February 15th, 2014

Quick Fennekin Update and Wants!

Hey all!
Happy Valentines day to you all <3

Hope you are all having a lovely day. I actually never done anything for valentines day (coz I'm single) because of the horrible weather! :(

Anyway just wanted to show you my updated fennekin collection!

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Enjoy the rest of your night everyone :)

Peace, my actual last gets post for a while

EDIT: If anyone has any ideas as to how I can somehow seal and protect figures in package while I display on my wall, please let me know! I'm thinking of just cutting up ziploc bags and sealing them or something, I dunno...
After a 6 day wait and what felt like a battle that lasted FOREVER, Electrode and Voltorb in package are now mine. :D I have had at least 5 heart-attacks in the past hour. LOL One including being outbid and my timer said the auction ended, and I refreshed it in denial for what seemed like an eternity and it finally reset and showed that it had extended, so I scrambled to deposit more and try again before the timer ticked... Lost at least a year of my life there. Damn you, Electrode!!! *shakesfist* My pockets hurt... O.O I thought I was done when I got them both out of package about a week ago, but some kind soul on here linked me them, in package, so I scrambled to sell mine so I would have the money. Talk about stressful... Selling the only Electrode you have ever had, after all these years, in hopes of winning another one. Thankfully, it worked out.

Ahh, just want to throw a huge thanks to the community. ^o^ I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Seriously, what would I do without you all? *grouphugs* I'm going to go collapse now.

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I'll update my journal in a week or so to show my wall of MIP Tomys for those that have asked repeatedly. xD
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Shiny Flygon kid auction reminder, gets, and sales

Hey everybody, just a reminder that my shiny Flygon kid auction ends tomorrow!  There's only one bid!

http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16631222.html <--- Here's the link!

I also have Umbreon and Espeon dot straps up for sale.  They're 10 dollars each shipped, or you can buy both for 16.00.

I was granted sales permission on January 19, 2014 by entirelycliched.

Also, I got a package from FromJapan today! :D

YAYYY, I LOVE GETTING STUFF. :D  So, basically I just have been building upon my Jirachi collection. <3  It's coming along very nicely!  I also found something super cool!  An AG music book!  AG is my favorite gen, and I play the flute.  The music is written for the piano, but it still works.  Maybe I'll post covers one day!  They even have Chiisaki Mono (aka Make a Wish) from Jirachi Wish Maker. <3

I also obtained a grail this past week!  I'm so excited for it to come.  You guys will all see it when it comes. <3  I've been searching for AGES!
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Quick Sales- Blastoise EX

Quick sale! Just pulled two of these guys and one needs to a new home!

Blastoise EX (29/146) Pack fresh, mint, all the goodies~

Looking for $9 shipped in the US or $10 shipped international.

And all the stuff you wanna know:
Sales permission granted by lineaalba in February of 2009 (wow, it's been 5 years!!!)
I ship from the US to anywhere within a week of cleared payment
I only accept Paypal
My feedback can be found HERE

february commisions

Hi Community!
Im opening my slots these months, Ill be focusing on small things but bigger ones are also available for commission :)
I have to put my collection on hold for now, my country decided to put a lot of tax and laws to avoid people from buying things online and it's very awful :(

But still...I need to eat, so commissions will open whenever I can xP

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These are Head Charms, got some of the samples still for sale but I'd like to do custom ones aswell.
They are be $14/$18 SHIPPED (regular shipping/tracked)
I can combine shipping but might alter the shipping price.

Available for straight sale: 2x Froakie & 2x Squirtle (other ones can be remade)
Full Commission Price List
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Rare Team Rocket Meowth Balloon Plush and Groudon DX Banpresto Plush for Offers + Sales

So I stumbled upon this Team Rocket Meowth Balloon plush from a local seller and found out that this is quite rare. It's from 1999 and was supposed to be a lottery prize. I am putting it up for offers along with a Groudon DX Banpresto plush. Check them out!

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New Pokedoll Wants

Hi everyone, haven't posted in a while so I figured I'd might as well post to make sure I wasn't going dead. I come to all of you with a few wants. I'm looking for the following new pokedolls: Fennekin, Helioptile, Froakie, Dedenne and Fletchling. I was hoping to get them for $20 each if possible and with cheap shipping(under $10) to Singapore. It would be great if I could get more than one from the same person to save on shipping. I'm also looking for the espurr pokemon centre plush and the espurr line charms, but those are lesser priority. Thanks and Happy Valentines Day!

New kiosk pickups, including STARTER POKé DOLLS!

