February 8th, 2014

Note To Everyone and also Question/Wants Post!

Hello everybody! I just wanted to let you guys know that my computer has broken, and i've been doing everything from my phone which is extremely difficult. I just want everyone to know that if i owe you feedback, i will get it to you as soon as i possibly can! I'm very sorry for the delay, but my phone will not load the feedback pages for me. The second i get to a real computer, it wil be my very first priority! I just want you to know that i'm not flaking out on you after buying anything! I normally leave feedback as soon as i get my items in the mail. I have a list written of everyone i've bought from for when i get to a computer. C: Please forgive me! <3 :c

My phone is also refusing to upload any pics to LiveJournal, and i've been dying to show you all pics of my recent gets. :c Prepare for a big post in the future!

And here is my question! - Does anyone know of any slurpuff or more swirlix items (specifically plushes) around, or that are planned to be released? I have the pokecen swirlix on it's way to me, but i'd really like to start a collection of them! I've recently become obsessed with slurpuff. My "Puffpup" in Pokemon Y is the MVP of my team and i love him to pieces! The next kigurumi i make is planned to be a slurpuff given i can find the correct fabric colors in my local Jo Ann Fabric store. C: Please let me know if you have any information! Also, if you know any good plush makers that take commissions, please let me know about them. I'd really like to see artist's plush making styles and possibly comission a slurpuff if i fall in love with their style. :3

Thank you very very much! <3

looking for tcg deck box!

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the new X/Y merch that is coming out! I am very excited!

Recently I've stumbled upon a tcg deck box that I really like! I can't seem to find it anywhere though. Does anyone know where I can get this deck box or have one they are willing to part with?

(Photo is not mine! If it is yours and you want me to remove it I will!)

I really want to try and get my hands on one, the design is simple but super pretty. ;u; I know it's from around 2011 so it's a long shot, but I've seen miracles happen here! Thank you for reading! 
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Looking for a Dialga Pokedoll.

Hello everyone. I recently got my friend into Pokemon, and he loves steel types.  He's been in love with my Dialga Pokedoll ever since he saw it (bought it in NYC a few years ago before I even knew him.)  He's been such a good friend to me in the short time I've known him and I'd like to get him something nice for his birthday, which is in a few months.  This seems to be a sought after item, and I always seem to miss out on whenever one is offered in the community.  If anyone is willing to sell theirs, could pick one up somewhere, or point me in the direction of where to purchase it I would be grateful.  I'm too worried about getting a fake to just buy it anywhere online.  Thanks in advance!

Wow that was quick.  Got one, thanks!
Chillarmy - Shiny
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Charms, Pokedolls, and Pokemon Center Plush

Kalos metal charms, new pokedolls and new Pokemon Center plush all went on sale today!

A big snow storm also decided to hit the Tokyo area today. The snow started from last night and is still going steadily. We were able to get out to the Center and back with no real difficulty, but after returning home, it sounds like the trains are slowing down and or stopping because of the snow, so we are lucky!

Whether because of the snow, or because Tuesday is a public holiday and a lot of people are going on vacation, or a combination of both, there was not as many people at the Center today as we were anticipating, which was great! It meant no pushing or shoving at all - quite possibly the easiest charm run ever! (Yay for snow?)

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Of course the main set-up for the Pokedolls was right in front of the door, so by the time I finished picking stuff out and taking pictures, my toes and fingers were frozen. But with that said...the Espurrs were great! Dedenne was perfect! So I am pleased.

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This picture was included in a tweet by the official JP Pokemon Twitter account along with a short story message about Espurr sneaking out in the middle of the night, being careful not to wake up the sleeping Meowstics. Be on the look out for an up-coming Meowstic promotion! (I am sure as soon as more info comes out, it will be posted to the community.)

Now time to stay warm in the house and not leave until (maybe) tomorrow night!

Buying some wants! ^-^

Hello everyone I have a few wants I would like to buy! :)
If anyone would like to sell them please let me know.

(They can come without tags, I do not mind)
These are my rough estiment with prices: Shipping would be to 40228.

These are my wants:
-Dragonite Canvas plush: 40-45 shipped*
-Eevee minky pokedoll: $30-35 Shipped*
-Togekiss pokedoll: $30 shipped*
-Large Dragonite Mascot plush: $60 shipped
-Little Tales Pikachu plush: $38 shipped

-Hasbro Corphish plush: $15 shipped*
-Hasbro Spheal plush: $20-25 shipped*

I can also trade a couple of plushies for any of these wants:
My trades

The * are the ones I kind of want more, but if you have any of them please let me know!
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Looking to trade for the following tomys


I am looking for the following tomys figures and below is what I have up for offer for some of tomys I am will ing to trade more then 1 figures :)

shiny want

Also looking for ariados and other wants

*Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 01.25.11
*My feedback is located here


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Teeny Tiny Rare + Mini Grail Get and Pokedoll collection update

Salamence is finally mine >:) All mine! Ever since I found out that there was a pokedoll of this pokemon, I've been hunting for it! He's been one of my favorite pokemon since Jirachi Wish Maker.

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Also, I'm looking for aut1996 I gave you a total for your minicot in pms and it's been a week since auction ended :( please pm me and let me know what's happening
entei and hibiki
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a really, really overdue (2 years!) collection post! lots of new gets~ super pic heavy!

