February 23rd, 2014

Extreamly strange get!

Hey guys something strange happened. I was at this Local Thrift/Antique store and it has a noctorious owner. the man resembles a Pirate version of santa clause, he tends to sell things very high even if broken. I was told if somethings broken he tends to up the price just to be mean . well anyways I was walking through and found this very weird item. at first I thought it was a sun with a face on it..but I keeped staring at this yellow ball thing..looking at it for a good 60 seconds I relised could it be?! Yes! its MEOWTH! Unfortunately he had a broken ear. the guy had it priced at 4 bucks but the girl gave me a dollar off considering it was broken. she said she would have sold it for 2 bucks but santa showed up so she gave it to me at 3. Its very unique pice. Meowth appears to be made out of a coconut! he has a string were you can hang him on display. Luckly I was able to glue parts of his ear back! I never seen anything like it!

meowth 3



also after 3 years of searching! I found my Furret! thought I lost this guy for ever! he was burried in a box full of stuff on the very bottom. I am so glad I didn't have to buy another one! I considered him good as gone but I was looking for something else and wound up finding him instead. can you belive it?! took 3 years to find this lost figure in my room!

Help identifying, a Ga reminder and a few gets

I have been working hard on updating and renovating my collection site but I have hit a few road blocks I have several figures and one plush that I need more info on in order to properly list them on my site, any info on any of these would be very helpful
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lastly a reminder for the Many Metal Figures Ga (80 figures) that ends in about a day with many rare figures with one to no bids
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A couple of beginner/noob questions about Zukans - Yahoo Japan Auctions

Alright, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post questions like that publicly so if I can't just let me know and link where I can post these king of questions. Thanks!

1. Does it's have a list somewhere where I can find some of the Zukan sold prices other than Ebay? I'm a former video game collector and used to go to this site to know the price range for video games: http://videogames.pricecharting.com/ I looked around through Google, but can't find something similar for Zukans, so if anyone know if it's have something like that or an home mage list or whatever, let me know!

2.About buying from Yahoo Japan Auctions. I found myself not later than last night finding the existence of this and got pretty much on rush when I saw some pretty great deal auctions ending some hours after I notice the existence of Yahoo Japan Auctions. I firstly created an account on Noppin (thinking it was the auction original site (like Ebay)) But I found it was only a middle man plan website. That said I'm pretty much disapointed I losed an item I bidded on even higher than the bidder winner but for some reason I didn't won the item/my bid didn't went.. I contacted Noppin about that so hopefully I'll get a clear answer there.

Anyway, other than that story, I'm curious to know you guys thoughts/opinions on middle man websites for Yahoo Japan Auctions? Which ones should you recommend, which one you wouldn't etc.

I guess these are pretty much my questions for now, hopefully I'll get some help,

my recent gets, and building a site! :3

I'd like to post here more often but I'm simply really shy and don't know what to say. u.u

I get things in the mail pretty frequently but just feel like it's all pretty insignificant stuff since I'm pretty new to collecting, even though I've gotten some rare stuff recently... so I thought I'd finally share... :D

and also, for the past little while I've been building my own collection site with weebly! (which is a royal pain to work with, so finicky sometimes) I'd rather not give the name out quite yet since it's still under construction, but that's where I'll be keeping pictures of all of my individual items. I love working on stuff like this, and I've put a ton of time into making it look good, taking pics, organizing, etc. so I hope people can enjoy it eventually!

If anyone's interested at all, I'll be showing collections of these Pokemon there (I've noticed I collect a lot of different Pokemon compared to most others I've seen, LOL. sorry wallet): main collections are Pancham/Pangoro, Raichu, Dragonite, and side collections are the electric rodents, Gengar line, Celebi, Ho-Oh, Rayquaza and Deoxys, small various normal & electric type collections and some randoms like Slowpoke's line, Delibird, Sableye, Togepi's line, Snubbull's line, and Reuniclus!

anyways! ;3 pictures of recent things will be below, thanks for reading! ♥

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pbody wave

reminder, wants, and a question!

