February 9th, 2014

Gets, WTB and Updates, oh my!

Hiya once again! I'm back with some highly-anticipated gets and a DESPERATE want to buy.
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(picture stolen from eBay, if the owner wants it down please let me know.)
-I'm looking for $25 or under SHIPPED to 46311, US. Must be MIP.
And update to people who bought from my sales: I will be shipping out Tuesday! :)
  • slatias

Try this again....

Hi guys i did ask about it before, but no one had respond it so far....so i want to try it again XD
I am looking for the little tale plush, please let me know if you have it for sell or you know someone who's selling it Thanks

picture borrow from eBay if this is your and don't want me to use it please let me know, ill take it down Thanks :)

Also I had my sale post if you find something interest in my sale post i would love to trade with this little guy

You can click the picture or the link here ----> http://slatias.livejournal.com/5808.html

Thanks for looking 

Hi! I'm a New Member!

Hi! My name is Engineon(Engine On, enGINeon, and engiNEon are all fine pronunciations) and I'm really new to both LJ and Pkmncollectors! So, if I make any mistakes, please be patient with me while I learn :) .
I'm really excited to join this community, especially because I love both Pokémon and collecting and this community is the best of both worlds! I'll give you a bit of background on me:

I started collecting pokemon back in 1998! My first pokemon was a wind-up Poliwrath import that could swim in water. Once Hasbro started making pokemon merch, I was hooked. I didn't know about imports all that much back then, so I relied on what was released at TRU or Japanese Specialty shops. I had everything Pokémon that I could possibly find! My greatest joy was when I found out about the Pokémon Center in New York! My mom tells me she went bankrupt from going there with me.

Well, then I stared collecting everything like digimon, yu-gi-oh, transformers, etc. Around 2004, I gave up collecting because I was growing up and changing and also I didn't have the money to fund my collections. Fast forward to 2011, I saw Samurott in a magazine called ShonenJump and I decided I wanted to get back into Pokémon. I bought a Banpresto 12" Samurott, then replaced it with a Japan Pokémon Center plush.

Now, I'm so into the Pokémon Center/Takara Tomy Pokémon Plush. I'm extremely picky when it comes to buying them because they're kind of expensive and I want to be able to get the new releases. I only get the Final Evolution and Lengendary 10"-12" plush and I only get Pokémon Center and Takara Tomy plush.(picky, picky me, I know :P ) Even though I'm picky, ALL pokemon merch tempts me :) !

Ok, I've written A LOT! I'm SO excited to join your community! Again, please be patient with my inexperience!

Collapse ) This is my main collection. I have more but I'll post them later!

Collapse ) My grail is the Pokémon Center Kyurem plush!

Thank you for reading my post!

Want: Fennekin

It seems nintendo is refusing to send any new merchandise to European stores, and I simply can't take it anymore, I need a fennekin plush in my life.

I've got a lot of interest in the 1:1 plush, though it's pretty expensive and I'm scared of shipping costs, but if anyone is selling one please let me know how much you're looking for one shipped to Belgium. I'd like it to be new or at least mint with tag/tag included.

But for budget reasons, I'm interested in pretty much any new fennekin plush! Please let me know if you're selling any. <3

Thank you guys, I love you all. <3

New member <3

Hey. I'm new to both live journal and to PKMN Collectors, but I have been wanting to join for a while. I am a collector of mostly plush, but I have figurines and other things as well. I collect pretty much only Pokemon. Right now I am trying to find Ampharos and Pokemon Time merch. I also collect Umbreon and Espeon, so those guys are always in my eye as well. Well Thanks for reading, and I hope we can get along!


Hi again with some wants

Hello everyone, it's Irarina here~

It seems like every time I post, the post will be about some of my wants. Anyway, I am waiting for some of my parcels to arrive before I make a collection update post XD

Anyway, if anyone has some of these, do make me an offer. I am not sure how much they will be and Ebay has none of them on sele.

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Alright thanks for viewing! :)
*and pictures are not mine. If you want me to take it down, please tell me.

They need a new home! :c

I really need to clear these stuff as there are wayyy too many things in my room. :c
So they all need a new home.
Everything will be auctioned away. Most items start at a dollar.
Before you read, please read ALL the rules. It will be greatly appreciated! c:
There is a secret word, please post it with your FIRST bid!

