February 4th, 2014

  • j_ule

j_ule's first custom art sales and commissions!

Hey fellow collectors!

Today I come to you with my first ever CUSTOM ART SALES AND COMMISSIONS!

Here's a little preview of my work:



This post is split into two parts: straight sales of predrawn custom art and commissions with 3 slots available!

My art sales include either DinA4 colored pencil drawings in children's book style or watercolor cutouts.

Click the cuts for more information, sales items, and commission info :)

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I have opened up a waiting list! It will contain only three slots though. This means that whoever wants a commission will get a slot next time I do commissions (don't know exactly when that is though, but likely some time soon).


Slot 1: 12mermaid - Absol medium cutout - FINISHED
Slot 2: poliwhirl - Frogadier and Poliwhirl cutout - FINISHED
Slot 3: cosmicxlove - Braixen cutout - FINISHED

Waiting list

Slot 1: riolu - cutout
Slot 2: on hold for pocketmonstrmeg - Slurpuff children's book drawing
Slot 3:
  • risibee

A more organised sales post

Moving Sale

I have A LOT of items for sale getting ready for my move to Japan, this is the first batch of ones I can bare to say goodbye to.
I am based in the UK, but as requested posting prices in USD, open to offers also.
Postage not included, happy to post worldwide, will get quotes as asked :)
All are sold as used/loved condition and as seen in photo.
sales permission was given by entirelycliched on December 12th, 2012!
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Wanting to buy Lucario plush

This is my first entry here, so hi =) I would like to go buy Eternal, since it's my handle I use for a lot of things. I've been playing Pokemon since the R/B/Y days. I've recently decided that I wanted to start collecting merchandise and stuffs. At some point, I should be taking pics and uploading them of my personal collection, but until then, I want to start collecting somewhere. The first thing on my want list is a Lucario plush.

So, I'm searching for a plush Lucario. I want to buy either the 12in version by Tomy, or the 20in version. I've been looking on Ebay and other sites on the Internet but I cannot seem to find one for a reasonable price. There was one 20in plush being bidded on the other day that was capping out at $90, but someone jumped the bid to $150 last minute.
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long shot want-- spheal, and an easier one, I hope? (edited)

I know this isn't going to be easy to find, but I'm trying to get my hands on a Tomy (?) Spheal plush. I can be flexible on price, though under $40 with shipping is preferable. If you or someone you know has one for sale/would be willing to part with, let me know!

EBay is fine; I'd like to stay away from Y!J if possible. Hang tag is optional.

And an easier-to-get, possibly? want:

The Bulbasaur Pokemon with You badge. I'm stupid and let things slide because "I'm being responsible" and it disappears out from under me. Guess what happened here? I'm having no luck on Ebay or Y!J, so I'm coming to you all.
Less than $15 would be good. :)
  • syminka

V trainer auction reminder. NIB espeon/charizard/heracross/sentret

Just a reminder these end February 7th at 6:00pm eastern time
Here is a countdown:

Follow the link here:

If you win, I will open the item to make for cheaper shipping. (that is up to the winner only)
All community rules apply
I do accept payment plans. Payment is due 24 hours after I give you your total.
Any questions, please ask.
No deleting bids/no backing out! Sniping adds 5 minutes to time.

More pictures on auction page :)
Thanks guys!

I hope some mega houndoom merch is next on the list :D
entei and hibiki
  • myntii

be my valentine! custom charms & some wants!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11

Today, I'm bringing to you some custom Valentines charms I've designed! Currently, I have Vulpix, Espeon, Sylveon, Umbreon, Helioptile and Shinx available! My N charm (see banner) is also still available!

Please order by 10PM PST Thursday, February 6th for shipping before Valentines day!

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally! Shipping will be in a non-machinable envelope unless otherwise requested (shipping cost will go up).
-My feedback is located here and here.
-Payment by Paypal is required within 24 hours of slot confirmation.
-I am open to trades for Sylveon things or other items on my wishlists found in my journal!
-All charms are printed on high-quality photo paper, and then cut out and laminated by hand. Finished product will look something like this.
-They will be approximately 1-2 inches tall and will come with a black cellphone strap

-You may combine shipping with my regular sales here!

More questions? Please feel free to ask!

Price: $3 each or a set of 6 for $15
***pricing does not include shipping or PP fees***
***Order all 6 charms for a special gift!***

Additionally, I am looking for the Sylveon Pokemon Center mascot plush, Sylveon cookie badge, and Sylveon pressed pennies!

New Member "Hello!" + Tiny Collection!

Hello everyone! My name is Lani :> I use this username on serveral other sites so if you find this name elsewhere, its probably me! I collect way too many a lot of different things; dolls (fashion, bjd) figures, but mostly plushes (of varying sorts!!). My Pokemon collection is pretty small, truth be told, I am a pretty picky collector. My room is super tiny so I have to be careful about what sort of things I choose to clutter it with. As for Pokemon, the majority of my collection is custom items. Recently I have been more interested in official items, and so I have been lamenting about joining this comm for months..!! I hope to make lots of new friends here :))) It's been years since I used LJ, so I really hope I can become used to this again <ww>

Anyways, my tiny collection is under the cut!

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Lots of New Things For Sale

Some of the things I have for sale include:
The sleepy Kalos figures set, 2013 Pokedolls, 2013 MPCs, Canvas plush, 2013 Pancham Kid figure set, and the new motion gallery figure set.
Here is a preview:


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ATTENTION to all United States buyers,
The shipping rate has gone up. It now starts at $2.32.

  • caffwin

Update ahead! Huge sales ahead! Warning: big post ahead!

Hi all! I'm only 2 months late but I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays. :)

I've received a lot of random things over the past few months, but have a few exciting highlights I'd like to address in this post, including my very first pieces of production art!

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Next, I have tons of rare amadas and a few other items up for offers and purchase. There are a lot of new holos and 3rd gen attack amadas in the recent lots that I have received, along with a few pogs and other little things like pins, metal swing keychains, charms, towels, and various other things I've just been putting off to sell.

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I've reduced prices on all older stock, some prices are up to 50% off! Please come have a look and feel free to combine shipping on multiple stickers for a better deal. Everything is under the cut!

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Thanks for looking and reading! And especially to those who had the time to get through my update. :P