February 14th, 2014

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Puff and Mence Offers Reminder


I should have posted up this reminder on Monday, sorry. This reminder is for the Jigglypuff and Salamence Pokedolls I have put up for offers.

Please click the images or the text here to be transported :)

As mentioned in my rules, offers will now go for 48 hours (or shorter if I accept your offer early).


Next up: My one year anniversary update! :D

PS: I have added two more Friend Codes to my list on the FC spreadsheet if anybody wants me to add them. I may be getting the Zelda 3DS XL so I might be adding a 4th friend code.

FlashFire, Diancie, Gets, and Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm getting more and more excited as things are released from Gen 6! I'm not a very good reporter, but I'm just too hyped and I wanted to share this with you guys! The latest news to get me all Fired up :) is the new TCG set, FlashFire!
I hadn't seen this posted, and if it was posted before or if this image belongs to you, please let me know, and I will take it down immediately. That aside, this may be the first time, in my opinion, that Mega Kangaskhan actually looks pretty cool! Also my interest in Pyroar intensifies with that mighty pose! Here are the decks:
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Again, if these images are yours, tell me, and they'll be taken off. Heliolisk looks So cool with his frill! :) These come out, so I've read, on May 7th.

And, here's PokeMovie news: The new movie coming out this summer will be called "Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie". Here are some Pictures of Diancie:
(These images are stolen from someone, so let me know, and I'll take them down.) So, this means, there'll be some Diancie merch coming out! Are you ready for Diancie collecting?

And there'll be a tie-in event with the movie, so I understand, (Edit:Event is March 2014) with Mega Charizard X and Y, where you'll be able to get the version of Mega Char that your game didn't include. Here's a picture (stolen, let me know):
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Info seems to be coming out daily, so keep your eyes open for MerchNews!

My gets are Collapse )

That's all for me, Just wanted to share my excitement with my Pokémon Friends! Happy Valentine's Day!
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the strange and awesome journeys of the travel buddies!

Hey folks!

We are all collectors... and we oh so often shrink back from what certain people do to the condition of their plush. o____o

But let's admit... we all have our very special cuddle buddies that have the pleasure to experience lots and lots of love. Some have the pleasure to reside in our beds, and some have the awesome honor of being our

Which plush are your travel buddies?
What journeys do you take them with?
Post photos of your travel buddies or of your awesome journeys in the comment section! If you don't have photos, you can just tell us who your travel buddy/buddies is/are, and tell us where you take them with you. ^^

My travel buddy is my cute little Mantyke Pokedoll. ^___^

He lives in my bonnet :)


And today he will travel together with my boyfriend and me to the beautiful "Schwabeländle" (Baden-Württemberg) in Germany to visit his family where he will see the beautiful fir trees of the Schwarzwald for the first time :D
5 hours of travelling with the train, ugh! o__o But he will be able to look out of the window and be like "wtf is happening here, dem landscapes are rushing by fast" xD

Mantyke says goodbye to everyone, and see you soon! :)


Put Together A Want List Finally. c:

If anyone happens to have any of the following for sale for a fair price, please let me know with a picture and the price! I may be interested. Also, i don't mind having items in loved condition without tags. Either is okay with me! C:

-Any Swirlix or Slurpuff items(or info about any coming out that you know of. C: )
-Super DX fuzzy Banpresto Raichu Plush
-Raichu Pokedoll
-Giant Tomy Raichu plush
-Leafeon Pokedoll
-Leafeon attack kid

-Leafeon PitaPoke
-Tomy standing leafeon plush
-Pokecen Espurr plush
-Pokecen Dedenne Plush
-Pokecen Quilladen plush
-Jakks Pachirisu plush
-Jakks Jirachi plush
-Any mareep, flaffy, or ampheros plush
-Any victini plush
-Any piplup plush
-Any totodile plush
-Bidoof Pokedoll

That's about it for now!