Hi there! *u* First of all, I wanted to let everyone know that all sales and GB items have been shipped out this morning~ You should have gotten notification from me personally, Paypal or Storenvy! For any orders placed today or later, they will not be shipped out until Tuesday the 18th! I'm going out of town for a round of interviews across the country, and then Monday is a holiday.

Anyways, here is a long overdue collection post! I started collecting in April 2011 and was fairly active for about half a year before school took over. I just recently got back into the swing of things and I've got a lot of new things to show everybody! Sorry, a bunch of these pictures were snagged off of Instagram! I've actually meant to do a post for a while, but I kept waiting for the next package, and then the next...

Lots of photos ahead! Click for Enteis and Sylveons and more cuties~

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Also, I'm going to be in New York for a day this week for interviews, and I'm planning on stopping by Nintendo World! Does anybody have an idea of what current stock is like? Will I be able to find any Sylveons? *u*


Here's a mini sales plug! All items have been discounted! You can find my latest sales post here or by clicking the picture above. I'm also hosting a group auction filled with lots of fun things like plush and figures and charms! You can find it here.

As for wants, I am still looking for the Sylveon mascot plush! I really want this little one! I would sell my soul for it..

Other things that I really want are the Sylveon cookie badge, Sylveon standing Kid figure, and Sylveon soap figure! I would also like the first Pokebox Sylveon charm~ I'm also looking for any Sylveon plush I do not have (the Banpresto, DX Banpresto, talky Sylveon and the lotto prize with Eevee) - am I missing any? I'd also like a Sylveon pose figure and talking palm Sylveon, but these are not very high on my priority list at the moment.

If you've got any Sylveons I haven't mentioned, please feel free to offer them! Please not I'm not very interested in flats (except for the mini clearfiles from the movie promo)..
*pkmn* Espeon Stamp

+Poke Box+ Auctions Reminder

Hi there~ Just a quick reminder that my +Poke Box+ charm auctions are ending in a little over 24 hours. Tomorrow at 6pm PST to be precise. :)

Click to go~

I also have a good amount of items still for sale here~ Many Eeveelution items, Pokecen goods, and other misc goodies looking for new homes. Have a look and feel free to combine with my auctions. :)

Click for sales~

White 2 for trade!

Since I finally transferred all my Pokemon over to my Y version, I'm trading my Pokemon White 2 cart! (And keeping White for nostalgia purposes... heh)

(I do have the box, but it's at home. If you want the box too, let me know! I'll be able to ship it separately in March.)

Trade wants under the cut!
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Glaceon love

Updated sales last call before most items are moved!

I'll be restocking on a few more items in about a week so need to get rid of more stuff to make room. Last call before I move most of the oldest posted stuff to an Ebay lot since they've been up for a while now. Of course the newest stuff will still stay up. I also weeded out a few items from my collection since I'm in need of some money. Also buy anything over $30 and get free shipping(Paypal fees still included and only within the US) discount will end on the 10th & I'm also taking offers on a Glaceon Pokebox stamp.

You can go to my sales here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/15550391.html

Also it seems that I still can't find any Eevee friends stamp sets or Glaceon face clips so if anyone are selling any please let me know!

X/Y cards and sales post

Hi everyone!

I was watching an unboxing of an x/y booster box the other day and I'm seriously considering picking one up myself, so I ask those of you who have already opened some, did you think it's worth the price tag?

I'm after a fair bit of the set but not all of it by any means, so I'm on the fence a little. If I do get one I think I'll do a livestream too as that was really fun to watch!

Also a quick sales plug, as I need to clear more of this before I can justify spending on that box anyway xD
Click here for sales! TCG, Plush & Kids!

Thanks for listening :D

Finally, my life is complete...

Just starting to get my packages now, and these lovelies happened to be in my huge Dragonball box xD (I had about 68 Megahouse capsules piled at Noppin as well as 2 statues and an adorable baby Goku in Saiyan pod. xD)

After ALL these years, Electrode is finally IN my hands. Ahh. Peace at last. Even though I want to chuck it into a volcano for all the frustration it caused all these years. That smug little grin! >:O Hahaha Going to take a break from collecting for a while now so I figured I'd do my last gets post for a bit. ^o^ The only thing I'd be in the market for is an IN PACKAGE Electrode. If you have one, let me know! Good luck to all the collectors out there!


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Calling all collectors in France. Middle man needed please :)

Can you help me out? I found this gorgeous photo from a blog, saying that these toys were given out at McDonald's in October of 2013 to November 2013. Is there any way to get eevee and pikachu? An ebay link, if you have it, know someone, anything...please help ^_^ These are gorgeous!! I must own them! Thanks so much.

I have links ready to go if someone can just middleman for me :)

Even f you own them, but don't want to sell. Sharing pictures would be awesome, too :) I hope they come here soon!



PS-Anyone else not getting LJ notifications via email? It's really aggravating me.
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looking for anything Jirachi

so i dont really have a huge collection of pokemon stuff and i want to change that and jirachi is my absolute favorite pokemon yet i dont have any kind of jirachi merch so idk if anyone has any jirachi figure things or plushes that they dont want i might be willing to buy them

im only wanting to spend like $20-$35 becuase money is kinda tight but yeah i just really want some Jirachi merch

Looking for a Voltorb and Electrode Tommy Figure

If anyone has them for sell let me know please :))

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Quick question !

Just wondering how much would I be expected to pay for a slowking Tomy figure ? I really want him just want to know how much I'll need to fork out.

Also I got these beauties today !

I'm just in love with vivillion my rooms lighting doesn't give her any justice.

Thank you for reading.