February 22nd, 2014

POKEMON - Turtle breeder
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turtle's sales

My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/3kame/
My sales permission: on 07/20/2011 by dakajojo

Rules: Please follow community rules for playing nice. I will haggle and/or give you a deal when you buy a lot of stuff, so just let me know if you want to work something out. No holds right now, I'm trying to clean this stuff out. I accept Paypal and Amazon funds. I think I did Google pay before too, just let me know if you want to pay a certain way.

Info: I ship using recycled mailers and such at no cost, if you want new materials just let me know and I will include the price in your total. I have a dog, cat, and probably dust and hair on stuff (which I will clean before it leaves here). Shipping is from Virginia, USA. I can ship to the US (usually) the next day, and worldwide in a few days (I work during postal hours and can't always go during lunch break).

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Jynx loves you!~

Unexpected Grail! Gets Galore! Sales Plug!

Hello everybody! How is everybody doing? Well today I'm got some very exciting this to share with everybody including a VERY unexpected grail get, tons of gets from Noppin and Sunyshore, items from a trade with a friend, and a sales plug to my flats sales! Whelp first things first the super unexpected Grail Get! You all ready?
Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 10.41.51 PM
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Additionally I would like to put up a Sales Plug to my Flats Sales:
Scan 102
I'm still ONLY shipping within the United States! I really want to start shipping worldwide but I'm worried I'm gonna screw something up so I'm just gonna keep shipping within the U.S. at the moment to keep getting used to it. I PROMISE I will not start up my figure sales and auctions until I open up worldwide sales because I want everyone within the community to get a fair chance to attempt to get what they want! :)

Well that's it from me. Thank you for looking and reading my post! I wish everyone the best in their collecting endeavors! Until next time!~
Kittay752 <3
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Question regarding Sylveon pencil case

Hi guys!!

I'm currently looking for this pencil case. http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/a6/43/60/a643606e287621bffc8bb4ecf2679685.jpg

The problem is I'm having a super hard time finding it. I would like to search in Japanese on several sites but I've not an idea what this promotion was called (I only know of Happy Party Time but that's not it. Did the Sylveon promo even have a name?) and am wondering if there is a specific japanese word for these types of pencil cases/pen cases/pencil boxes/?

(or if anyone is willing to sell me one that would be super awesome ;v;)


Would you like a side of nightmares with that? An Intro.

Good Arceus, What a cheesy title! Hello, community. I'm known as Kid Gengar and as you guessed it by the name, I specialize in the Shadow Pokemon, Gengar...or at least, I try to. The competition is fierce sometimes!

I also collect Darkrai and ironically, I think I like collecting Darkrai slightly better because he always gets epic figurines and speaking of that, my favorite type of merchandise are figurines! He's also more affordable, sometimes.

My third favorite Pokemon is Metagross. He isn't spooky or shadowy but he always saved my gluteus maximus when I used to do competitive battling back in Diamond and Pearl and have come to respect him very much as a Pokemon. Despite getting hit with a nerf bat the size of Wailord this generation, I still think he's an amazing Pokemon. Metagross also reminds me of my grandpa.
Speaking of Grandpa, what if I told you... that my first Pokemon was given to me by my very own grandfather? Grandpa is the reason I have come to like Gengar so much. If Pokemon were real, I would have had a fully evolved glass cannon at my disposal as a kid. That would have been scary fun at the hands of a maniac like myself.
In my journal, I wrote how this came to be if anyone's interested and I also address my most faq: How did this name stick to me like super glue? Even my friends just call me Gengar; I don't think people remember my "real" name, haha.
Sadly, I have NO merchandise of Metagross yet because I'm always bumping into more important Gengar and Darkrai stuff and I get that instead of investing money into the majestic steel titan.
But I will get to him probably next month!

My other favorite is Giratina; I really like it because it's actually one of the few Ghost Types that actually interest me besides Gengar. Platinum is also my favorite Pokemon game; my second favorite is Crystal version.
He also pops up in cemeteries so maybe I'll meet Giratina someday during my "ghost hunts". I'm interested in the paranormal. I also like coconuts.

My new favorites are Aegislash and Trevenant. I ALWAYSSSSS wanted a Ghost and Steel type and got so hyped when I found out about Honedge. FINALLY, my dream came true.
Then they nerfed Steel to the ground. ಥ_ಥ
It was a sad day. But Aegislash is still super cool. I really like complicated and edgy designs...AND SWORDS! Trevenant was a welcomed addition to my X and Y team and he really GREW on me.
These puns are killing me.
I can't wait to at least get my hands on the new Honedge kid figure I found out about thanks to this community.

