February 16th, 2014

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Xerneas and Arceus tomys - photoshoot

Hey, guys! Long time no see )

I have been kind of silent in the recent months. But today was a great day, so I've decided that a photoshoot was necessary ) The photos were taken near Jagala waterfall in Estonia. I decided that Xerneas and Arceus would do the thing.

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I'm also working on a website for my collection. It will be hosted on weebly and will contain photos of all my figurines and merch. I hope I will finish it in the near future, so stay tuned )
Shiny Eevee

Moar Fennekin wants ~

Yup this month's wants post also features my new favourite Fennec foxie.

I am looking for both

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

a mint Twig Fennekin Kid Can badge in the above picture for roughly about $9 w/o shipping (source: astron @ LJ, please tell me if you'd like me to take this picture down ~)


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

the above Moncollè Fennekin Pokèball figure (source: Ebay). I'm ideally just looking for the figure in mint condition, but would be willing to buy the set if needs be (admittedly I haven't really seen this item around so I'm unsure of how much I'd like to pay for it rn).

As always, I am flexible on pricing if you think I'm misunderstanding the item's value and I will be available to send Paypal payments for each of the items on Tuesday.

As usual, thanks in advance Pkmncollectors and hope you had a good Valentine's Day! ♡.

Edit: oops shipping would be to the UK, sorry!

An Eevee want

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great day!

I come to you with a want, the 2014 laying Eevee plush! I've been unable to find this little guy for sale, so hopefully someone has a spare that they are willing to sell to me. :)

Laying Eevee Plush

Thank you in advance! I live in Ontario, Canada, so please include your price and estimated shipping if you have one to sell!
Canvas, Egg

NIB V-Trainer Offers Reminder, Local TRU and Walmart Pokemon Finds, and Collection Post!

I finally made a Collection post! Almost all of my collection is pictured, except I definitely missed a few items in the photoshoot xD. You can see it Here!

Also I went to my locals TRU's the other day and also to Walmart to check out their Pokemon stock. Finally the bigger TRU near me had reasonable stock! I also was shocked to find a TOMY talking Pikachu plush!! I was about to try to order one from Japan, so I am so happy they came out with it here! Maybe the talky starters will also come to the US? We'll see.

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Just a reminder about my NIB V-Trainer offers!

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Click Skiddo to go to my Offers/Sales:

Thanks for looking! If you check out my collection post feel free to comment there or ask questions =).

Promo Card Wants! :)

Since I just ordered a BUNCH of tins/packs, I'm getting most of my TCG wants out of the way except for these old promo cards that I'm looking for. (click the cards for images!)

(Sales permission granted by dewott on May 17th, 2013., I only ship within the US)

I'm mainly looking to trade for other TCG, so just tell me what Pokemon you collect/what cards you're looking for and I'll see what I have! My collection currently consists of (mostly) the newer sets. But I do have some Neo cards (English and non-English cards) in my collection at home.

Also I just launched my new TCG/collector Youtube channel and website, it would mean a lot to me if you could check it out and give feedback! :)

And just a reminder, I'm still trying to trade/partial trade my Pokemon White 2 game for any of my wants - let me know if you're interested! Thanks for reading!

entei and hibiki
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sylveon group buy! all claimed!

Hello! I found this fun little Sylveon lot, but I am not looking for all of these items. I will be claiming the talking Sylveon and the Sylveon with Eevee plush for $55 and will be covering shipping from the seller to the middleman. Up for grabs are a Tomy sitting plush, Pokemon Center standing plush, Pokemon Center sitting plush, and Eevee and Sylveon clearfile. According to the seller, all plush are MWT. The plushes are $15 each and the clearfile is $5. These prices do not include Paypal fees.

Claims will be first come first serve! If we are able to get claims for all plush, this is a commitment to buy. Payment is required within 24 hours of all the slots being claimed.


-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush and fees (bank transfer, middleman commission, etc). Second payment will be a combination of shipping from the middleman to me and shipping from me to you.

-As for shipping from the middleman to me, I will divide it based on weight. For example, I will be paying much more to ship the talking Sylveon than whoever claims the clearfile.
-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but please be advised that international shipping is very expensive!
-My feedback is located here and here.
-Any other questions? Ask away!

Talking Sylveon - myntii - paid
Sylveon Tomy - squareofme
Sylveon PokeCen Standing - squareofme
Sylveon PokeCen Sitting - squareofme
Sylveon and Eevee Plush - myntii - paid
Eeveelution Clearfile - princessharumi - paid
Eevee and Sylveon Clearfile - princessharumi - paid

Also, this is unrelated to the group buy, but has anybody noticed a serious delay in shipping via USPS lately? I know there's been a lot of crazy weather going on, but still..

help with deputy service and auctions

can someone help me? I made an account on shoppingmalljapan.com/
I did a deposit... but now idk what to do :( I click on search and nothing shows up at least not what im looking for or sometimes it just says no results found...

I am looking for tomy figures );

I click on smj search and then usually put the figure of the pokemon i am looking for along with "tomy"
I have read the tutorials on here but I followed through with that maybe I am doing something wrong?

A little update (I am missing like 53 figures still) only collection gen 1 tomy pokemon figures atm):
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Pokemon Spots in Oregon?

