February 7th, 2014


Our Plush are here Hooray!

Hello this part of the post concerns everyone who participated in the Starters Pokedoll Group buy (banaa1212 inky_starlight latias_latios_7 raichu_love and hebilea)
Well shipping took forever but our babies are here at last!
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Well now that that is done I realize that I haven't done a collection update in quite some time so just for fun here's a little update!
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Well that's it for me thank you for reading have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)
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Puff and Mence Offers

Hello fellow PokéCollectors!

Pretty late, but I'm now making my first post of the year :D Go me!

Anyway, I'm here to put up my Jigglypuff and Salamence Pokedoll for offers. I would have liked them to stay with me, but I do not have any room for them and I do need the money.

So here they are!

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Jigglypuff Pokedoll - Offers start at $100

  • No tags.

  • Excellent condition!

  • No pilling or marks/stains as far as I can see. There isn't even a trace of where the tush tag came off.

Salamence Pokedoll - Offers start at $120

  • Tush tag only.

  • Pilling, but in pretty good condition still.

I'm only looking for the Porygon2 PlushPlush. I won't be stingy about it so if you're willing to sell yours, let me know your price.

Thanks for reading!

Crazy Stock Update and Discount Code!

So my sticker store, Pokemon Panya, has been updated with about 300 brand new items, all from gens 1-3! There were also a few restocks, and now there are a bunch of sticker books as well.

Until end-of-day Valentine's Day (Feb 14), you can get 14% off with code hoothoot.  Shipping is free for sticker-only domestic purchases over $10, and international purchases over $12.  (If free shipping does not automatically happen, I will refund the shipping cost after you check out.)

163 Hoothoot 3
Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mintmittins/

Sister's B Day

Hello all! For my sister's b day I am looking for the following kids in super good to mint conditon (no missing paint).
Thank you for helping/viewing!

suciune kid (any of them)(possibly found)
espeon kid (any of them)(possibly found)

castform cloud form kid
oshawatt kid (possibly found)
plusle kid (peferably the glow in the dark one) (possibly found)
pichu (normal and notched ear)
squirtle kid ( one with sunglasses!!)
Wooper kid!
spheal kid
casform normal and rain

Thank you guys so much!

Question about possible booties

I come to you with a call for help today. :D

I got two very cute Shinx and Combee plushes off ebay a few years ago (2008 or 2009).
That was before I got into "collecting" actively, I just bought them because they were cute and cheap (about 5$ each).

Up until yesterday, I thought they were booties but I randomly saw these plushes on PPP as "Jakks Plush"... Since the tag looks SO generic and they were so cheap, I am still not sure whether they are real or fake, though.
If someone knows more about these, I would appreciate any help. c:

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Awesome custom plush gets! A want, and NIB V-trainer offers/ other sales!

I got two amazing custom plush in the mail the other day, so I've decided to show them off! =D They are both 12" plush by LRK-Creations on Deviantart. I think I have become a little obsessed with custom plush. O_O Pictures in the cut. As well as a Mew Musical Keychain want (please help!!), and the preview to my offers/sales which include NIB V-trainer sets (Houndoom, Misdrevous, Sentret, Phanpy, Raichu, Suicune, Cyndaquil, Pikachu...)

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Is JapaneseVideogames.com Legit?? Help and Videogamefigures.com

Hey Guys just bought some stuff from Japanesevideogames.com, my items looked pretty legit but I heard of people bashing there youtube page saying that they sell fake stuff made by china and what not. Dose anyone have any experience with them, according to scam adviser they appear safe but that still doesn't quite help to show that there merchandise are authentic. The main thing that arouse my suspicion was the fact that the package I ordered did not say Japanesevideogames.com but instead it said JVG INC fulfillment center. Also they are from California and I heard that California is known to sell lots of fake Pokémon merchandise/Nintendo merchandise.
Also I bought some from Videogamefigures.com which is another site that offers a lot of Pokémon merchandise and I am wondering if they are legit as well here are both links to both Japanese videogames.com I also attached a link to their youtube page and also attached Videogamefigures.com another vendor which I have in question
please let me know if any are fake because I sure spent a pretty penny on both sites. The offer lots of pretty good Pokémon merchandise that seem to good to be true. so if anyone can help me out with some knowledge I would be so grateful!



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XY Card Sales!

I got my box today in the mail and these are my spares :)

Sales permission granted by denkimouse November 23, 2013
I ship from a smoke-free home, but I do have a hypoallergenic dog who is nowhere near my items.
I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world!
Prices do not include shipping.
I accept PayPal only
I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages (I do offer tracking!)

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eBay Lots and cool Poke stuff!

Hello everyone!

Today instead of my regular sales, I decided to bring you my eBay sales!
I'm mostly focusing on my two main lots but I also have some other unique/rare items.
I am willing to work through the comm as eBay fees suck! lol
So if you are interested in an item or two, don't be afraid to message me or comment below!

I received sales permission on March 15, 2013 from Allinia
My feedback is here.

poke plush lot
This lot is currently at $400 starting bid and ends in one week.

This lot has 140 FCS figures in it, is at $300 starting bid, and ends in two days.

I also have many more items here.

Thank you for looking and have a great night/ day!
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The Fairy Queen Arrives!


It's that time again~

A precious Sunyshore package arrived for me today (along with another equally-cute filled package) that contained possibly the best plush to ever plush. Well. Until Fletchling doll comes out tomorrow but that's beside the point, because the queen is here and she's here to stay. Of course more than just her highness came...

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Thanks for looking!

Also a quick shoutout to Pokedoll Auction stragglers: the last few that I got (full) payments for will finally be shipped either tomorrow or monday! I've been quite ill and I also work full time so there just hasn't been the time to do post runs the past week and a bit. Thank you for your patience <3

Will sell soul for Pumpkaboo charm

So since the charms are out I saw an image of a Pumpkaboo one and literately  screamed,

Anyone who can get one for me I will pay anything TAT

Ebay isnt helping and I can't find anyone open for pickups >.<

I will have a plush update soon, the collection has grown
Sorry I havent been on much! OTL I read but havent posted lately

I will be going to Japan in March so depending on what is there I can pick up some things for people

Atlanta is coming with me =) Shes well known on here!

But yeah will sell soul for Pumpkaboos o.O 
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A new face!

Hi! I'm Toxiee! I'm new to LJ and PkmnCollectors (I joined LJ just for this community!)I'm 18 years old (my bday is aug. 14th) so I've basically been a Pokemon fan all of my life. When I was younger I had a large amount of Pokemon merch, but unfortunately my aunt who thought Pokemon was evil decided to throw it all away along with my Star Wars and Digimon toys. In the last three years I've collected over 50 plushies (Which may not seem a lot to you guys but I'm poor, so it is to me. And some of them I gave to friends.) and I've also got a few Pokemon figures but I'm more into plushies.

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