I have a humble collection that has been growing steadily over the past months.
In contrast, my wallet has also been shrinking. xD
Bah, but enough boring word stuff. Here's a few pictures pictures of what I have so far and I have even acquired a priceless Grail from the community and my first Giratina items! I have tried to keep the pictures as small as possible while still big enough to see details. Also,because I have a potato camera phone, they're not epic Mega Mewtwo Y quality. I tried to retouch them a bit in Photoshop so they look more bright and colorful and not as potato-ish. I haven't included everything here because I think it would make this post stale and really laggy; the rest can be seen on my newly made Flickr if anyone's still interested!

The Dark Void: A Pokemon Collection Where All Things Shadowy and Pitch Black Are Welcomed!

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Thank you for looking!

I now bring you these absolutely disgusting bootlegs I had laying around as my "specially nightmarish" thanks for sticking around. The horrors await under the cut.

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WHY. OH WHY. THEIR FACES. IT MAKES ME SHED TEARS OF BLOOD. I don't know what they were thinking.

I'm very happy to finally have the time to say hello to the community. I joined almost three months back and have been too busy collecting to get everything organized and finally make an intro post. I'm the king of procrastination, unfortunately!

Sweet nightmares everyone. ಠ⌣ಠ
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I LOVE PIKACHU & I LOVE EIEVUI in my room, Banpresto march items (I Love Pikachu)

Hello all!
Here are some March updates for the cranes coming up next month.

Hope these aren't considered spammy, If it is I'll I can take it down :3, just thought it'd be nice to have a collection of merch available in the cranes for the upcoming month so I put together this info post.
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I checked the info tags and saw nothing on this so I'm going to go ahead and post some info.
Check under the cut for some seriously adorable pastel merch coming to the cranes this Spring!

pikachu in my room
Banpresto web
Additional website
■ Release date: Late march, 2014
Magazine available for ¥571, includes tax. (Second link)

Sometimes these magazines have free gifts included, I'm not sure about this one though so I'll have to check it out when it's available!

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These are all AMAZINGLY adorable so I am drooling all over at the moment.
Some of these are so adorable I don't think I`ll be able to pass them up.

Which are your favorites? I`m personally excited about those glasses and the tassle plush!
The girl in the website also makes that blanket look really tempting, Lol.
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Back from Japan GA!

Member wutastic is getting rid of a huge lot, so why not GA it?

This thing'll be run by dezi_kitsune and myself, with Dezi doing the bidding and shipping and myself doing the threads and spreadsheets!

1. Pkmncollectors rules apply.
2. There will be three payments: one for the lot plus domestic shipping to dezi and then shipping from them to you!
3. Please pay within 24 hours.
4. Dezi is shipping from the US.
5. Dezi will be claiming The little Tails Pikachu for $27, the Chibi Kyun Jolty for $12, and the Sylveon Soap Figure for $7
6. I'll be claiming the Little Tails Pikachu pair for $15, and the Pokemon night drawstring bag for $5
7. Bid in increments of at least $1.
8. Dezi's feedback is located here!  Sales permission given 9/24/13 by Allinia
9. My feedback is here! I was given sales permission by entirelycliched in April, 2012.

Auction ends Thursday, 27 February 2014 at 7:00:00 PM PST!

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Added the other two Flygon straps, Latios Strap and Split up all the curry stickers!

Dragonite and Amphy

Custom gets! +sales

The 2 customs arrived

Hello everyone so I receive 2 packages in the mail today;
and I just had to share these to cuties. Sadly the mail person had to squish one of them in. <3

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°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° SALES: °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
If you wish for a cheaper prices then let me know so we can negotiate!
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
+I am willing to trade for any of my wishies: +Pikachu/Sylveon Plushies/Figures.
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TCG Gets!

I recently just bought a Rayquaza EX Tin and wanted to share my gets with all you guys! I made a video if you want to watch me unbox it/open the packs!

Making videos is waaay easier than making a huge gets post haha.

Also don't forget to check out my sales! I have a lot of extras from this tin (and the other tins I recently bought which I'll post about later... hehe) that I'm trying to sell/trade/get rid of. And my blog, which I post about my TCG videos/other random collecting reviews and thoughts. And I just gave away a code card on my blog, so try to see if you can get it! :D

Thanks for reading/watching guys! :D

Mew Escaping

New Poke-Buildables!

