February 24th, 2014

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TOMY question and some junkshop goodies

Hallo all!

I've got a few questions, and also wondering about some merchandise I picked up recently.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

It's just a cardboard card, but no giveaway in the Japanese on the front or back as to what it is exactly.
Anyone know what these are called or where they're from? Does anyone have any in their collection?
I'd like to get some if there are more in specific Pokemon, but I have no idea what to search for. (><)

Got this little guy today, and I was curious what this was from, and when it was released. If anyone had any information on it, I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm really in the dark about pins/badges in general, and would like to learn a little more.
I recently saw some super old metal pins which looked almost identical to the older medal swing charms (even have that same glittery background). I couldn't find any info or pics, so I was wondering if anyone had any of these or knows anything about them?
I was also curious about any official released metal pins with characters or any kind of series release. I was having trouble finding any real info on pokemon pins in general, so if anyone has any information I'd love to listen.

And lastly! I was wondering if there was some kind of rarity guide (not price checks) for TOMY figures that collectors/sellers refer to? I sort of want to make a list of them in tiers based on rarity or if there already is something like that I'd love to see it.
I've been trying to read up on them but it's sort of hard to find reliable information so any collectors past experiences would be really helpful.

Thanks for looking! (^^;;)

Attention Halloween Plush Experts

Hello Everyone!

Today I am attempting to make a list of all known Halloween Pokemon plush toys, and I figured I'd ask you guys for some help.

Are all of the toys in the photos I found legit?

Am I missing any, and do you have a picture of the toy so I can add it to my wants list?

I got all of the photos from google images, so I apologize if they belong to anyone, I can take them down if need be, just let me know. :)

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Thanks in advance! I love being able to ask the experts for help. :)

PokemonTrader's Japanese Card Emporium - GRAND REOPENING!


My new get! Also need some help

Hello people!, it has been a long time since my first post to the community. I come back with an awesome get for zukan! I have been waiting to get these guys for a long time and now I got them!!

This was my first post

And here, it is my favorite zukans, I called it "good night collection" because it stays on top on my bed. XD


I also have my want lists here

Ps. I need some help trying to contact 2 people in this community.
1. havvaiibabe
2. finniee
If anyone personally know them please let them know that I need to pay a payment for them but I did inbox them like 5 times already, no reply, I dont know if my inbox or their inbox has the problem, I have a lots of problem by receiving and sending the message. Thank you

Quick Sales~

Long time, no see, friends! Hope you've all been well.
I'm setting up a sales post in hopes of weeding out part of my collection, so please have a look!

Information: PLEASE READ.
*Approved for sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
*I ship from New Zealand, internationally. PLEASE NOTE: shipping totals to USD$11.00 for most items; yes, even for flats.
*All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
*I only accept payment as 'goods' via Paypal; please ensure to include your username and what you've purchased!
*Prices are shipping exclusive.
*Will hold items for 48 hours if committed to an item.
*Prices are in USD.
*Once again: shipping for items listed below will be ~$11.00 INTERNATIONALLY. It's likely the shipping will remain at $11.00 even if I ship 2-3 plush. PLEASE DO NOT request a quote if you aren't satisfied with this.

NB: All plush were stored in plastic bags on my shelves. Tags will be flawless unless specified.
If you want extra pictures of a certain item, please request them!

I love Eevee Umbreon DX plush: $26

I love Eevee Espeon DX plush: $25

Korotto Manmaru Eevee plush: $12

Shinx 2006 standing plush: $31

Shinx 2009 sitting plush - $28

Eevee 2009 canvases: $72 shipped.

Umbreon PC plush - $35
Vaporeon PC plush - $40
Espeon PC plush x2 - $ 26
Eevee PC plush - $ 23

Raichu pokedoll: $30 ON HOLD.
Shiny Magikarp pokedoll: $35

Mascot Eevee plush - $21
I Love Eevee Keychain - $9
Eevee Egg Plush - $18
Big Eevee Tail - $27
Small Eevee Tail - $14

(Note: all lamps are NIB, except for the jigglypuff above which I took out of its box to take a photo. According to the box, they are 'room lamps.' )
Jiggypuff 'room lamp' - $20.00 (purple base x1, brown base x2.)
Electabuzz 'room lamp' - $16.00
Pikachu on hat 'room lamp' - $33.00
Pikachu chibi stamp: $7.00

FREEBIES: free with $45+ purchase. Left: pikachu, genesect.

