep missing them in sales posts haha, but i really, really want one!

other items on my wants list:
-sylveon cookie badge
-sylveon glittery embroidered strap (this one)
-sylveon w eevee lotto prize plush
-sylveon bus pass pouch
-sylveon rubber straps
-standing namco kid
-sylveon soap figure
-pokebox lollipop sylveon charm
-sylveon cookie box
-pokemon center pressed pennies featuring sylveon

today, i've also got these little cuties up for auction! these are plusle and minun little coin banks and are in their original packaging! i took them out for the photos and to check for any flaws.

I will be auctioning these off as a SET and the bidding will begin at $25.

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i've also updated my sales with a few new items and some further reduced prices! please check it out in the cut below! I have pokedolls, canvas plush, figures, stickers, charms and more!


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(no subject)

Hello everyone,
Do take a look at my sales! c:
There is some change in my sales policy, so do take a look!
Prices has been revised and I've added new stuff. ^^
I would love to clear all, so if you would like to make an offer, please feel free to do so! :3

I will also be willing to do trades for the following pokemon:
dratini evo, lugia, mew, eevee evo.

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Looking for Shinx pokedoll and canvas

Yep, looking for a Shinx pokedoll and a Shinx canvas plush (doesn't matter which one!)
I found a few on Ebay but the prices are really high. Must be able to find a cheaper one I hope.
They don't have to be in perfect condition, tush tag only is fine with me.
If anyone could tell me what the normal prices for these plushies are that would be awesome aswell! :'D

Want to buy myself a little early birthday gift so I hope I can find one too.
Oh and don't forget shipping would be to the Netherlands. ^^


Seeking Snorlax Tomy!

THANK YOU xxiiijamesiiixx!!! :D

Out of all the Tomy's, I want this one the most. Just lost a lot (price skyrocketed!!!) of Tomy's with him in it. :( If anyone has one, I'd love to buy it from you! Check your stashes ^o^ Much appreciated. I'm also getting irritated with finding a Magikarp in package... If anyone has one I'd gladly buy that, too. Thanks!

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Looking for Gen 6 starter Pokedolls and also a quick question about upcoming Pokemon Center pickups

I'm currently looking for a Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin pokedoll (with hang tags), though I haven't seen them in any sales posts as of late.

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Edit: I'm always blown away with how on point this community is at helping others. Thanks so much to everyone who helped answer my questions! To those of you wondering -- I bought the starters from Pokedollusa, and was also able to pre-order the next batch from there as well.

However, as I've gathered from other community members, Sunnyshore is still going to be able to send out pre-orders from that newest batch before going on vacation. So feel free to pre-order from either place :)

Searching for Turtwigs pokedolls - What am I missing?

Hello all!

I am coming in for some advice. I am (have been) trying to collect all different kinds of Turtwig pokedolls merchandise, but I am quite sure what am I missing. Here's what I have right now:

From left to right (pokedolls only): DX pokedoll, normal pokedoll, Christmas oversized pokedoll, mini pokedoll, oversized pokedoll.

Pokedoll coin purse, mechanical pencil, lanyard

Plushie-wise, I think I am missing:
- Amigarumi/ knitted pokedoll
- The bigger version of the mini pokedoll
- Also, is there two different kind of the oversized pokedoll? Mine feels like fleece and I heard there's one made of terrycloth?

And I have not much idea of what else is there for non-plushie items. I am mainly looking at things that are focused on Turtwig pokedoll (aka not a tiny turtwig in a bunch of other pokemon), unless it's a clear file.

Any information would be great, thanks :D


To end this post...
I still have tons of items at my sales, please go have a look!

Thanks all ^^

First gets!

Such a big thank you needs to be given to this community! This community has been so wonderful and accommodating to answering questions and correcting my mistakes. I have been able to see growth in a collection I thought wouldn't be able to grow until the far future. And I cannot wait to see what lies in store! I exhausted my Christmas money and have been seeing so many wonderful sales posts with such fairly priced things I'd love to have ; -; All I'm waiting for is my family's tax return in a couple of weeks and I can finally start buying again! But enough blabbing, allow me to share my first gets post with you all!!

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And here is my Shiny Sylveon! I got him quuuiiite a while ago and decided to show his beautiful blue face to you all! Also, 400+ eggs and the hunt goes on for shiny Duskull...

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Thank you guys so much for being so wonderful ; w; And please forgive my rambling, I can't help it!!
Congrats Seahawks!
R.I.P Philip Seymour Hoffman. It's always a tragedy to see such a talented person fade away due to substance abuse :(
togepi king

Please save me!


I am asking for some people to help me in finding some of these pokemon "pogs" I am after.

(I am actually going crazy trying to find these and can't even sleep at night!! I'm sure others feel the same when they are after something they desperately want.) 0.0

These came with the Pokemon figures back in the day and I am looking to collect them :)

Pic here of what they look like

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The ones I am after (that I KNOW exist) are:

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If anyone has any other which are not mentioned please still let me know as I am unsure of ones that even exist!!

Thanks everyone, I love the comm ^.^


Hello all! I'm looking to further build my collection, so I found things all around the internet of Mewtwo things I hope to add to the growing stockpile~ Just help finding would be lovely and appreciated, or maybe helpful hints to where I can find these.

02-2014 Update
♥♥My babies♥♥

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