Hey guys! My auctions for a weird Raichu, Pidgeotto zukan piece, and others are ending in a few hours! I've also updated my sales post with new pictures of everything, so it should be easier to see what's available! Click HERE for auctions and HERE for sales! Haggling/trades/etc are always welcome, just link me to your sales post if you'd like to trade :D

Wants! Looking for a Jolteon I<3Eevee keychain plush - maybe $12-13 shipped to the US? Also looking for some kind of cheaper charm/keychain/pin/button/etc of Vaporeon! Not really sure what's out there, so show me what you've got!

Aaand finally, does anyone remember this old Pokemon promotional video/commercial?
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The first half is kind of silly, but starting at 2:47 you can catch a few glimpses of merch in the background (including the big Snorlax plush!). I don't remember seeing the Zubat and Poliwhirl plush from 3:22 before! Kind of neat :D


Hello everyone~ I hope everyone's having a great weekend!

I come to you today with a want: the I Love Eevee HQ lying plush! (sorry no picture) I really want to get this cutie before it goes up exponentially in price and rarity. Right now, I can't buy off sites like eBay because I don't have money in my paypal and I can't get money in it very quickly. But I do have a bunch of cash lying around.. So does anyone have it for sale (who is okay with concealed cash), for around $40 shipped? EDIT: To US 48331.

You can also look at my other wants, but I can't guarantee I can buy anything now (>w<)

Thanks for looking!
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updated sales! plush, figures, stickers, tcg and more! also, collection instagram~

Hey guys! I have updated my sales with new plush, figures, stickers, TCG and more for the upcoming spring swap! Come check it out! I am also offering free US shipping for orders over $15 until the end of this month!
(Note: I do ship internationally, but it's so expensive that I can't offer free shipping.. Sorry!)

I've also started an Instagram for my Pokemon collection! As a few of you may know, I used to co-run pokeplush on tumblr with a friend where we would post pictures of our plush collection. Unfortunately, that blog is now very, very inactive, but I've started up an Instagram account where I'll be posting semi-daily. All photos are of my current collection (expect lots of Sylveons, haha!) and are taken by me! Come check it out. My username is Pokepei. *u*

I am waiting on lots of goodies from various sites, so expect an amazing gets post soon!

I'm also wondering what kind of merchandise there is for Noibat and Noviern? I know there are the charms and the clearfiles, but have I missed anything? Thanks!!

More Pokemon Center Plush Sales and Collection Update

More pokedolls on the horizon means more duplicate sales.
Any plush is $26 shipped anywhere in the US (Inkay and Helioptile are $22)
Ask for international quotes.
All plush are NWT from Japan.

2014-02-23 13.41.33

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I updated my collection page yet again, it's hard to believe I already have 1/3 of the X and Y pokemon as plush.
Not to mention that 9 more pokemon have already been scheduled for release later this year!

Casual Shoto

Sale post :) + tiny question

No major update on my sale, but since the Spring Secret Swap have started, maybe I have something in my sale that can help someone ^-^
As for me I already found the gift for my special someone!! :D I am so proud of what I found <3 can't wait to get it in the mail!

Click the picture of this link -> http://miniterasu.livejournal.com/2436.html

Tiny question:
How can I take care of this kind of material? I've seen some plush with that material that started to peel for no reason :( and I don't want my Lucario to loose his gray part ><


Thank you ^-^ 
zelda - link - starry staircase

wanted: everything TCG-related!

I have not been active in this community since 2010 but I am happy to see that it is still as active as ever! Hopefully that will make my search a lot easier ^_^

A bunch of my buddies and I have recently gotten back into the card game and are looking to add new cards to our combined collection of cards, as well as our personal decks.

