February 6th, 2014


Wanted!: One Very Important Kyurem

An expected change of events has lead to me popping back into the community much sooner than I originally planned. Now , you may be wondering - 'Back into? Who are you?'. Or maybe you aren't! Probably more than likely the latter! But than is a story for another day with much more reintroduction and pictures and fun! Hopefully after the acquisition of the item that has brought me here today!:


I am looking for the Chibi Banpresto Kyurem plush! While this plush isn't particularly extravagant, it's a very important one for my collection that I greatly hope someone here can help me hunt down once, having waited too long to snag it when I had the chance. I'm not really looking to spend more than $35 when all is said and done. But I'm always open to providing some wiggle room if it comes down to it.

Thank you for looking! :>

looking for the following tomy toys

Good morning everyone,

Alas my collection is almost complete, just waiting on a few more figures in the mail...  so I'm super excited!  Other than needing a few replacement figures for first gen which I'll brush up on later, I wanted to see if anyone was selling or trading the following second gen TOMY toys.



And last but not least, I have all five TOMY Pokemon trainers except... *drum roll*
Nurse Joy.  Willing to pay good money for her, as long as she is in fantastic condition!! :3 <333

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j_ules first custom art sales - reminder!

Hey guys!

Though commission slots are currently full, I just wanted to remind you that there are still plenty of drawings in my straight art sales :)

Click on either one of these pictures to be transported :)



The drawings for sale include:

So, collectors of these Pokemon should be able to find nice addings to their collections :)

English XY Booster Box Opening

For the first time ever, I bought an English booster box! :D Going to do a livestreaming of the opening now if anyone wants to watch - http://www.livestream.com/maitaidelight

As of right now, none of these cards for for trade/sale. sorjei and I are splitting the box so I need to figure out which cards are mine before I can determine what I have to trade. lol.

The stream will be starting probably 10 minutes after I post this (around 2:20pm EST). I will start by showing some of the single (non-XY) cards I purchased.

I'm shy, so I will most likely type instead of actually talk. Please bear with me with any issues with the stream...I don't do this often. My fiance's desk is a mess and the keyboard makes an annoying clicking sound. ^^;

Also, my adorable mini-huskies (Alaskan Klee Kai) might make a surprise appearance...they usually do during my streams. lol.

Hope to chat with you at the stream! :D

~ Risha

Stream finished!

Will try to post a list and/or pics of cards later. :D


Pic of the EX pulls -

Here's the list of XY cards I'm still looking for:

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I am not sure which XY cards I have for trade right now, but if anyone is interested in trading, feel free to comment with what you have from my list and what you're looking to trade for. And, if anyone has either of the Emolga EX cards, I will consider trading one of the EX cards I pulled (even though they're not duplicates). I also have non-XY set cards for trade if anyone has a list of what they're looking for.
Casual Shoto

How to clean a plush with special needs? +

Hi everyone!! :D I got an other grail item today in the mail :3

It's the Lucario Plush I have been looking for!!!! :D Thanks baconscreation for selling one to me!!!!! He's so cute!!!! ^-^

He's so big!!!! O_O
I LOVE him!!! but I do feel that he needs a little bath ^^' he have been in multiple families so yeah... he doesn't smell good ><. I usually don't have problem at washing plushies, but Lucario do have some special needs...

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Oshawott - Glacidea

Kalos Charms Pick-Up

Hello everyone! I come to you today to run a small pick-up for the Kalos Dex Charms that are being released this Saturday!

Here's the information:

  • denkimouse has given me permission to conduct this pick-up, and I have had sales permission since 2008, granted by lineaalba. My feedback is located here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tamago226/
  • Only 10 slots are available. Please be aware that I cannot extend this limit!
  • You may claim as many charms as you wish once you have a slot.
  • Payment is going to be split into 2 parts: first charms, then shipping. Once you comment requesting which charms you'd like, I'll give you a total for just the charms with fees which you are to pay IMMEDIATELY. I will leave you another comment once I have the charms in hand, giving you a total with shipping.
  • This is a pick-up for ONLY the Kalos Dex charms!