FREEBIES: free with any purchase, save for the togepi strap and plush card ($30+ purchase.) Left: vaporeon card, stickers to the top right, togepi strap, sticker sheets to left (partial.)

Thank you for looking, everyone!


Looking for these TOMY figures

Does anyone have these figures for sale, or know where I can get them?
Electrode, Nidorino, Porygon and Gastly.

If you're selling them, please give me a quote with shipping to Finland, please ^__^


My Gastly has a scratch on his eye, so I'm looking for a replacement, but he's not as high-priority as the rest here.

Also, shameless sales plug!
Mareep Pokemon

Melbourne Weekend Meet, March 2nd!

THIS MEET HAS BEEN CANCELLED! - This is due to my stellar advertising that most people forgot and made other plans to the point where it would actually only be two people going as far as I know, one of whom isn't feeling well anyway. Keep an eye out for a new post to advertise the new meet date where hopefully there will be a higher available attendance =)

Fffff I forgot one of us should make a thread on here. It's pannsie's fault ♥ my bad.

There is a Melbourne, Australia meet planned for Sunday 2nd March!

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Also, a non-meet related question. Is pokemon collecting your most expensive hobby?

I've found from avoiding pokemon collection sites (mostly) the last month that I've been able to afford to order two BJDs plus have money saved up for another important non-hobby thing. Now, I am in a few other hobbies and collections, and I wouldn't have actually thought this when you compare it to $500+ BJDs, sometimes pricey and numerous Monster High dolls and such. But I suppose it's the constant influx of releases from the pokemon center and all the other licensed pokemon manufacturers, and the mark-ups on items that we non-Japanese-based collectors need deputies/pick-ups for. It really made me wonder if it is just the way I collect, or if it's other pokemon collectors that have found that the price of this hobby is so great too? What about those of you who collect multiple non-related things like me? Or those of you who only collect one or two pokemon as opposed to those of you who collect everything you like?

Just something I've been thinking about ♥ I'd love to hear your views!

Gets gets gets!

Even though this package came super quickly, I was still filled with anxiety to the brim and checked the mailbox every second I could.  :3 It arrived right on time and now I have some pictures for you with my little friend Flare.  Click the cut to help Flare go through my box!

[I&apos;ll help you Flare!]

Sorry for the somewhat crappy quality photos.  I didn't have my camera with me and so I had to use my phone.
Also thank you to the seller for sending that awesome Axew strap!  I didn't even ask for it, but it was a very great surprise!
Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Quickie Offers Post!

Since I have other Jolteon charms and I am looking for some extra money, I am putting my 2008 Pokemon Center Jolteon charm up for offers.

It is free of any blemishes or damage,was only used for display.

I will ship internationally but be aware that shipping costs will be higher.

Offers start at $20! The auction ends a week after whenever the first bid is placed. Please bid in $1 increments.

New Kids sales!

I got my box of Kids today so I'm offering up my extras (to be honest, I didn't even remember I bought this set lol)
Granted sales permission by on Jan 18, 2013 entirelycliched
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bobsama195/

I only accept Paypal
Price is in USD

Each kid will be $5 each
Shipping is from Canada and starts at $4.90 everywhere
I don't have any more extra bubble mailers so I'll be sending them wrapped in bubble wrap in regular large envelopes. If you want a bubble mailer, then it'll be at least an extra $1.50
I usually ship things out on weekends

Any other questions, just ask!
What I have:
-Mega mewtwo Y x2
-Swirlix x2
-Spritzee x1
-Vivillon x1
-Spewpa x1
-Talonflame x1
-Malamar x2
-Pichu x2
-Venusaur x1
-Blastoise x1
-Charizard x1
-Manectric x1
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WANTED: Cobalion Merch!

Hello guys!
I'm in a search for Cobalion merch for my collection!
Please just offer ANYTHING you have that has Cobalion on it! :)

By the way, Has anybody seen this charm and could confirm this isn't a booty? I never knew there was a Cobalion charm! I realllllly wanted a charm and knowing theres a Cobalion charm makes it my top priority item!
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Also, A detailed wish list could be found here, although I'm looking for Cobalion items in general. If your item isn't there PLEASE offer it anyways! :)
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France Exclusive Pokemon sales

I have 2 France Promo holo Jolteon/Flareon cards for sale. They were distributed in France McDonald's only!
Jolteon is 6/12 and Flareon is 2/12. They are mint!

