February 20th, 2014

Eevee & Vulpix
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Re-introduction and collection weeding offers

Hi from Finland, Vepsmin here!

I've been in this comm quite a while, but haven't been around too much lately and I thught it was a high time to make a re-intro as people seem to do those sometimes =)
I joined .. summer 2010 I quess and I collect Eeveelutions, Firefoxes and Pikachu. And anything else that attracts my vision. The start here was a bit messy cuz I had absolutely no idea of LJ's many uses, but I managed and got used to things as everyone has seemed to do so far. Anywho
let me show some pictures of my collection today.. loads of cute Eevees and Pikachus ahead~
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Also, as the title says, I'm also doing a collection weeding offers. Do take a look at those too.


Offers here!

Did These Card Boxes Reach North America?

Well, as many card collectors/players know, North America's been skimped A LOT lately when it comes to TCG for some reason :/ Anyways, I'm pretty excited about the new Xerneas and Yveltal sets that came out yesterday, officially. I see that the box sets with the figures are in North America, as well as the 3 pack blisters with the pins (which I've also enjoyed^^) But has anyone in North America seen the boxsets with the jumbo cards in it? I fear that I have to import these >_> Only EU listings have showed up so far when looking online, which is not good :/ The only thing I can find is Bulbapedia saying "The Yveltal Jumbo Collection will presumably not be available in North America, with the Yveltal Figure Collection taking its place." >_>

So, has anyone seen these? And if not, would it be a good idea to import now, or assume that the jumbo cards will reach here but in a different boxset? I remember the Victini jumbo card has a similar situation. Actually, did North America even get that jumbo Victini card, or just the one for the movie viewing (which was different).


Selling/Trading TCG in bulk & new shiny want! :)

So I just received some tins in the mail and I have extra cards that I'm trying to get rid of! They're all BW series cards. Ask about a specific Pokemon and I can check to see what I have! More info and sales rules under the cut!

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Also I have a shiny new want.... The Lego Movie Promo Holo Pikachu! It's basically the Pikachu from XY set... but holo. And it's beautiful. If anyone has this for sale/trade, or has an extra let me know! I don't care if it's sealed or not, it just needs to be in mint condition.

Also here is a link to my normal sales (which has even more cards haha) and my TCG blog/Youtube!

Hey I need help

I was wondering does anyone have this book

I want to draw it and umm I can't find the back cover of it I know there is a lot more in the back I was wondering if someone have it and can scan the back or me it would be much appreciate plus I I'm not done with just drawing 151 pokemon my plan to have umm 719 pokemon running toward us! And also size accurate too I think I might change pikachu smaller ....

HELP ME!!!!!!!!! Problem with the Politoed ebay seller PART 2

Ok, so yesterday I left negative feedback to the user mlaszz because all the things I explained on the previous post HERE and today I woke up with another rude message...
Also I got a notification on my mobile phone saying that the item was shipped but it's not notified on my account page of eBay...
And now I have received an email from Paypal saying me that Paypal couldn't refund my money because the money coulndn't be withdrawn from the bank of the seller or something (I don't know how exactly paypal says this in english, sorry). You can see a photo of my paypal saying that the refund was removed!


Thanks for your help :'3

EDIT: Thanks everybody! I have my money back already (with another SUPER RUDE message saying that I should kill myself and stuff like that XD). THANK YOU <3

Wants for new Froakie collection! +extra

Hello everyone, I still love Fennekin but I completely fell in love with Froakie and all of its evolutions! I still like Fennekin but not too fond of Delphox sadly. But completely love the ninja frog!
I love ninjas and flipped out when I saw Greninja ^_^ Hooray for the second ninja like pokemon (Accelgor is cool too)!
I just started collecting Froakie's line and was wondering i anyone was selling stuff from his line. I will take anything like figures, plushes, flats, cards, etc.
Looking to buy if anyone has Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja items!

Top Froakie wants but I'm open to all Froakie items:
Click for pictures :)
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Top Frogadier wants:
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Top Greninja want
Greninja 1
Also been looking at some Tomy figures on eBay but would be more willing to buy from here
These main Tomy figure wants, hoping to buy them here:
Need 1Need 2Need 4Need 5Need 6Need 7
Need 9Need 10Need 11Need 12Need 13Need 14
Give me a holler/comment if you have anything for sale :)
Froakie is awesome, hope there will be more Froakie line stuff made
entei and hibiki
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nintendo world trip & reduced price sales plug! warning, lots of pictures below the cut!

2014-02-09 12.02.45
Who's That Pokemon?!

PS: I took pictures of almost everything in Nintendo World, so if anyone is curious about current stock (well, this was last week..), click that cut!
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Also, come check out my sales! I just updated with some new figures and lowered some prices! I've also got those zillions of stickers that I'm hoping to sell. Again, stickers are buy 4, get the 5th (at equal or lesser value) for free!