February 21st, 2014

Big Overdue Collection Update!


I haven't done one of these for a long time and I have accumulated a lot of new stuff over the past year thanks to people here and other sources! I also finally have a complete set of the normal pose Johto and Kanto Tomys. I took a lot of pictures! There are over 30 under the cut, and they are big! so click at your own risk :)

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Zukan Update!! New Package Received

Hi people, as i told you before, i was waiting to receive some packages with zukan. Last week i received the second one. I can post it today because i was in the hospital on the weekend

And the zukan that i received are.....

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I'll be updating again when i receive the other 2 packages, i can't wait to receive them

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Awesome gets + searching shinies

These items arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to update my collection site and sales (just the sold items, not really adding anything) before I link them anywhere. ^^ I didn't believe that getting items that just came out would be this hard, even if they made only 1000, but this trio was closing the grail status already, so I'm still super excited to finally have them.

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Also, I would like to update my want list and need a bit help from my fellow collectors! I've listed all official shiny items (aside from cards, since those are easy to check from Bulbapedia) I could find info and picture of and don't have yet under the cut. If you know any others, I would love to hear about them. If you have a picture, even better! I didn't list red Genesect items, since I don't think I'll buy more of those, but if you collect him and want to recommend something, I'm still very interested to hear and see, how many items they released of him. A group shot of everything would be awesome.

Just for a note, I'm not really ready to buy any of these, since they are usually quite expensive. I'm mostly trying to clarify, what I should find at some point. ^^

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And for last I'll add 2 links, if anyone is interested~

I'm always glad to add more collection sites to my links page. ^^

Permanent sales post (I really should make a banner...)
Explorer Wombat

Looking for some presents for a friend! (also storage woes)

My best friend's birthday is coming up, and I'd like to find her some Pokemon goods to gift her with. Her favorite Pokemon are:

1. Quilava
2. Lugia
3. Raikou
4. Manectric
5. Flygon
6. Kyurem

And I'm looking for BASICALLY anything of those pkmn, but preference for larger items like plush or large action figures, etc. Cards and most flats aren't of much interest. Stickers are cool though! I may opt for just one or two very large items if they present themselves, or maybe a bunch of smaller things, I'm not sure. So if you're selling please don't hesitate to offer whatever you have. c:

In further news, I recently moved and have SO. MUCH. MORE. SPACE now. I'm looking into getting some shelving units to better house my personal collection. I'm thinking something with glass doors because I have three terrible (not really, I love them) cats that like to grab things off of shelves and carry them around the house. Before I had my collection high on wall shelves but I don't think I'd like to do that anymore (I think an actual unit would be nicer) Has anyone found anything commercial/readily available like this that they've used and liked?

want and a question~

hullo lovelies~

I have a quick want- a tagless pokecen minccino to us 93455! (its for my lil niece, who has become rather entranced by the cute fuzzy wuzzy. she plays with my ufo one, but she needs her own, that she can cart about. yiss.)   <----- FOUND.

and I have a question about size.

I keep a walky totodile on my laptop case. how do the petit plush compare to the small walkies? I'm thinking on getting chocodile a companion to hang with, but another walky is kind of out of my price range. would maybe the type-focus plush from last year work a bit better? o.o

(also, still looking for a used copy of heartgold! will even take soulsilver, at this point! no case or pokewalker needed, to cut down on cost and shipping. ebay charges an arm and leg, and local gamestop sucks.)<-------- POTENTIALLY FOUND. 
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Collection Update! Mega Blazikens!

Hey everyone! I meant to do an update for my commiversary, buuut that didn't happen. And I didn't realize how long it'd been since my last update. For this one, I tried to just pick out my new things, which was more difficult than I thought since it'd been so long and I didn't remember. Haha But let's get on with it! Blaziken collection update under the cut!

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pika cap2

Odds n end sale

Greetings all I haven't uploaded anything in awhile but I have got some new items here and there and I showcase them after I get the bedroom straighten up so I have some items up for sell so check it out

1.Paypal only
2.I can ship outside the US
3.I can hold up to 48 hours
4.Haggling is OK but no hurt feelings if turned down
Sales permission grant by denkimouse in 09

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More Gets Plus ??

Hello everyone! I grab some pretty fun stuff off eBay recently and was curious to know if anyone could give me more information on this set? I believe these cards are for the Arceus Movie and were only released in Japan. What I am wondering is if anyone else has any of these cards for sale?

I mainly grabbed these for the Pikachu card but I am interested in possibly catch'em all since there are only 22. Btw, does anyone know where to buy the packs? 0_o I don't want to open the one I got. xD
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As usual, anyone that has any Pikachu cards for sale that I do not have send me a message :) If you are selling Pokemon cards in general feel free to post too as I wouldn't mind taking a look. ^_^

I have a specific want... XDD Mawile pokemon time figure!

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a good Friday evening, I know I am!

I have a slight want... I've been searching just about everywhere for this and have been unable to obtain it. So, I thought I'd ask the community.

Does anyone currently have the Pokemon Time Mawile large figure for sale or is willing to sell it?

I'm adoring this and I'm desperately wanting it. I know there are some floating around on eBay but I always like to come to the community first. Just let me know!

I also have more wants right HERE: http://firebomb.livejournal.com/279468.html

Mostly Glaceon, Bonsly, Sudowoodo, Persian, Chingling, Chimecho, Darumaka, Spiritomb, and Whimsicott wants. ^^ That's all I really collect now a days.

Also, here is my awesome collection if anyone is interested~ :D

Thank you so much and have a great evening. ^^

PS: I've been toying with the idea of collecting Xerneas... I've always wanted to collect a legendary and this one is so pretty! Does anyone collect him? What's your all's opinion of the merchandise that has come out?

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Hope everyone had a great week! ^o^

I've come to bug you wonderful people again for a short wants list! I promise I won't take up much of your time. Thank you very much!!! <3

Tomy Battle Figures! :D I've lost out on two now!!! Including an in-package Venusaur. *cries* I don't mind if they are out-of-package so long as they are in decent shape!

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Have a great weekend everyone!

EDIT: Got my clear Tomy Mew in-package today and want to open it really bad and love on it... Anyone have one out of package they'd sell me? I dont really care about condition so much as it's not broken. Thanks!

More auctions and reminder!

First of all, THANK YOU! Thanks to all the community for helping me with my ebay problem <3 You're awesome ;u; I got my money back already!
Secondly I came with a reminer of auctions, Wartortle shiny kid and Eeveelutions megablocks auctions and kids and megablocks sales! ^^
Thirdly, I GOT A SPINDA POKEDOLL! <3 I made a trade on Deviant and I'm in love ;u;

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There is only a day left to bid on Dittochu FCS, Snivy Ichiban Kuji and some lots with tons of figures and flats and there aren't bids so don't lose your chance! ^^You can click on the photo or HERE to see the auctions


You can do BIN anytime!

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You can see more items under the cut!


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Thanks for reading! ^^
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Woah! Some cool Attic finds! :)

Hello PKMNCollectors!
My mom and I were cleaning up the attic and in a box of my old belongings and I found some cool pokemon cards and a lugia game pouch from when I was about 4 years old! (I'm 15 right now haha..)
Old Pokemon Stuffs!
I'm curious to know if any of these are worth anything or if any of these are uncommon/rare :)
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