I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but apparently the brand of buildable figures called Ionix has received the Pokemon license and will be releasing figures of old and new Pokemon alike, including human characters and Mega Evolutions. For instance, check out the Bulba line:

There are some photos from the Toy Fair, and a video showcasing them here as of one minute in. Unfortunately I can't seem to find much info about Ionix, and I personally have never heard of them myself. It's definitely a different style, which imo works for Pokemon like Eevee and Bulbasaur. Anyone thinking of collecting them? :>

I've also updated my Sales Post with more plushies and figures, right on time for the Spring Gift Exchange! Free Pokemon drawings included with every purchase! :3


Seeking Whimsicott items

I want items with whimsicott, (even if I don't post it in the list I may want it), like the pita poke, the with you pin, charms, etc.

I ALREADY HAVE: pokedoll, type focus plush, cottonee pokedoll, large sticker. Don't off these.
Thanks :)

Oh, my zip code is 28032, please add that to the quote.:)
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

XY Kids: February Set (Mega Mewtwo, more!) Sales!!

Hi everyone! I just got the newest set of kids in, and there's a lot of good ones this time around. Please take a look!


1. Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 2009. Feedback can be found here.
2. I ship from California, USA!
3. PayPal payments accepted (NO ECHECK), contact me if you cannot use PayPal, I will try to work with you.
4. I ship on Saturdays. My next shipping date is March 1st/March 3rd.
5. I ship the kids in a bubble mailer. :)
6. All kids will be shipped new, in box!!

Available: 3 Charizard, 3 Venusaur, 2 Blastoise, 7 Mega Mewtwo Y, 3 Pichu, 5 Swirlix, 1 Spritzee, 4 Vivillion, 3 Spewpa, 2 Talonflame, 1 Malamar

The kids are $5.60 plus shipping! Please comment with your location to get a quote with shipping!

Thank you for looking!

Small sales!

Hey guys! I know I promised a collection update a while ago, but I've only got like 2 things. I'm not really going to be collecting much for a while (due to money and space reasons, also I'm heading off to college in the Fall). I'll probably do my update when the Spring Swap happens (yeah, I'll do it then, I'll just lump it into one convenient post ^__^)
Anyway, today I have a couple things to sell

I was granted sales permission in June of 2012 by entirelycliched
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/jeffyisaraichu/
I ship from the US and will ship anywhere
Paypal only
all prices are in USD
I'm open to haggling, but I really need the money so don't be offended if I reject your offer
I will only hold items for people who intend to pay
I'd really love it if you paid before Monday, so I don't have to make several PO trips
I will be shipping on Monday, February 24

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Also here are my ebay sales: http://www.ebay.com/sch/jeffyryanrawr22/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Thanks for looking! 
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help identifying a figure, and a birthday collection update.

i'm posting a lot lately don't mind me.
I was wondering if anyone (particulary Jirachi collectors i suppose) could help me out?
I won this figure in a lot of random stuff, but i am not particularly certain about what it is.

i'm GUESSING because of the style it IS maybe a pokedoll figure, but it doesn't have any marks and it has a ring on it's head like maybe it would was supposed to be attached to something else? Does anyone know what it might be from or what else it would have come with? i know jirachi does have a pokedoll figure, but it does look a bit different than this one, so i was hoping someone could offer any insight if it is a pokedoll figure at all. xD

i added more pictures under the cut!

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secondly, today is my 22nd birthday, SO i wanted to post my new collections. As much as i didn't want to collect gen 6 pokes there were just..too many to resist.

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anyway! that's all for today! thank you<3

Lowered sales prices and wanted! Latias and latios

Hi guys :) I lowered a lot of the prices in my sales so you should check them out!
Click here or the picture to go~


Also some wants, I'm not looking for too many things, just some lati stuff, and as always this guy:

And really just any latios or latias plush. I'm always wanting those!
You can click here to go to my permanent wants post :3

Thank you for looking <333
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Spring Swap Sales

Hey guys! I got my spring swap assignment today :D So I need some money to buy them stuff and you guys need items for your SS partners!
I don't mind working with you if the price is a little high and I'll ship super super fast for ya.
I also have a couple fennekin items I need to post.

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International fees went up. Base shipping for anything (except flats) is $6.55. Do not inquire if this bothers you. There is nothing I can do about it.

UPDATED 2/22/2013
Click the images for bigger photos

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calling all plush makers! :D + updated wants!

Hello all, happy weekend!

