February 25th, 2014

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super wants post!

update: i ended up getting all of my harder to find, high priority wants!! i love you guys so much.

hi everyone, how're you all doing today? ^__^

i'm pretty close to getting the rest of my packages, but i'm still craving a few more goodies!! i'll be posting a better intro and HQ pictures of my stuff once i have everything set up. click the cut if you'd like to see my wants!

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i appreciate you guys taking the time to read my post, and thank you in advance for any help! ♥

Since you guys are so very helpful...

... I'd like one of you lovely merchandise experts to help me identify an item. :3

Yesterday I found a mystery and almost hidden away little bargain on eBay so I snatched it up while I could. It's a collection of small Eeveelution figures that only cost me £13 in total. I grabbed them mostly for the Sylveon items even though I already have the 711 figure strap on the way (so I'll have one to keep mint and one to put on my phone! yay!!). I recognise the Glaceon X and Y movie figure and the Espeon kid figure but... who's this Eevee?

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Sales post, Sale Shelf - open to offers

I will post internationally
I don't make the pnp prices so please don't complain
shipping can be calculated here: http://www.postoffice.co.uk/price-finder
Buyer to pay paypal fees
Sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on December 12th, 2012!
Sale Shelf
Various items in various condition, so any questions just ask.
No plush are bootleg as far as I am aware, all but sudowoodo were bought personally from reputable shops and he is from this very comm!
I am not sure about the authenticity of the small figures, bells & meowth stamp so sold as unknown
Items of note are the Dialga pokedoll from pokemon center tokyo, chimchar with a cake from UFO catcher in Nagoya and a tomica pokemon bus!
Chance to grab a bargain!

Shipping to USA is all the same I don't need to know your ZIP
Its based on weight and package size
It starts at $10 for around a 250g parcel which is my guess weight of a small plushy+packaging. If someone has weighing scales you can help me by telling me average weight of small figures/plushies.

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Looking for Pokemon HeartGold

So, after shiny hunting on my Y version, and watching numerous Youtube videos of people getting live shinies, I've gotten the urge to replay Heartgold. Unfortunately, none of the stores around here sell it anymore. Not even Gamestop. Much to my disappointment.

I could easily get one on eBay, but I'd rather get one off someone here in this community since I've had an easy time buying other things from you guys. :D I don't want to spend more than $30 for the game, including shipping. There's no need for the box, case, PokeWalker, nothing. Just the game cartridge itself. (Since it's probably the cheapest way to ship it after all.)

If you've got one you'd like to sell, hit me up! Thanks in advance!

Gold Auctions!

Hello community!

I'm here today to show you the gold keshimon auctions! I have Jolteon, Zapdos and Pikachu sleeping on a rock Don't miss this chance :)


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  • I still have the Eeveelutions megablocks on auction over HERE

  • I have reorganized the kids and the megablocks left on my Sales Post so take a look HERE or click the Poochyena! :3


Epcot Stock Update: The Disappointment

Hello everyone! Forgive me if I'm a bit late to the party, but I had to share this with you all. My friend went to Epcot recently and sent me a picture... I was quite sad. :(
I don't see any Pokedolls in this picture at all. It's just Tomys for as far as the eye can see. This picture was taken a few weeks ago. Do you think that they'll stop carrying Pokedolls and switch over to Tomy since they're more accessible?
That's all for now. u_u
Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

~SlothyShroom Shiny Fox and Sun Lizard Auction!~

It's finally time! I've gotten back into sewing again! I've been super busy with work, personal issues and I'm in the process of moving but I had a wee bit of time to do these two. I was aiming for one more but I'll save it for next month. The shiny XY craze has smitten me, so prepare for future Kalos shiny plush once I've settled in to my new digs~

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Also, I'm still after quite a bit of Sylveon's on my WANTS PAGE~
If you have any, I'd appreciate a comment or offer. :D


Dragonite and Amphy

(ノ・◡・)ノ ♡{Sylveon/Pikachu/Eevee Wants~ Buying/Trading]

Hello everyone; hope you are all having a great day! ヽ(´▽`)ノ
I am looking for some cute Sylveon/Pikachu items, my other wishies, and a Minky Eevee Pokedolls.