Oh oh and my boyfriend got me the new x and y pokedex book for Valentine's Day! It's so awesome! It leaves off right where the walkthrough left off with a continuation of what comes after the E4, and then a dex of all obtainable pokemon in x and y. Incase anyone was wondering about it. C:


so after my search here last time for a braixen pokecen plush, I turned to ebay.

it was worth every penny. <3

the seller was absolutely amazing in every way, and even sent me a little freebie of some tea to enjoy while cuddling my braixen. very kind and courteous, and reasonably priced, I'm going back once I get paid again for the fennekin pokedoll. <3

anyhoos, here's tambles the braixen, along with my in team shelf- these are all pokemon I've used or currently use!
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plus a friendly little reminder that I have these guys up for offer on my sales post! lowered prices on my few goods up, too. (1/18/14, entirelycliched granted permission to me~)

photo (8)

A want~

Hello everyone! I come posting today with a want. I'm looking for this figure~

(Image stolen from eBay)

Im not sure how much these little guys go for (or their rarity) so I'm open to price. If you're selling one, or know someone/somewhere that is, I'd really appreciate the help ;w;

Thanks so much, and happy Valentines Day <3
entei and hibiki
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happy valentines!! plusle & minun bank auction reminder (also wants & sales plug~)

happy valentines day to everybody!! I hope everybody gets to eat some good sweets and spend time with their loved ones~

looking for a cute addition to your collection? i've got a plusle and minun bank set up for auction! they're still at their starting bid. don't miss out on this chance to win a lovely pair. auction ends in two days, on Sunday, February 16th at 5PM PST! click on this link or the picture to be transported to the auction! you can also find my regular sales there too - i would be more than happy to combine shipping!

also, I got some good news the other day - I got accepted into my top choice optometry school! - and I'd like to celebrate with some Sylveons hahaha. in particular, I am looking for the sylveon face bus pass (I've missed this in three auctions now, so I really want this!) and the pokemon center mascot plush. i snagged these photos off of google so if they're yours and you'd like me to take them down, let me know!!

i am also looking for the following sylveon items: standing namco kid, sylveon and eevee lotto plush, palm talky figure, cookie can badge, soap figure, pressed pokecen pennies, and movie mini clearfiles (if possible, I'd like to buy these as a set!).

if you have any other sylveons, please feel free to offer! i'm not looking for merch where sylveon is peeking in the corner, but anything with sylveon as the focus!
Animated, Trozei

Zygarde merch?

I am looking to collect Zygarde but I think there are only 2 official items of him out right now. The charm and clearfile.
I just ordered a charm but was wondering if anyone had a clearfile they are willing to sell?

Also is there any more merch of Zygarde out there?

A Box Full Of Cute Friends


Two weeks and two amazing Sunyshore boxes. I can't complain in the slightest, ehehe. This week instead of perfume birds it's fire birds and it's just. Aaa. AAAAH.

FIRST "ROUTE 1" BIRD POKEDOLL. [loud high pitched whining squeal from australia]

Collapse )

Thank you for looking! uwu

(Last pokedoll orders I have are being posted today finally since I've got car access as well as energy /pain control to make a run out for it all. Thank you for your patience and ilu guys; it's super sweet seeing dolls arriving around the world from the other post batch!)

Auction Reminder

Hey everyone happy Valentine's Day! This is just a little reminder that All my Auctions end in a day and lots of the felt plushies don't have any bids so go get 'em while you still can :)
Bowie Sama Sensei Sempai San Sama Kuuuuuun wants to be your Valentine so you should go bid on him :)
Also I still have 5 slots open for commissions :)
 thank you all have a lovely weekend! C:
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New Pikachu Month Goods! *A*

Hi everybody! Sorry if this has already been posted, but I just found out about the new Pikachu goods coming out on March 1st! AND I THINK THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

(I hope I resized these pictures correctly! :C Please tell me if it's still too big, and sorry if they are!)
The source is here
ANYWAYS, AREN'T THEY JUST ADORABLE??!! I can't wait until they come out, I want the April (4) keychain for myself and the June (6) one for my best friend :3 If anybody plans on hosting a GB for this set, please remember me haha :') *fingers crossed very tightly for a GB or if somebody is going to be doing pick ups on these* Also I just saw the announcement for the new pokedolls coming out with the pikachu month goods on March 1, LITLEO AND PANCHAM!! My wallet is going to die in March orz
Thanks for your attention! n_n

Totodile Wanted!

Hi guys!

I come to ask you guys for a major want.

Today on ebay, I was bidding on a life size 1:1 Totodile. My Dad just so happened to get rid of the internet an hour before it was supposed to end, so I had to bid on it with my iPhone. But iPhones are awful with ebay, so I was not able to bid fast enough and it ended up selling for $40.02 :( Not gonna lie, I cried major time XD Is anyone on the community (Preferably in the US.) Perhaps selling one for a decent price?