XY starter Poké Dolls and the second wave of Pokémon Center Standard Plush have arrived in the United States! The Southcenter Mall kiosk in Tukwila, Wash., now has these plush in stock:

I'm happy to offer pickups! Each plush is $20, plus shipping to anywhere in the world.

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US middle man needed.

Hi everyone, I need some help ordering my Pokemon cards from the United States. What I need is someone who will receive my order and place the cards in an envelope then forward it to Egypt. If interested please let me know your commission and the shipping cost.

A little project I plan on doing (Plus some gets and some pikapancakes!)

So I'm moving soon! My girlfriend and I are finally getting our own house and we're SO excited. We'll be able to have actual space to display our collections! Since I've been collecting for 5 years, I've accumulated a lot of pokemon things and I'm going to take this time to catalogue and talk about every individual peice! :D it will be done in stages but we move in April so I hope to do a little bit every few days or so until the big day! I hope you guys enjoy following my collection memory lane and babbling!

But before I start the first step of this venture, I do have a few gets to share <333

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'Lots of auctions' :D

Hello comunity!

I have here to try to give a new home to some lots and tons of flats. I don't have more space on my room! Also I have a Dittochu FCS on auction! I have divided the lots to make it easier, I still have my old photos on my LJ so maybe if you're searching something specific you can see them or ask me anything. You can also combine shipping with kids of my sales post HERE
You can see all the photos on photobucket HERE
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LOT 1: Eeveelutions + TOMY Keychains. Eevee Ichiban Kuji, Flareon attack kid MIB, Vaporeon kid, Eeveelution pogs, TOMY Keychains (without keychain) Starts at 10$
 photo DSC_0471.jpg
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LOT 2: FCS. Croconaw and Cleffa Mint in package, other can be a bit dirty. Starts at 8$
 photo DSC_0475.jpg
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LOT 3: Random figures + Stickers Starts at 5$

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LOT 4: Stacks Starts at 8$
Note: Tangela is not included on the lot
 photo a5181572-9557-48dc-9bf4-384d6a5f2e4e.jpg
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LOT 5: Regular Pogs (+200 pogs) Starts at 10$ More photos HERE
 photo 1c508cd0-a51d-4cc9-90d2-03508b8d3abc.jpg
LOT 6: Attack Pogs + Clear + Sticker. Starts at 10$ More photos HERE

 photo DSC_0520.jpg photo DSC_0517.jpg

Snivy Ichiban Kuji. Min in box (MIP) Starts at 4$
 photo DSC_0488.jpg
Dittochu FCS:
It has a few marks on the head, you can check the photos to see them
Starts at 3$
 photo DSC_0492.jpg
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Pokeballs Keychain: Shroomish (x2) SOLD and Snorlax 3$ each
 photo DSC_0498.jpg

Pokemon Time Bookmark: Jirachi 3$ SOLD // Latios pattern only for trade
 photo DSC_0489.jpg
Thanks for reading!
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A HUGE thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to so many great community members here, you have been so wonderful and I've procured so many wonderful items. I also completed my grail - a completed set of the eeveelution pokedolls MWT! I'm having a little difficultly getting photos up, but will try to do so next week as i promised photos to some members of the pokedolls in their new home!

I also wanted to say thank you not just for me, but my fiancee. You've helped me get some wonderful pokedolls for his collection as well, and my Valentines gift was pokemon themed and was awesome. So again, thank you!

Special super thanks to:
-latias_latios_7 - who assisted ordering me a hQ laying UFO eevee plush from ebay, receiving the plush and then shipping to me, you are awesome!
-elisha1288 - whose pikachu plush were part of my Valentines gift to my fiancee!
-ballerbandgeek - whose Mewtwo pokedoll was a gift for my fiancee, was so happy to finally get him one!
-poke_zula - for the white kyurem pokedoll who is sitting with my Reshiram pokedoll <3
-syminka - for Minncino PC plush (love this one, reminds me of my chinchilla)
-havvaiibabe - a HUGE thanks, was able to get a MWT vaporeon pokedoll which was the last one I needed, working on getting the photos for you of Vaporeon with all my other eeveelutions! <3
-tdotakichan - for Gengar (for my fiancee) and clearfile for me
-sorjei - for patchwork Minncino keychain plush
-entirelycliched - for little tales pikachu plush, so adorable (called him Winnie the Chu)
-knoka for selling me an awesome Cyndaquil canvas which arrived just in time for my fiancee! which he loved!

You guys are all so amazing, I'll work on getting an updated collection photo taken soon! :)

Happy weekend!