February 17th, 2014

My zukans!

Zukans are definitely one of my favorite figure types! I dont have too many but I wish to collect many more in the future! My favorite is the Porygon evolution one! tell me what you guys like and which one is your favorite! ^^

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Hello everyone! :3 Is my Sylveon plush a bootleg..?

This is my first post into this community so first I'd like to say... Hello everyone! I've been a long-time lurker but I finally decided to create an account here on LJ and join the community. I'm a long-time Pokémon fan and merch collector but my recent aim has been Sylveon merch. I adore the white and pink Eeveelution and aim to get as much merch of her as possible. I live in the UK however where postage costs can get expensive and merch isn't as simple to find! I currently own a custom Sylveon 3DS/phone charm, a sitting Takara Tomy Sylveon plush and one of the small Takara Tomy Sylveon figures. A small start but I hope to get somewhere eventually!

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Wants post, help:)

Hi there Pokemon Collectors,

I am looking to buy a Mareep plush for a friends birthday soon. New or used, is ok. Just as long as its not falling to pieces. I have my eye on a Bandai friends or Hasbro version, but really, I think any version will be great at this point.

Here is a link to my feedback just in case you are wondering: http://risfortocket.livejournal.com/1786.html

If anyone can help it would really mean the world to me. Thanks!

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last post for a while... :c

Dear community,

Does anyone have these pokemon Tomy figures for sale or trade?
I am only 5 toys away from having all the official figures then I'm going to take a break from collecting. :)

Nidorino (Replacement)
Gastly (Replacement)
Pinsir (Replacement)

************************ A big THANK you to everyone who has helped me get this far with my collection!  ************************

I am willing to pay well for some of the figures listed.

- Kiwi

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Wuzzly Want List

Hello everyone! I have a very brief list of wants up on my Journal

I had to illustrate my own want banner ;D

I am mainly looking for Pikachu cards (Japanese Promos), but I am also looking for Pokemon Rumble U Figures. Let me know if you have any!

*Sorry if I don't respond immediately--internet is going off / on. :P

TCG Sales & White 2 up for offers/trade!

I'm so happy to say that my sales are back! :)
Currently I have some TCG up for sale/trade (mainly Plasma Blast, Legendary Treasures, and other BW sets) and Pokemon White 2 up for offers/trade.
Click Froakie to check out my sales!
Froakie Sales Banner
And don't forget to check out my new TCG/collecting blog and Youtube! Let me know what you think! :D
I should be getting some TCG tins/packs in the mail soon, so expect a big gets from me soon! Thanks for reading!
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Katsnowcon and other gets

This weekend, I was able to go to Katsucon and it was so fun! The weather was a bit ridiculous, of course. Is anyone else sick of snow? I know I am! The dealers' room was full of bootlegs, but there were lots of official goods too. One table especially had an amazing selection! Most of my con swag came from there lol. Pics under the cut!

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Thanks for looking! 
Black Kyurem

JPN Pokemon Platinum/White & ENG Leafgreen up for sale

Hey everyone,

I have some games here for sale today (Japanese Platinum & White Versions, as well as an English Leafgreen Version). I've recently sent my Pokemon from those games to Pokemon Bank and cleared all of the game's data too. All three of the games are legit and in good working/playable condition. The Japanese versions are compatible with an American DS or DS Lite, but not compatible with an American DSi, 3DS/3DS XL, or 2DS.

(Extra info: Platinum comes with inserts & the instruction book. White is missing the inserts & book. Leafgreen is cartridge only, no box.)

Pokemon Platinum: $12 - SOLD
Pokemon White: $12 - SOLD
Pokemon LeafGreen: $5 - SOLD

$2.50 shipped for any game to anywhere within in the U.S.

Edit: Everything has been sold & shipped out! Thanks! :)

Sales Permission granted by [info]lineaalba on November 24, 2009

Also, here is my old & new feedback posts just in case anyone's curious:
Old: http://azureyoshi.livejournal.com/1500.html
New: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/azureyoshi/

(I may sell the games separate too if asked. Also, feel free to ask anymore questions!) Edit: I have split up the games.