~Thank you for reading~

140 FCS Auction and Sales!

Hello Everyone!
Due to it not selling on ebay and for all the interest from people on here, I will be auctioning off my fcs collection.
There are 140 FCS being sold!


Please read through the rules before bidding.
Bidding will last for 3 days and end on Monday 17, 2014 at 5 pm PST.
Countdown can be found here.

Sales permission given on March 15, 2013 by Allinia
My feedback is here.
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I also have many items up for sale in my journal as well as on eBay.
Check them out here: http://baconscreation.livejournal.com/13492.html
And here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/baconscreation/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Please don't comment or bid until all threads are up please!
Threads are up! Bid ON!

*cry cry cry*

Okay guys this is like one of the saddest days ever for me. I was grocery shopping and I reached for my phone only to find that my umbreon and espeon rubber straps had disappeared. I seriously started crying in the store. I ran around the store like crazy looking and looking for them, but they were no where to be found. If anyone is selling them, I most certainly would buy them.
[Picture of them under the cut]
eevee straps they were a gachopan(sp?)  grab.  I miss them so much.  My phone is naked.  Also if anyone has one of those thingys that you put into a smart phone aux jack that you can hang straps off of, I would gladly pay for that as well.
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Just a few wants!

I'm looking for a few things. Sadly I don't have that much money to spend at the moment.
Not looking to spend more than $30 shipped right now but my birthday is in 5 days so i'll have more to spend after that :'D
Mainly looking for a Canvas shinx plush, doesn't have to be MWT. But also interested in other shinx/luxio/luxray stuff that I don't own yet.

I'm also thinking about starting a pokedoll collection, so show me the pokedolls you're selling and I might be interested.
Please keep in mind that shipping would be to the Netherlands. ^^

Thanks! c:

reminder and a want.

Hi everyone, just a reminder that my pokemon auction will be ending in less than 2 days! (:
Best to put your bids in now! ^^
Click on any of the picture below to be redicted! (:

I am also still looking for this 2013 mew if any one has one for sale. c:
I'm hoping to get it around $15 shipped if possible but I'll consider other offers too!
shipping location: US 62223.

Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day guys!!


Hello everyone and happy Valentines day!!

Yesterday I have obtained my package at sunyshore with the newest pokedolls!

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Wants Time!!

I'm looking for the final 4 pokedolls to complete my collection:

Clefairy, Meowth, Tufty Pichu, and Smoochum.

If you see em for sale or plan to sell them, could you inform me please? <3

thank you

Any more sleepy pokemon?

I managed to break away from homework for bit to post this XD

I recently received the sleepy pokemon set and it got me thinking.....
Are there any other sleeping Pokemon figures? The ones I have look soooo adorable, and I want to see if there are any other sleeping pokemon figures! :}
Any help would be appreciated!

Here's some pics to make it less boring :P

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Little Gets Post

Hello all and happy valentinesday! :D I will only post my last gets. I was really happy to got a vileplume friends plush here in germany(!) for a very cheap prize (only 5€). A very small plush but cute. Love the plastic eyes! Also I got a very cute Raichu plushie from ebay for cheap, but unfortunately its a bootleg...what do you do if you buy from a seller who sells bootlegs to make money with? Is it illegal or not? Can we do anything against those sellers?

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Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend^^


The first, last and only ever reminder for this GA!

Hey guys! ^ 3 ^ Wow! Still more than a day, but less than two days until the bidding ends! I thought the GA reminder would come later! I'm making a reminder now for various reasons. Don't worry! We can't wait to win this huge GA!
It ends on February 16th at 4:00 P.M. PST! The link is http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16624648.html
There's tons of figures especially the bigger figures that have no bids at all. :c Maybe a few pages of figures with no bids... We need to get lots of figures lots of good homes because we've barely raised the halfway point. No one even bid for more than a period of 24 hours! We need loads o' bids to see if we can get the lot. If we lose this one, it will be the 2nd time I'd lose on a Cloyster Tomy. :c
Noivern time

First ever gets post! Happy Vday everyone :)

Hi everyone! I got a package that I have been stalking on USPS tracking for a looong time so I thought I would do my first ever gets post. I went on SMJ for the first time with the intention of getting just oneeeee thing but alas I got drawn in by the (seemingly) cheap prices (Darn commission x_x) and got a lot more than I had intended to ^^; sooo here's my long awaited package from SMJ :D

Look at this big box! The biggest I've ever gotten! (of pokemon merch anyway)

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Thanks for looking :)