I am looking for:
* Any cards from HG/SS Unleashed series and UP+ (No 1st.gen, please)
* Primes, LV. X, EX, Full-Art, etc.
* Binders, Card boxes, Coins, Card Sleeves, Etc. (design does not matter, as long as it is Poke-related)

I know it seems like a very vague request, but there are 7+ of us with different decks/tastes, and we will seriously look at ANYTHING (and can pay immediately)! If we can buy bulk, it would be even better!

And as I have said, this is the first time I have checked into this community for 3+ years, so if you recently posted a sale that contained newer TCg, please feel free to link it!

Thank you so much in advance!<3

Someone can help?

Has anyone ever bought from takarazukadesigns on ebay?
3 days ago I bought an Inkay Pokedoll from them, I wanna know what people think about this seller, if they are trustable, how many time to wait till they have shipped.

There's some time I don't post here, hope there's nothing wrong (even with my spell :x)

Looking for Sylveons

Hello, havent been on here in a while, schools been eating up most of my time and money -_-
anyways, i normally collect gengar but today i come to you looking for sylveon merch! right now mostly plushies and keychains or straps and really anything besides flats! oh or if anyone has any of those 3ds cases i would love to look at those! Thank you so much for any help!
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Seeking Cobalion Items

So, I have decided to start my first pokemon collection of Cobalion!
He's a really awesome pokemon, I like him a lot.
I'm looking for any item that is cobalion.
I don't have a single cobalion item!

I'll be interested in every merch:
-everything cobalion!

Thank you in advance! :)

Is this website safe?

Hey everyone, I have a question to ask you!

Is this website safe to order from? Have you dealt with them before, and do they offer legitimate merchandise?

I ask because they have three items that I would love to buy, but I'm hesitant because I don't know much about them.

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Thanks in advance for the help!

Pikachu Plush Help!

Hello all!

Today I am in search of information as well as possibly buying some Pika plushes!

From doing some research it seems there are pikachu plushes that are specific to each pokemon center in japan. If this is true, I would love to have one pika from each PC.

So far I have found these according to location:


Non were found so I need help with this one :(

pikachu tohoku
I have found this one as well as the 4 leaf clover pika so any help as to which one is just sold at Tohoku would be awesome!


I'm a little confused if Tokyo has its own PC or if Tokyo station/bay are its PCs?

Tokyo Bay/Station:
pikachu tokyo baypikachu tokyo station

pikachu yokohama

pikachu nagoya

pikachu osaka
Again this was the only one I could find for Osaka so if there is another one, please let me know!
(Also found a red bowtie winking pika for Osaka.)

pikachu fukuoka

So far I have/ have coming to me are Tokyo bay pika (blue shirt) and Tohoku pika with badge. Willing to hear offers/buy any of the other ones if anyone is selling them!
I would prefer if they came with hang tags or with them detached so I know which center they belong to. :3

Thank you for reading!

Warning: Shady ebay user trying to rip off customers

This post is mostly aimed at European / German collectors.
I am not sure if this falls under the "post no ongoing auctions" rule, so I will NOT link to it directly.
If it should still be against that rule in any way, I will of course delete this at once!

Anyway, on the German ebay, there is a user called "fantasy..of..time" which appears to be VERY dodgy.
They used MY photos that I had posted in the community for their auction. I sent them a message asking them to replace my photo with a photo of THEIR item, and they replied with a very rude message.
Afterwards, they stole a photo from the community again (this time from another member).

In the private message to me, they claimed that their item was actually "in the original packaging and never been played with, so it would only be in BETTER condition than the stolen photo" but I don't believe that is true, otherwise they would have used their own photo, right?

I assume their item is in bad condition and they want to sell it overpriced.
I have contacted ebay but I don't know if they would do anything against this.


Super fast auctions, rare items including some Pokedoll pattern things =)

Here I have a handful of items up for auctions which will be available for bidding for 2 days!
The auctions will end on Tues night at 11pm Japan time (that's 9am EST in the USA). Bidding extensions as per community rules. Granted sales permission on 03/17/11 by dakajojo