February 3rd, 2014


Question about Toys R Us

Hey everyone! What day is a good day to go to Toys R Us to get Pokemon stuff? I was there last Monday and they didn't have much. I went again this past Saturday and they had more stuff, but it still seemed like a small selection compared to other stores. So in your experience, when do you like to go shopping for Pokemon stuff? Thanks for your time!
Illustrator Pikachu

Small sales time~

Hi community! I'm so quiet on LJ lately but I am moving soon and have found some more Pokemon items that have gotta go! Here is a lovely preview:


Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on October 13, 2010.
My Feedback

Rules and Information
1. Please follow all community rules!
2. I own a cat! She stays away from my collectibles and I've kept most of these things away from her but be aware of cat hair if you have allergies!
4. Committing and then backing out will result in neutral or negative feedback. If you want JUST A QUOTE, please be clear!
5. If you confirm the purchase, payment is due within 24 hours of receiving payment info.
6. Payment plans are doable for totals over $50! Please discuss this with me prior to committing to purchase if interested.
7. Shipping is from New York, USA. I do ship internationally unless otherwise noted.
8. All packages are sent First Class or Priority if they are too heavy. Delivery confirmation is included for all US packages. Please let me know if you want any additional services and I will adjust your total.
9. If your order totals over $75, you must also pay for insurance if within the US. I can NOT be held responsible for lost packages!!
10. I reserve the right to deny my sales to buyers who I deem untrustworthy or not worth my time.

Feel free to haggle on anything and everything! I am more than willing to do discounts if you buy a few items. :)

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A collection update!


Hey guys. No cut this time but only a one piccie update. This is my current Pokemon plush collection...starting from the left up top and ending at the bottom right...
-Tomy Xerneas figure
-1:1 Celebi plush
-Takara Tomy Suicune figure
-Bladespark Giant Suicune with riding Pikachu
-TCG Fennekin figure
-Mini Lapras plush (Pokecenter)
-Mini Chikorita plushie!
-1:1 Pokemon Center Fennekin
-Gogoat plush Pokemon Center
-Takara Tomy Sylveon plush
-1:1 Pokemon Center Chespin
-1:1 Pokemon Center Froakie (I'm beginning to see why people like him)
-Helioptile Pokecenter plush
-Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie 1 inch figures
-Pupanicorn 12 inch Keldeo plush
-Ichiban Kuji Lottery Pokemon Center Keldeo figure
-Master and Luxury(?) Ball
-Xerneas Pokemon Center plush
-Cobalion Takara Tomy 15 inch plush
-Virizion Takara Tomy 14 inch plush
-Terrakion Takara Tomy 12 inch plush
-Christmas! Fennekin! Plush!!(SHE'S! SO! CUte!!!!)
-Fennekin Tin with Fennekin Star Cookies!
-(Blocked by tin)Ho-Oh Plush Pokecenter
-I Luv Eevvui 10 inch Glaceon plush
-American Tomy giant Pikachu...not sure if 1:1
-1:1 Victini plush with bell
-BEST MEWTWO PLUSH EVAR(well, the most accurate anyway)
-Pokemon Center Genesect Movie Charizard plush


Looking for:
Giant Pokemon 4Ever Poster to replace the posters left of Celebi
Delphox plush(I have a Takara Tomy 12 inch Suicune to trade for it-PM if interested)
Braixen plush(Delphox takes priority, but am willing to trade/pay cash)
Delphox figure
Delphox anything=O

Wanted: Lapras Pokédoll (re-released)

Hey there everyone!

I am currently looking for a Lapras Pokédoll MWT (from 2009, not 2007):

I went through some older sales posts and saw that a few had been sold for 19$, so I am looking for one at around 25$ or less shipped to GERMANY.
Every one on ebay seems to be overpriced or a bootie, so I trust the community more.
I can pay via PayPal straight away.


WTB: Sylveon coin purse and wallet!!

Now that I've located a Sylveon boston bag I'd really love to get ahold of the coin purse and wallet to keep with the theme! If you have either (or both!) and are willing to let them go please leave a comment. Quotes should be to Edinburg, TX 78541 please. I took photos from Slothyshroom and google, please let me know if you'd like them removed.

Pics under the cut!
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Auldey tommy figures-real or fake? Newbie here :)

Hello my name is Steph I go by as stephysanrio online :) I am new here and just got my first package of figures on the mail today unfortunately I'm confused and I have no idea if what I got is legit so help would be appreciated. I got this lot on eBay and I opened one of them because I was curious and it only says "auldey tomy made in china" no dates, no credit, nothing else... Pictures attached below.

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Oh by the way on my profile I have a need/wants post if anyone has any of the figures I can buy let me know!)

Only collecting tomy / takara tomy / audley tomy figures at the moment. (are those the same? its confusing) lol

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