Today, I'm looking for a plush maker to make me a custom plush. c: I'm looking for a standing proportional Manectric to be made! c: Fabric doesn't matter - as long as he's as proportional as can be! :3

Before I offer my monies - I was wondering if any of you plush makers might be interested in a trade (something/s from my collection for your handiwork! :D)! Please comment or message me if this might interest you! You can view my collection here:


Also, I've updated my wants post here, please take a look and see if you can help! :D :D :D

Click here or the banner to be transported!

Thats all from me today~ thanks so much! :*
by viper_fox

Gets + updated sales (lots of discounts)

I managed to complete my Pokedex with the GTS (and thanks to a friend for the legendaries), so I obtained the Shiny charm and thus new Shiny Pokémon ^^
First, Kaa (the snake from The Jungle Book) and Clotho (one of the three Moirai (or Fates) in Greek mythology). I really appreciate Poison Pokémon and I love both of their colors.
Then we have Minnie and Speedy (Gonzales). I was looking for Galvantula but I'm happy with them nevertheless.

But I also found a 1/8192 Shiny this week. On Wednesday, while I was crossing the Relic Passage on Black 2 using Super Repels, I walked on a ground shaking spot and found this
What a luck ! I'm happy even if I don't know how to call him yet ^^

And now let's see what I received

¤ from pokemontrader
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¤ from Noppin
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¤ from AmiAmi
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¤ from HobbyLink
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Thank you for reading :3

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(XY Kids + Discounts)

Mareep Zukan want

Hey there!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I am currently looking to buy the Mareep Zukan~

Image from Amazon

I am also looking for other mareep things like stamps and dice. My mareep collection is pretty small at the moment, so if you have any mareep things for sale feel free to let me know! I probably don't have it.

Depending on where the person selling is, I have a US address; 58201 and a Canadian one; R2G 0M4

Some New Gets!

Thanks to income tax time, I got to splurge a little and just wanted to share. All the female Meowstic stuff is actually going to a good friend, though as a surprise birthday gift in a couple of months~
Thank you to the LJ user I bought the Mew Pokedoll from! c:
Also, my cat really liked it so he placed himself into a shot when I was taking pictures, haha.

Oh yeah! If anyone knows a site to buy some of the I <3 Gothic series from, would you please share? I've really been wanting to invest in some of the plushies! (Especially any Gengar).

Thank you! uwu

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Hi everyone!
I havent been able to be active as much but i am glad to be back :)
here are some more pictures of my collection...
this collection has some of the pokedolls in the back! my favorite one is the torchic pokedoll!
Tell me which one you guys like the most ;)
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giratina, origin

Looking for

Looking for the Yveltal TOMY Vinyl figure BRAND NEW. I NEED A SEALED ONE.

Out of stock on my country. Please help ! If someone can buy one at Toy R Us or something ! (less shipping possible please)
Capture d’écran 2014-02-22 à 22.28.10

Sales, Pokemon Colosseum, and wants!

Hi guys! Spring swap has started and I haven't advertised my sales in a while, so here's a shameless sales plug. Click the banner below to see what I've got for sale! :3

I've also got Pokémon Colosseum and the bonus disc up for straight sale! Both come with their original cases and inserts. The cases have very faint scratches on the plastic but nothing noticable unless you look closely. I'm selling them together for $35 + shipping.

Also, I'm seeking these things in particular! They're limited to Japan I believe, and I haven't found them anywhere online... ;A;
MEGMILK Sleeping Sylveon and Pikachu box (Empty/drained) and this Sylveon PokeCen Pressed Coin.

New items for march and april!

Hi! I don't thinkkk anyone posted these yet (I saw these on the Pokemon Collectors Japan facebook group and wanted to share, if these are yours and you don't want them here let me know and I'll take this post down!). Credit goes to eternal_rena :D

- The 1st set of XY Kimewaza Kids (Apr 2014)
- Mega Ring by Takara Tomy Edit: (Apr, 17 2014)
- New Tomy MC (Normal Size, Super Size, with Monster Ball, Mega Evolution sets) by Takara Tomy (Mar 2014)
- Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken Pose Figures and the next set of Candy Figures by TTA (Mar 2014)

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Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

super massive sales! :D

Hey all! :D I have updated and organised my sales, hooray! And reduced lots of prices, get this stuff out my house please :)

I still have TONS of stuff up for sale, including Pokedolls of all sizes (mini, regular and oversize), lots of plushies, figures and charms! Something for everyone. <3 Come take a look! Bargains to be had! :D Lots of things for your Secret Spring Swap! <3 Yay!

(p.s. Watch out for a collection update soon since I got a mini grail! :D Hooray!)