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Please do not bid until this line has be crossed out.
Thank you c:
Bid away~

possible GA?

Is anybody interested in hosting a GA for a lot I found on eBay? It has some unique stuff and I am interested in one of my grails, which is of course the elusive Cloyster tomy. Since I've never hosted or co-hosted a GA before, I need somebody with experience and sales permission to host it. I would like to co-host. Thanks.
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Nintendo Store NYC (Pokemon Center) ~ Anyone up from nyc?

Hey guys, sorry I haven't made many posts. I just wanted to not over-flow the community. I am trying not to go over a certain amount of space either. But I was wondering if anyone here has been to the nyc nintendo store/pokemon center?(It's essentially the same store, same building-- I think it was in manhattan or something... I forget xD). Anywho... I was wondering if anyone has been there recently and knows what they have for sale as of current. As well if anyone could take photos and possibly link me to them (So we don't overflow the forum ^^;) I am going there in a couple of weeks and I am saving up a ton of money (mainly for other things to do ^^;;) and I wanted to know of the merch they have there since I am bringing a backpack but depending on what they have I might stick to a small backpack. If not I might get a larger one. I just finished getting the black and white huge figures of uhh reshiram and zekrom (with the box art and everything all MIB). I recently got a few pikachu plushies as well as a 1/1 pichu plush. But I guess I wanted to get more pikachu merch(even pichu, raichu, or meowth-- or a few others). I figured since pokemon has a HUGE and I mean flippin' HUGE!!!! Set of stuff for just each kind of pokemon (some exceptions of course do apply). Obviously pikachu has the most merchandise (while some like nidoran have little to none). I also know you guys kinda hate boot-legs but I am not going to ask for those!!! BUT I was also hoping to go to "china town" which in spite of its name; it's not just chinese people in there. There are also japanese, koreans, etc.... point being I was wondering if anyone knew of legit places in NYC or anywhere near the city that holds pokemon merch. Including stuff you wouldn't see in the pokemon center. If anyone lives near the center. PLEASE for the love of all that is good and decent take a lot of clear photos of everything in the center. I also wanted to bring other merch from there (for friends). I also don't mind picking stuff up for people (as long as they paid the fees, and everything + a small "trouble fee") however I don't know how any of that would work so I'd have to first ask an admin for advice on that. Then I can say for certain or not.
  • furyred

Who's that Pokemon?

So I was moseying through Google looking at Pokemon stuffs and I came across the below:


Does anyone have more info about this? Is it real? And if so, where can I get one?
I need that Wobba in my life so bad >_>

Thanks all :)
Curious Eggy

Small Re-Intro, Small Gets + Wants

Hello everyone! It's been quite some time! I have been rather inactive on the comm for quite awhile now, so I figured that I ought to do a teeny meeny re-intro [I plan to do a full one in the future when my full collection arrives at my current housing] while posting a few gets and wants; I imagine that the comm has gained a good number of new members since I was last here!

☆☆ For those who don't know me, and for those new members as well, Hello! I'm ♔ LucklessPrince ♔!
I am your friendly neighborhood Collector and am generally known for my Sneasel/Weavile collection! ☆☆
If you are interested in seeing my collection, feel free to browse through my collection site!

I regret to inform you however, that the site is very much not up to date! I plan on retaking a good amount of the photos and revamping the website design in the near future!

I previously had to take a brief Hiatus from the comm due to life issues, but now I have returned! I am eager to gain some new merchandise, so let's do this!
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I also am thinking of collecting Honedge after falling in love with it and THEN catching this Shiny:

But the only thing of I know so far is the Clearfile? X'D I'm trying to stay away from Inkay and Espurr but I have a big love for cute Cats and Octopi/Squid ಠ_ಠ
That about wraps up my Post! Next time I will share a Grail get among other things!

Thanks so much for who took the time to read my post! I hope you enjoyed my [miniscule] Gets! I hope to be more frequent on the Comm again ♡^▽^♡

Have a fantastic day/afternoon/night~  ☆☆

New Zukan Get!!

Hi guys, i want to share with you the new zukan i got. I've received this package this week

Finally, i have in my hands the first one of the 3 zukan packages i've bought on this month. Let's open it

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I'll be updating when i receive the other packages, i can't wait to receive them