February 5th, 2014

Introductory POSTING.... ENGAGE

Hello! My name is Travis, but You can just call me by my handle, Spiritbomb92.

I am new to the community (about a week or so old) and so this is my first post. I have loved pokemon ever since I was a young kid and so I am one of those that grew up with ASH (not really) and the gang. I really enjoy collecting pokemon and after a highschool hiatus and a marriage, I am back to collecting. This time, I have my lovely wife whom I share my passion for collecting with.

We mainly collect figures and plushes. I have a large selection of cards that unfortunately will not be pictured at the moment. Anyways,I aim to achieve seller status and be able to buy, sell, and trade with all of you awesome people!

********MODS, I tried to do the sizing to the best of my understanding using imgur, if this is not correct, please, I will not be offended if this is removed and someone can help me figure it out. I am new to HTML********

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Anyways, I hope I did everything right according to sizing..... I am very new to this and it took me a long time to do this. IF it is wrong, MODS, please feel free to delete it. I waited a long time to post mostly to figure this out and I think I got it right.... I hope.

I look forward to collecting and hopefully obtaining sales permissions so yeah. I will be updating my collection as time passes. I am supposed to be getting some of my first pokedolls.

As far as WANTS go, I am looking for anything Sableye that I do not have.... the zukan and clear kid figure, customs, etc.

Also want pretty much anything lucario, metagross, rayquaza, and groudon. Especially metagross and lucario.

Also, my wife is into pikachu and the fennekin lines.


Ebay Listings and Anyone interested in Emerald?

Hey guys! Long time, no post! I wanted to make a collection update and anniversary post, but I decided to wait until I get my camera (the reason I am trying to sell so much XD)
I just put a few ebay listings up and would like to share them. I plan on adding more throughout the day (yay snowstorm!)

sales permission granted by entirelycliched in June of 2012
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/jeffyisaraichu/

Just a warning that shipping might be a little slow due to snow, but I will keep communication, so you know what's happening!

Ebay sales: http://www.ebay.com/usr/jeffyryanrawr22

I'm also looking to sell my copy of Pokemon Emerald. There is nothing wrong with it, I just don't really play it.
As far as I know it is legit. Some of the front sticker is missing. It plays well (and I will delete the current save file)

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*needs* help a newbie please :) + feedback question

Hi for those that dont know me my name is Steph I go by as stephysanrio or stephysan online XD
I am collecting tomy figures from first generation at this time. If you have any of the figures I need/want please send me a message or comment me so I can buy them off of you! I would really appreciate it! :D Its really hard to find what I need right away on the forum (I am new dont rlly know hwo to search)

I live in FL :) any questions feel free to ask!
MY collection is on another post I made but i havent updated it because i am still waiting for packages XD

Also how can I get feedback? I am assuming by buying and i read something that I need to apply for it as well im a bit confuse... T__T sorry

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HELLO COMMUNITY. It's been a long, long time.

I had some serious life craziness happening over the last year or so, and this community that I used to check every couple hours, I haven't seen in MONTHS. I've caught up with the modposts and this and that, but I'm afraid I am very behind on merchandise news ; o;

I dont imagine my collections will be growing with the influx of new gen merch, but if anyone knows of any arcanine, raikou, or nidoking items that have shown up recently, I'd be very grateful for information. u wu

Really hoping I can be as active again as I used to be! Thanks for reading. <3
  • j_ule

my bonnie flies over the ocean... she's finally here :)

Okay, today in the morning, I was still in bed, the bell rang, and I immediately knew what this meant! .__.
I dressed as fast as I could so that the postman would still be there when I would arrive at the door.
And when I came to my mail box, I found that the postman was gone... :(
BUUUUT... he had clamped a bubble mailer in the entrance of my mailbox where it wouldn't fit in completely. o___o

So, I came to rescue it! :)
And when I opened it up, there were two huge pink eyes looking at me. :)

It's BUTTERFREE! <3 <3 <3


I can't tell you how I feel about this, I'm just so.. *____*
I absolutely love her! But she's super tiny xD I didn't expect her to be so tiny. But she's super adorable and cute anyway :)
And I waited so LONG for her!

Butterfree has an interesting story... who will end up with a huge tribute to the wonderful latias_latios_7 ....