The items I am trading and are seeking are located on my weebly account: My Trade list.

The max budget I am spending at the moment is $20.
So I would really love to trade but if its a must I can also buy.
Please let me know what you have! Looking for some cute figures. <3
dancy gatr

Give me all your gatrs, all your hugs and kisses too!~

iiiittt's that time again.

I don't have any pictures right now of things I need, because a bunch of them were from ebay listings I missed, and my computer got stolen a few months ago so I don't have the pictures anymore ^^;
BUT. I can tell you that I just want Feraligatr merch you might have. Just show me what you got, and I'll take a look.

Some things I need off the top of my head are (I know it sounds ridiculous but..) Feraligatr boxer shorts,

there's a shirt that features feraligatr, elekid and one other pokemon that says water type, etc..

A wallet that features feraligatr, scizor and lugia... if you have seen any of those things, let me know.

Otherwise just show me your gatrs!! (I am also interested in people's feraligatr collections, feel free to share those with me too!)

And, as always, still looking for these glorious Feraligatr slippers:


and just cause, here are the other pokemon I also collect:
465331323 160-frame1

So if you have anything of any of these pokemon, please let me know!

Thanks for looking :]

Fun Photos

Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I'd make a post about fun photos with your Pokemon Merchandise!

Have you ever had to take a special picture of your plush or figure in a certain place, or doing a certain thing? I thought I'd share mine and those of a couple friends!

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I hope you enjoyed the photos! Feel free to share some of your own if you want to! :)

Sparkle Sparkle

Hi everyone! I hope you're not sick of me just yet. C: My birthday was the day after Valentine's, so I wanted to share some gets with you all, starting with a photostory from everyone's favorite Pikachu...

Can you guess what the item is?


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Well, thanks for reading this post! :D I hope you enjoyed my shenanigans~
Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

small wants post!

Hi again everyone! Today I'm after 2 small wants:

Noivern and Litleo kids!

They'd be shipped to the UK and I'm hoping for about $15 shipped for both :) Please help me out since I was undecided for too long and now I can't find them (as a set) anywhere ;_____;

Lots of stuff in my sales post still! Reduced my prices too <3
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Looking for some surprises!

Hello all! Hope you are having a great beginning to your week! You have all been so wonderful with helping me get so many wonderful additions to my own collection and some for my fiancee, well, I'm coming to you guys today with some wants specifically for my fiancee so I can surprise him for his birthday!

- Pumpkaboo plush (I believe these are the little MPC ones as I don't think the possible DX one is out yet?) - would ideally love to get 2, but even just one would be wonderful, this plush is very important/special on my list!
- Giratina standing pokedoll (preferably MWT) - seriously, everyday he has me check the new sales posts >> please help me!
- Black Kyurem Pokedoll MWT
- Dialga pokedoll (preferably MWT)
- Kyurem pokecenter plush - I've only ever seen google images of these guys!

Some things about me:
- I love to communicate fast and issue payment fast!
- I can do money orders or Paypal (through paypal I would have to be invoiced but then I can pay straight away!)

Any help would be wonderful! Also, to note, I unfortunately don't have a Y!J account nor ebay account, so I can't direct order from there - help getting items would be awesome though!

Thank so much everyone!
  • risibee

Dream want takara tomy talking Emolga also Ekans Plush question

Does anyone have the talking Emolga for sale?

I don't care about condition/box as long as it's not a bootleg.

If you could let me know the cost with shipping to the UK, or any links online where I can get it, much appreciated.

Also just discovered there is a moving one that is different, so also interested in that (I can get that one on amazon uk for £20/$34 shipped so less than that please)


Is there such a thing as an official ekans plush? (Any kind)

All I can find on google image search is the tiny APPLAUSE one I already have and a tiny BK keyring one that's not so cute!

Does this exist?

Hello everyone! Was hoping to call some attention to people on the comm who know a bit about Pokemon Time merch in regards to this Milotic charm..

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EDIT: Mystery solved! Thank you kitzune! :) If anyone knows of where I can get this I'd love to know! :)