Just a quick question for those who live in Oregon! My family is taking a mini road trip down to Portland tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone knew a place that sells Pokemon goods (or anime goods)! I've been looking various search terms on google but haven't come across anything but card shops, but I'd like to shop for more than cards :) So I figured the comm would know best! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day! :)
Awesome BB

MIP Tomy Voltorb auction and update :U

hello friends i am still alive! i haven't been around much lately after losing the collecting bug but i do still buy things every now and then. i think i'm mostly done with my nidoking collection but i'm missing one or two things i wouldn't mind having...

anyway first up i have an auction for you! this is the second voltorb tomy i have owned MIP. the first one i sold was lost in the mail and never returned, so if you decide to bid i recommend thinking about tracking if you live outside of north america. this one is unfortunately in less than stellar condition, with cracked plastic that has been a little smooshed. the figure inside is still minty fresh though. i would keep it but i recently sold my entire MIP tomy collection...RIP in peace

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aaaaand i think i'm gonna end up collection mega mawile... we shall see!

almost forgot to mention, my next addition to my nidoking collection is... a tattoo! i'm booked in for this month on the 27th, just waiting for my custom art to be done. do you guys have pokemon tattoos? am i crazy?

Some Wants

Hi everyone! I am looking for some of my top wants for my birthday. I do have a permanent wants list, but I'm just asking about my rarer wants to see if anyone has something to offer. I'm hoping I get lucky with one of these. XD

As for condition, I don't mind somewhat loved, as long as there is a tush tag. ^^

**Just Suicune and possibly Entei depending on the price- no need for Raikou :)

I doubt I can afford more than one or two depending on the price, but I'm not really expecting to find any. XD If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated. <3 Thank you!

weeding sales! - several rare items up for grabs!

Hello, hello!

As I approach new, exciting stages in my life, I've done a bit of soul-searching and found it best that I sell off a good part of my collection. As such, I have listed items from both my overall collection and my Glaceon collection in hope of giving them better homes. I may be auctioning off some of my rarest items in the future, so please keep an eye out!

A preview of what's in store!

Please help these guys find love!

Click on the banner to be transported to my journal!

Thank you, everyone!

US gen 6 pokedolls!+future collection post

So since I live in the lovely state of Washington, we get the first grabs (sorta first) on pokedolls!
I don't live too close to Seattle but my friend went there this weekend and saw the new pokedolls and pokecenter exclusive plushes. She picked me up a Chespin and fennekin pokedoll, but I dont get fennekin till march 11th (my bday) chespin 2
But wait did you see how they now attach the tags? They now are made of like twine and are just tied around the pokedolls so you can easily remove and attach the tag with out permanently ruining its value.
I hope soon to post a complete collection post, so look forward to that!

Keshimon question!

Hello community!

I'm here because I need information about something I found on a store. Are these Keshimons (I think they are called like this)? I think they are Zapdos, Jolteon and Pikachu? I'm not sure if they are rare or their price :/ I'd like to know a few more about these because maybe I could use them for a trade or sell them, I don't know. I have seen some Jolteons being sold for more than 100$ and I thought that was insane o.o Does anybody know anything?


As usual, sales plug HERE
And auctions over HERE!
Thanks for everything! ^^
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A (Very) Belated Introduction and a Question

Hello pkmncollectors! I’ve been a member here for a bit longer than a year(and a lurker for even longer), but I’ve only made a post now, oops. I’ve been putting off typing this up because I always felt that I had something or another that I’d be waiting for in the mail that I’d want to include.. but no more slacking! That’s what gets posts are for right? xD;;; Anyway, I’m Elianti (Elia or just Eli is fine), and I’m a 21 year old collector from Guam! I’ve been an avid fan of Pokémon since the very beginning, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. From my experience so far everyone here is really nice and supportive, and I'd love to be a more active member here. c:

My collection is right after the cut~

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This post is way too long already but I have a question to anyone who owns this HGSS quiz book:
hgss quiz book
Can anyone with this book confirm that Morty appears in this? If so, I’d be adding it to my wants! ..or better yet if anyone would like to sell me those pages that would be even better LOL;;;

I typed way more than I intended. If you’ve stuck around for all of that, thanks for reading! ^^”” I do have something exciting I am waiting for in the mail, so hopefully I can make a gets post soon~ c:
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Pikachu oops

I am looking for some pikachu oops merch.
Does anyone have these for sale? I know they are on ebay, but the prices are insane. $12 for the memo pad before shipping?! psssh. The clearfile isn't on there and the plush is $50. All just way over priced. Can anyone help me? :)
Oops Memo Pad
Oops plush
Oops Clearfile

Oops clearfile

Pikachu Oops Vol 2 PokeCenJP
Oops plush (the other item shown is a sticker sheet. I want the memo pad, not sticker sheet)
Thanks everyone ^_^

Also, sales plug! Will trade any items (or partial trade) for items listed above.

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 2/16/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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Display concerns and wants

I'm concerned with leaving my MIP Tomy's on the wall in the open air. Does anyone know if artificial lighting ruins the carding? Seems like a silly question to me, but I wondered if anyone experienced paint fading due to just displaying them in their room. I do not have ANY sunlight hitting them of course.

Also, my major reason for posting, I'm very curious about possibly laminating them? Is that even possible? Anyone have any ideas as to how I can seal them and protect the cardboard backing and still display them on my wall? I do not have ANY sunlight hitting them of course.

Also, wants!

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Thanks! Have a great night! ^o^