And here are the prices:

  • Single Set - $5
  • Legendaries - $5.50
  • 2-Set - $7
  • 3-Set - $9 (Both Litleo and Meowstic fall into this category)
  • Honedge Set - $11
  • Furfrou Set - $18

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Thanks a bunch guys! Hopefully I can help a few of you out by doing this. ^u^

EDIT: ALL SLOTS ARE NOW FILLED! :D Thanks so much guys! You'll get plenty of pictures come tomorrow/Sunday! ^u^
Mewtwo and Mew

Celebrating Mewtwo!

On February 6th Mew gave birth, meaning that today is Mewtwo's birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with a Mewtwo collection?

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I'm also going to be redecorating my room soon! I'm looking forward to finding a new, more classy way to display my collection. Does anyone have any tips? This is currently my main collection shelf:
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In unrelated news, a friend of mine went to Japan and brought me this!
 photo DSC02344_zps211dfc16.jpg
It's a 3D Pikachu puzzle! It looks pretty neat and I'd like to try putting it together, but I unfortunately have no room for it. Instead I'm selling it NIP on my Sales Post, which I will also be updating with new swag over the next little while!

Thanks for looking!

Looking for figures,kids,minifigures,stamps aso.

Hello comm! :) Sry for this boring post! But I´m still looking for some cute figurethings for my collection and I wonder if anyone has something for sale or trade. What I have in mind are figures, kids, minimodels (only the normal colored ones), figure stamps aso. Maybe plushes, but should be not too expensive.
I collect the pokemon Raichu, Caterpie line, Rattata line, Dedenne, Oddish, Vileplume, Bulbasaur line...but the highest priority have Raichu, Rattata, Ratticate&Caterpie line :)

Also I´m searching for the following:

- Raichu light up Burgerking figure

Thank you all for your help!! :3

More gets! First Zukan! +allyugioh shoutout

Went to go check the mail and I found my last gets for a while! I was really surprised that they came so fast as they were shipped from Peru o .o Anywho, let's check in with Bonnie, Clyde, and Hugo!

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Also, I saw someone else from the comm shoutout to allyugioh and I meant to comment but I guess they removed the post. But I have also had a lot of trouble contacting this user and ordered my items almost four weeks ago. My mom is going to file a dispute if my items are not here by Monday or some kind of confirmation of shipment has yet to be given.

To end on a not-so negative note, I watched the entirety of Shingeki no Kyoujin within two days...I was tired of hearing about it when it was getting all they hype so it annoyed me too much to watch it at the time. But I saw it was on Netflix and the hype had died down so I figured I'd give it a shot...and now I understand ; -; Such a beautiful show! The music...and the post-credits scene!! Shivers man o -o''

Hope you guys enjoyed this update!! :D
Kura Icon by Pichu90.

English Pokemon X & Y TCG Trades!

Today I got four packs of the newly released X & Y set of the trading cards. Unfortunately, I didn't luck out so well with the pulls for the most part so I have a fair amount of duplicates that I would like to trade. I did however get one of my most wanted cards in the set, Xerneas EX!

Here is what I have available for trade:

Normal/Non RV Holo Version:
Illumise 9/146
Slugma 20/146
Doduo 98/146 (X2)
Lillipup 108/146 (X2)
Stoutland 110/146
Diggersby 112/146
Shauna 127/146
Fire Energy 33/146

Also Available:
Online XY Booster Pack Cards- Free with Trade or I will trade two for one normal card. (Or all four for a less common card)

What I am seeking
Japanese Version:
Vivillon- Both Versions

English Version:
Vivillon - Both Versions
Non RV Holo Bunnelby (111/146)

And whatever I don't have,just link/tell me what you have,it is easier this way! X3

I would prefer to only trade within the US but I can consider international trades if need be. If you want any pictures of anything please let me know. I can consider trading things for older cards that I am seeking,but I would prefer to trade for things within the XY set.

Snowy Gets!

Hello everyone! I've got some new gets to share, which incluses several photos of the anticipated HQ Laying Eevee Plush! This week has been a cold one, and lots of snow was dumped on us, but surprisingly that didn't delay these guys from arriving.

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Looking for (you guessed it) Sylveon merch!