Thank you for reading/viewing! :)
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Mewtwo 3DS' case - AUCTION

Sales permission granted on 31 May 2012 by [info]entirelycliched
Please respect all Pkmn Collectors rules here. My feedback : http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/umbreonoctie/
I'm located in France, but will ship internationally. I'm not responsible of Lost Item. I didn't have problem yet, and since I send card with French community, I don't want one. Excuse-me for my poor english, please.
I have two cats who lost a lot of his hair. It's an European cat and a Bengal cat.
If you have any questions, you can ask, I eat nobody.

Transparent shell.
I paint (acrylic) on a transparent paper, then I put it in the shell. It's around 3/4h of work...
I hope you will like it and someone will buy it :)

Click for fullview please.

Auction - start @10$
Shipping - start@6$ for worldwilde, 3,5$ for Europe
Time - End 23 FEBRUARY 2014 @8P.M. @Paris Time
Countdown - HERE

Maybe I can take commission for others 3DS' case. Depend of the success of this one.
I hope this post is fine now. :3
You can comment, sent PM, I'm open to questions or review !

BTW I OPEN PLAYMAT'S COMMISSION (printed via Inked Playmat) (only HERE thanks)
Have a look :

Last call for custom Sylveon charms + more!

As the title says, I'm doing a final batch of orders for my Sylveon charms before I move onto another charm project. I am only accepting orders until 12:00 AM PST. After that, the charms will be discontinued! If you'd like to place an order, you can click either picture of them down below. The second picture is from the lovely acidmimi who posted them in her gets post! <3
...Anddd a shameless sales plug until I make a huge update soon! :D

My Sylveon charms also came in the mail a few days ago, and I'm absolutely in love! The charms are so itty-bitty. <3 I'm thinking of wearing one as a necklace, but I'd love to know what other people have done with their charms! :3
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oh noes!

........I misplaced my copy of heartgold and I tore apart both my house and my station at the family salon looking for it!

If some kind hunnybunch is willing to part with a copy- I don't need a case or pokewalker, even- to US 93455, I will love them forever and ever. (mother is being kind enough to replace this for me. TT______________TT)

EDIT- its morning and I'm back! I'll be on off and on during the day until around 8pm pacific time! please help me replace my favorite game in the series! I can spend no more than thirty shipped, if this helps. ;~~~~~~~~~~; 
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TCG lot sales! Some new cards and one big lot of older cards base-gym heroes

Sorry to post again so soon, I just took on finally sorting my older cards! I decided to put these lots up for sale here before sticking them on Ebay. There are 4 lots 2 newer including a lot of XY, and 2 older. The bigger lot of cards has most of my older cards from base, base2, jungle, fossil, team rocket, and gym heroes. Sorry, but I have opted to keep, Charizard, Venosaur, Blastoise, Gyarados, and Lapras from my base set (and Ditto from fossil). So, if you are looking for those specifically they won't be there!

You can click here to go to the sales!

Multi Purpose post! TCG unboxing/gets and New Sales webstore! :D

Hello everyone! I've been a bit quiet lately but I come to you today with a multi purpose post of joy and fun! :D

We'll start off with the gets and card pulls! After seeing everyone do live streams and so on, I figured I'd take the plunge and get a box. The other day my husband and I picked up a couple of packs from a toy store. He bought 1 on the condition I got the cards but he got to open it, and I bought 2. I pulled nooothing from it ;-; but he got the Mega Venusaur EX card :O :O So I was pretty happy with him, it felt like a good start! Then this morning this arrived:

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And sales news!

I've been fervently taking photos of all of my TCG to create a webstore to hopefully make life a bit easier. I've not finished listing everything yet but I'm a far way through now and have included *lots* of X/Y stuff from my box. And so I present to you *drum rolls*

Pokémon Plaza! :D

Right now for some bizarre reason the search function directly on that site won't work D: But the search on the main site brings up results from my page, so I'm guessing maybe it just takes a while for everything to filter through?

I've taken down my main sales page but I *am* happy and willing to haggle/do deals via pkmncollectors directly, it just makes my life a bit easier to have it all on there :) I'll be periodically posting reminds to my site on here so you can comment in any of those posts. I'll be updating it *super* regularly for a while as not everything is up yet, but there's around 300 cards up so far including X/Y stuff, EXs and a Mega Venusaur EX.

I'd also really appreciate any input you might have in general regarding the layout, pricing etc as I've just put this together myself without much experience :) So if anything seems off to you please let me know! :D

Thanks for your time guys and I hope you enjoyed my first little play-by-play gets post! I'll be doing another in a week or so for plushes as I've still got some on their way.