I also snagged an extra eevee Mcdonalds toy with package as well! His head and tail swivel. Very cute and big! He could only be purchased through McDonalds in France. I opened it because the card was hanging out of its container and I didn't want it to get bent. Sadly, it already had :( So this eevee comes with a free promo holo espeon 7/12. It's not a bad bend, but the card is not mint.

Jolteon promo holo-$4
Flareon promo holo-$4
Eevee toy- $32

Feedback here please! http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/syminka/
          Sales permission from lineaalba


Thank you!
Oh, everybody who has purchased from me, your items have been shipped! Please leave me feedback in the link above. I'd appreciate it and will return the favor ^__^
Holmes, Sherlock, John, Watson

Wanted: Pumpkaboo DX and MPC Plush

So I've been on the hunt and I can't seem to find the MPC Pumpkaboo plushies anywhere, yet alone the DX plush. (But if I remember correctly, the DX Plush was maybe until March...?) But after herar posted pictures of the MPC Pumpkaboo, I can't seem to find others or even listings. Maybe I am looking under the wrong name, but I thought I would turn to you guys for some info or where to find these little guys~! :D

Bell plush Offers, Regular Sales, and More!

Hello all!

Today some lovely little plush came in and as I don't collect most of these, they are going up for offers to you the fair comm!
(I did keep a few for myself hehe)

Bell plush
Some plush will start at $20, most will be at $50, and the rarer ones will be at $100.

I am also taking offers on these items as well:

shiny plush
Charizard shiny Custom Pokedolls Start at $50
Spheal traded.

slowbro christmas
Slowbro Christmas Tree Figure starts at $30
Shadow Lugia (legit) starts at $75

Pokemon Bath salt MIP starts at $10

Togepi 1/1 starts at $10
Lucario starts at $100

16" kyogre starts at $80
Prototype budew starts at $75

Please read the rules before making offers!
Offers will last one week and end on March 3, 2014 at 10 PM PST.
The countdown can be found here.

Sales permission given on March 15, 2013 by Allinia
My feedback is here.

I do offer payment plans :)
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I also have some lots and many more items in my sales journal!

Click here to be teleported!

Please don't comment or offer until all the threads are up!
Threads are up! Offer away!

Hey guys! Quick question again about Sylveons... plus some gets on the way! :3

I finally managed to snag some interesting Sylveon items which are now on their way from Japan! I'm so excited for them to arrive so I can show you guys. :3

I have a question for the more experienced collectors out there though. I've not been collecting Sylveons long and it's quite hard to keep up to date with releases and announcements of items so I tend to bookmark some other people's collections and I use them as a 'base' if I want to know what something is/whether something's an official item or not. SlothyShroom's Sylveon collection is particularly handy for this! But where do people find out about releases? It'd be much easier for me to keep up to date with releases from some kind of official source. Thanks to anyone that can help! :3

Custom Commission Help!

Hey everyone!
It's that time of year again, and I'm prepping my pokemon cosplays for a convention coming up. I already have an eevee cosplay in the works, but I think I want one other costume as well. I've been considering cosplaying Omanyte for a while now since he's my favorite pokemon, and now with all the Helix Fossil madness I definitely want to xD
I already have a blue dress and I'm planning on buying a wig, but I need some sort of shell. I was hoping to get some sort of plush shell that I can wear on my back. I was hoping for something of decent size (probably about a foot in diameter). I don't really have a preference about material as long as it isn't felt. This is something that will remain a part of my omanyte collection even when I'm not cosplaying haha. Is there anyone here that would be open to this sort of commission? If so, please let me know! =]

Found someone! Thanks everyone!

Also, here's a sales plug xD

Thank you!!
happy kotone

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Sneak Peak!

Sales permission regranted by denkimouse November 23, 2013 [feedback]
I ship from a smoke-free home, but I do have a hypoallergenic dog who is nowhere near my items.
I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world!
I accept PayPal only
I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages (I do offer tracking!)
Auctions end on Friday at midnight EST!
Good luck!
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And don't forget to check out my sales which are updated constantly!

(going to bed soon so don't fret if I don't get to your comments. I'll be back at them after class today!)