February 18th, 2014

Looking for middleman between US and Austrailia

Are there any comm users that would be willing to help me and rally274 out? We want to trade TCG, but I don't have experience trading/sending packages internationally, so we were wondering if someone in the comm (with good sales feedback/experience middlemanning) could help us out. Comment or message me if you'd be interested, it would mean a lot! We're both sending about 7 cards as a trade and that's it. Thanks again for reading, and contact me if you could help us out! :)

(I hope these kinds of posts are allowed... I've seen them before so I'm pretty sure they are. Also it's almost 8am here so I apologize if anything in my post doesn't make sense. I'm super tired and I have class soon.)

Also obligatory sales and collection/TCG blog plug haha. :)

PS: Is anybody keeping up with Twitchplayspokemon? It's so great.

okkina plush

Hello everyone,
Does anyone knows if there were any other pokemon (other than squirtle and jigglypuff) released for the okkina plush?
Here's how the squirtle looks!

Also, does anyone know where I can get one and the price range?
I tried googling and ebay but failed. u.u;
I'm not very good at pokemon research. Haha

thanks in advanced! ^^
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Sales and Offers Part 3

Hey everyone! Everything except one order was shipped out! I no longer have my laptop...it died so now I'm using a ten year old one that barely runs X_X So forgive me for having issues with pictures. Everything is OBO and I ship from Florida.

I was given sales permission by Gin in January 2011

Here is my Feedback:


 photo 20140210_190301-1.jpg

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kitty loaf
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It's been a very long time since I've checked in with the community to curb my massive Pokemon spending XD Since then I've developed a strong craving for a Gourgeist figure. I searched Google but it seems the only merch are charms of her and Pumpkaboo and a clear file. Is there any news of figures coming out soon? Zukan, Tomys, kid figures? Feel free to show off any collections you guys might have of the lovely lady :D
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Nippon Gets! -Squeal!-

Wheeee! I ordered some Pikachu cards online a few weeks ago from Nippon and I got them in today! On top of that, the seller threw in some a card sleeve pack :-D Scanned image below.

Okay, I'm done squealing *goes off and jumps up and down squealing like a little girl who ate too much chocolate* 0_o; Though, in all seriousness, I am super psyched. 
cotton candy

some plush for offers sales



anything can be combined with my original sales link above

i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo.
i ship worldwide except for signapore and italy i do not ship to either sorry.
prices do not include shipping, bubble mailer, paypal fees.
i sell to members only with positive buying community feedback
if i can not locate it i will ask to see it,


im not sure how much these are worth? but i would like to get back somewhat of what i paid.
i also have a snorlax yujin not shown atm bc im really attached so i would only sell it for a really good price.

i have a small marill yujin plush offers start at - $18

i don't have a ruler but i'm going to say around 3-4 inches shes small
her tush tag reads yujin made in china - nintendo creatures game freak - TV TOKYO
SHO -PRO - JR KIKAKU.  good condition

poliwhirl magnet tomy plush offers start at -$14
i'm going to say around 3 and a half inches hes slightly smaller than marill
tush rag reads TOMY made in chine back reads nintendo CR GF TC 8P JK
comes with a built in magnet, and can be hung clings to metal. good condition

sudowoodo kid figure -$6
new eeveelutions

Collection Update and Wants! ^_^

Hey guys! I finally got a new shelf to exclusively put all my figures on so I can spread out my plush to the bookcase where they all can be seen. :) I have a couple more things coming in the mail, but this is where I am at so far. I also might start a side collection of Buneary, so if you have any cheap Buneary goods, send them my way! lol I am looking for figures and plush only. Now onto the collection!!

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February charm commissions & updated sales! wtb emolga pokedoll & sylveons!

Hello! I'm opening up my February charm commission slots~ I also have two rush slots open where, for an additional fee, your charm will be finished and shipped by this Saturday, February 22nd. Please click the cut for all charm information!

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Additionally, I've also updated my sales! I've added a lot of stickers (I believe there are over 400?) featuring black/white Pokemon! Buy 4 stickers and get the 5th one (at equal or lower price) for free!


I also come to you with some wants! I am looking for a MWT Japanese Emolga Pokedoll for under $20 shipped and the Eeveelution face binder clip set for under $30 shipped! My priorities right now are the bus pass face pouch and the PokeCen mascot plush! Especially the bus pass actually kljfhaslkdfjhsadf I keep missing it in auctions somehow.. *u*;;; I'm sorry, this is the grossest wants picture ever..


Lastly, I'm waiting on a few packages to arrive, but expect a gets post soon including pictures from my trip to Nintendo World! *u*

new pokedolls and a few wants

long time no post :3
So ive been pretty quiet lately, my new job has been wearing me out so when i get in i dont have the time to make a post! i have still been collecting albeit a little slower than normal. i have mostly been getting new pokedolls!
In most aspects of my life I'm pretty laid back and leave things pretty disorganised and messy! but my pokedolls have to be meticulous :P my entire collection is divided like a rainbow and so are my pokedolls, what always bugged me about them however, was the lack of yellow pokedolls, especially in comparison to the blue fella's. it may not seem like a big deal to most but dang it, it irritated me!
BUT NOW! with the release of kalos pokedolls i have a few new additions to make to the yellow shelf :D

the only one missing from here is jolteon, he sits with the jolteon side collection.
i love these new guys!
see below the cut for close ups

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i also have a few new wants here, let me know if you have any of them or have seen them around :) - http://abbeymew.livejournal.com/870.html

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I just got back from Katsucon and got some awesome gets!

DX Sylveon, Raichu plushie and custom Sylveon mochimon made by yoyoninjagirl! So very happy, I've been wanting the Raichu for ages and the Sylveon was a nice surprise! There were a ton of bootlegs in the dealers room but these 2 are legit so I'm happy!

Bye Politoed grabby ;A; + Future sales/trades

Hello, I'm here today to say that if you're buying pokemon stuff from mlaszz on eBay BE CAREFUL! I know he's selling THIS LOT right now:

And well, I'm pretty upset because he's selling a Politoed grabby that I HAVE BOUGHT FROM HIM AND HE DOESN'T WANT TO SEND IT :D
ss (2014-02-18 at 09.27.07)
To read the full story you can read it under the cut but the short story can finish with his last message :D
ss (2014-02-18 at 09.28.13)

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If anybody buy the lot or has a Politoed grabby to sell to me... I'd appreciate it ;_; I have lost twice for THIS PERSON and I'm pretty sad for that... ;_;

And I've received MORE KIDS and the Megablocks if someone wants something, just let me know and I can sell them to you ^^ (click on the photo to see them on a bigger size). I'm open for TRADES for anything of my WANTS POST so please, take a look! ^^ I'll post them on my sales post this week and I'll do an auction with a Wartortle shiny kid and eeveelutions megablocks but the trades are my priority ;)
DSC_0580 (2)DSC_0581 (1)

As usual, sales plug HERE
And auctions over HERE!

Thanks for everything :')


random collection ^^

hi everyone once again, I am back with a different collection, this time it is a random collection of different sort of figures
in this shelf, i have the rotom figures with all the different forms, some chess pieces, pencil topper figures and some bottle cap figures.
hope you guys enjoy!
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