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I love eevee collection- Laying down eevee released earlier this year.

Hey everyone, i am desperate for the i love eevee- laying down eevee released earlier this year, i was just wondering if anyone on here has one, and roughly what they payed for it. I'v seen a few about but i dont know if they price is right or they are extremely high. Also what kind of material is it made out of, it looks like the HQ eevee released from the set but i am unsure as obviously iv never seen on other then pictures.

Any help would be really appreciated! 

My card collection!

Hi guys! i'm here with a different kind of collection today,MY CARD COLLECTION ^^
i have been collecting pokemon trading cards for the longest time and I decided to share some with you guys!
I have very many cards that i collected but I wanted to show you guys the best ones and the ex's and eeveelutions for all the eevee fans out there :)

enjoy! and thanks for the time!


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New Banpresto Amusement prize campaign and additional life size Wobbuffet plush campaign details!

Hope this isn't a repost, I checked the recent posts and mod posts and haven't seen any info on it, so I decided to translate the campaign (phew...) and explain the details for those interested!
Hope this is found to be helpful, and not breaking any particular rules…('-`;)a

Pokemon XY "WE ARE Team Rocket"  Amusement prize exclusive campaign!
From the start of February, Banpresto will be hosting Amusement prize campaign in arcades nationwide, featuring the 'evil' (:o) Team Rocket.

▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Team Rocket Meowth air-balloon cushion, one type.
Expected release period:Sequentially released from Feb. 6th
Team Rockets air balloon ft. Meowth.
About 34cm tall.

▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Super DX plush
~Wobbuffet・Inkay~(all two)
Expected release date:Sequentially starts from Feb. 20th
Popular Wobbuffet and newly introduced in the TV anime series, Inkay, will make an appearance in plush form. About 24cm tall.
▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Super DX plush
~Meowth・Pumpkaboo~(Two kinds in total)
Expected release date:First 10 days of March.
Meowth and newly introduced in the TV anime series, Pumpkaboo, will make an appearance in plush form.
About 22cm tall.

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▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket'
Figure key holder(6 kinds in total)
Expected release date:Start of March
Team Rocket Jessie and James, Meowth, and others appear in figure key holder form. About 7cm in length.

▲Pokemon XY 'WE ARE Team Rocket' Hooded Towel(Two kinds total)
Expected release date:Mid-March
One can dress as Meowth and Wobbuffet in these hooded towels which will be released. About 120cm wide.

Original article in Japanese here, with additional pictures (back views)

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So what do you think of the additional campaign? I sort of think the Team Rocket members cards are cute xD
And obviously that AMAZING HUGE PLUSH! (^w^人)

What are your favorite upcoming prizes?
I'm personally looking forward to that Pumpkaboo plush/keychain! ✰ ('3`)
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Help identifying Tomy figures.

Hey all ^.^

It was my birthday recently and I got some tomy figures from my brother.

He knows his tomy's so I didn't think I would get bootlegs. But I am really suspicious of them (mostly ninetales) he got them from the same seller so could have been ripped off.

I have looked up images of Magmar and he looks pretty perfect, but thought I would check as I know he is a rare one.

Ninetales looks real enough except for the green paint.. is this normal? It's either a booty or someone has painted it :/

Let me know your thoughts I have attached images below!

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Any help would be much appreciated guys :) thanks heaps

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So recently I came upon my old pins from Disney world I got on vacation years and years ago. It made me wonder what type of Pokemon pins are out there. Sooo a couple eBay searches later, I now want to collect Pokemon pins (keep in mind pins are different than buttons :3)
This particular pin I have wanted for some time, but since it has no where to be found it has become a mini-grail status. (It's under the cut because I can't adjust image sizes on mobile)

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Oh and I forgot to post this earlier:

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Reminder for Team Rocket Meowth Balloon Plush Offers + Looking for Latios/Latias TFGs

Hi everyone. Just want to post a quick reminder that I will stop accepting offers for the rare Team Rocket Meowth Balloon Plush after 24 hours. That's February 18, 2014 23:30 Philippines time.

Last offer is at $265 by meowthcollector! Click this link or the picture below to get transported! There are also some plush sales and a Groudon DX Banpresto Plush!

Also I'm still looking for Latios and Latias trading figures with correct bases. It's for a friend of mine. Looking for a good deal also, preferably together. Pics for reference:

That's it! Thanks everyone!