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And here's my precious little winged baby hanging out with my other Pokemanz :D <3
(This is just my side collection of pretty much everything I find cute ^^)


So, while she actually was an impulse buy, now, I regard Butterfree as a MILE STONE in my collection as a whole, and in my Pokedoll collection I have begun, so I am super happy to have got her. :) If I had started collecting Pokedolls earlier, I would never have expected to have her at such an early point in my collection!

Thanks for reading/looking :)
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Long time no post!

Hey everyone! :3

Collecting has been low priority for me lately, but I've managed to get a small Fennekin plush pile going. I would like to get the PC Braixen and Delphox plush, but I just can't afford that right now. :< Maybe once I clear out some stuff I can get pictures of my collection as it stands. I have almost a complete Victini collection that I haven't shown off in a while. I'm missing one grail plush, so if anyone has seen the V-Gen pose Victini plush let me know!

The main reason I am posting today is because I added a bunch of plush and figures to my sales post. I'm officially not collecting Scraggy anymore, so all my Scraggy/Scrafty items are up for sale. Don't hesitate to haggle! Make me an offer!

Click here or the banner!

What did I add? Check out the image below...

P.S. - I'm looking around for Fennekin line figures/kids/plush so if you gots any for sale let me know! <3
let&#39;s get started

Get and a Want(ed) Question!

Good day, community!

So today, I decided to make a trip to Toys R Us to check out their stock of XY merchandise in hopes of snagging a Yveltal.  I braved the snow covered roads in anticipation and was rewarded with gusto!

I also have a question regarding the newer Mewtwo Tomy and his packaging/distribution.

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PSST!   I tried to make a 'LJ cut' just so I wouldn't take up much space on the front page, but alas, I have yet to master that option :/

edit:    Nevermind!  It worked !!  Xd
thank you

Plush storage + type focus fire/electric merch


So I have a question! My plush collection has just about tripled since I joined and I'm running our of space for them! D: So I wanted to know, how does everyone store their plush collections(pics if possible!)? I saw some IKEA hanging nets and I'm thinking about getting a few. :}

For valentine's day, I asked my boyfriend to buy me the type focus fire/electric blanket, and I wanted to know if anyone has it available on here! I'm also looking for the fire/electric make up bag! :)

Also, in case you guys haven't heard, Pokemon Bank is finally released in the US! :D
clemont inventin

new tomy goods!

tomy has announced some new goods for april~june. here they are!

-Male Meowstic

regular size tomy figures
-Gabite (!!! finally?)
-...and "movie Pokemon".

super size tomy figures
-Mega Mawile
-Mega Absol
-Mega Heracross
-Mega Venusaur
-Mega Blastoise
-Mega Charizard X
-Mega Charizard Y
-Mega Gardevoir
-Lucario (this mega is coming out sooner)

....i'm not at all grouchy my favourite mega still has no merch (manectric).........his time will come!!

until then, hope this list makes you all happy :D thanks for reading!
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Sales and Offers

Hey everyone I am selling a lot of my collection. Everything here is OBO and does not include shipping. I ship from Florida, USA.

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:


I also have a mint condition Jolteon Canvas not pictured, but I'd need a really good offer on it to consider selling it.

 photo sales.jpg

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A Fairy Small Get

Did someone use that pun already? Yes? Ah whatever. Anyway, once again, it's been a while since I posted! Lotsa boring life stuff, haven't been collecting as much, although there's a lot of exciting merch coming out! But I got some stuff recently that thematically ties together, so I thought it'd be good enough for a gets post:

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entei and hibiki
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look what came!! eeveelution group buy is in!

paging LJ users meloman1a and doryphish333! the eeveelution sitting pose group buy has just come in today!! I was so excited when I saw the box that I left all of my things in the hallway and ran into my room to open it! (sorry, please ignore my CRAZY MESSY ROOM)..

2014-02-05 21.39.56
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another announcement! all things from my sales post and charms will be shipped out saturday at the latest. i will be leaving town for a few interviews this upcoming week so after saturday, i will not be able to ship until friday the 14th!! i'm also waiting on a few things in the mail, but you can expect a long overdue gets post from me soon!

ps, i know I've said it a lot, but I'm still looking for a few sylveon things! particularly, the sylveon mascot plush, the sylveon cookie badge, namco standing kid and sylveon bus pass pouch!!