Hello again everyone! I've received more of my Sylveon gets (just waiting on 2 more now and I'll finally be able to update<3) But am still in search of a few things.

Mainly looking for the Sylveon coin purse but also updated to allow a few more items into my collection. Particularly this Ensky Puzzle

Also on my wants list are the following:
Any other puzzle featuring Sylveon
The 7-11 phonejack charm
Sylveon plush pen (2x prefferably)
Sylveon DX
Sylveon (super?) DX

That's what comes to mind off the top of my head, but don't be afraid to show me other things, I'm pretty impulsive XD and love pretty much anything with this cutie of a 'vee on it :3

To help us both get the ball rolling and things moving along if you can quote items to Edinburg, TX 78541 that would be fabulous!
new eeveelutions

Quick Sale!

Hey everyone! I haven't been posting too much lately. I have gotten a couple new things since I last posted my collection update, so I hope to do that again real soon once my selves are organized. Suddenly I cannot fit any more stuff on them! ^_^

In other news... I need some extra cash right now and do not collect Flareon plush, so I would like to re-home this wonderful 2005 US Flareon Pokedoll from the Pokemon Center. It does not have a hang tag, but does have a tush tag and is 100% legit and in good condition. She does have the "S" sticker on the inside of the tush tag. She will be $30.00 shipped.

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse 11/28/2011
Feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eevee_evs_lover/
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Any questions? Feel free to comment ^_^

Pokemon Art Comissions Time!

Hello community!

I bought new markers so I guess it's time to some art comissions!
Since I love the Pokemon Time style and I want to collect some bookmarks I made some customs bookmarks with that style. More information about these and others comissions (ACEOS + more) under the cut!


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I'm also open to other art comissions as ACEOS for 4$ or bigger drawings, just tell me how do you prefer them so I'll give you a price :3


You can check my art on my DeviantART: HERE , my commissions page on LiveJournal: HERE or even on Instagram: HERE

To ask for an art commission you can give me all the information you want to, like these:

>Extra details:

More art examples:
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Btw! I have stuff on my sales post over HERE

Thanks for reading!

I too, have a want~

So anyone willing to part with this?                                                                                     Collapse )Thank you Pacificpikachu (^o^)/  this issue is settled I should be getting some positive feedback soon :) so one of these days I may be able to do trades/sales!


Hey everyone. Just a quick wants post/ im looking for a
greninja tomy figure
delphox tomy figure
Pangoro tomy figure
chesnaught tomy figure
vivillion tomy figure
mega mewtwo kid figure
any help would be awesome
entei and hibiki
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pokemon center GA! Sorry we lost :c

edit: sorry guys , we lost the lot. We were sniped in the last few seconds and even after upping my personal claim, we still didn't get it.

up for auction is a ginormous lot with loads of plush, figures, stickers and charms!!

-I'll be doing all the spreadsheets, shipping, payments, etc by myself! Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11 and my feedback is located here and here.
-I am located in California, USA and will ship internationally!
-Please follow all community rules.
-Please, no sniping of bids! Bids placed in the last 5 minutes extend that item an extra 5 minutes.
-Please bid in minimum increments of $1.
-There will be two payments. Payment 1 covers the lot and shipping to me. Payment 2 will cover shipping from me to you.

-Auction ends Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 8:30PM PST. Countdown here!
-I will be claiming the Sylveon Bus Pass Pouch for $25. You may see me bidding on other items as well!
-Other questions? Please feel free to ask!
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Edit: Seller has confirmed that there is a Pikachu hat available for auction and  the bidding thread is now up!

Long awaited custom gets!! + wants plug. c:

I've been waiting for this package for a while. ;u; I was so excited when I saw it came in today!

Collapse )

And that's all! I hope you enjoyed. c: /is hoping for Mega Houndoom merchandise/

Also, as usual, I'm going to attach my wants post here. c:

Click here or the banner to have a look-see!

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks so much guys! Have a wonderful weekend. <3
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In-case figure auctions!

Hello everyone!! I have some rare gen2 in-case figures I'm auctioning. As a lot of collectors know, in-case figures from the second generation are extremely difficult to find! I decided It'd be best to auction these so that more people would have a chance at owning one.

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I also have a few other misc. things for sale under here!

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