February 26th, 2014

Bad experience on eBay / PayPal

I am just writing this to let you know about my bad experience with eBay. Not only am I new to collecting tomy figures but now I also know that there's a lot of fakes figures and to be careful about them but I find it so hard to know which are fakes and which ones aren't :( anyways back to the post...

I bought from a seller and he only placed pictures of the front of the figures and when I got the package had figures with missing tails, antenna, and ekans is all chewed up :( I pretty much bought this lot because I needed 6 figures from there which happens to be the ones that are messed up! The seller was rlly immature about it and don't want to refund he said his figures were in good condition and I said well I doubt ekans got chewed up in the way here (lol!)
Is there a chance I will get my money back? I don't want messed up figures... There so bad

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Shortly after this transaction I sent a payment through PayPal to someone and that transaction didnt go through and i cant logon to my Paypal account it seems to be locked :( (well its my moms but she lets me use it...) has this happened to anyone before? The transaction was foreign and half was paid with PayPal balance and the other half with a credit card

I am so disappointed with everything. Not only did I get messed up figures but now I can't no longer buy /sell anything.

What happens with all the PayPal balance? I feel so stuck because its my moms account so I can't call and talk to them directly! Someone help please

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Mega Kyurem, Holy Grail!

Ok, so I've finally decided to post my Grail Want. I've been trying to hold back because I want to have enough money, but there's too many awesome pokemon sales going on! So my goal is to get my Grail (*says a prayer*), and then start saving so I can get in on the great sales going on all the time in the comm! So, here's my one and only Grail Want (Excuse my stinky artist-wanna-be photoshop skills, I'm still learning...)


This is the Pokémon Center 2011 16" Kyurem plush. If anybody has Kyurem, and is willing to honor me with him in a sale, please let me know so we can talk.

I am willing to pay $150 usd.

*$200 usd

If you should want, I'm also open to negotiations when it comes to price. I only use Paypal, and I live in the U.S. I understand how rare this guy is and appreciate anybody willing to help me, especially because I'm still learning, and this being my very first wants post!

Thank you so much for checking my first Wants/Grail post out! If I messed up in any way, please let me know and I'll change it!
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WTB: Sylveon!!!

Hi guys, I'm back :3 I'm looking to round up a bit more Sylveon today and hopefully you can help.

My most intense wants at the moment are the plush pen, stamp(s) and coin purse. Pictures under the cut to help with identifaction.

Also show me ALL your Sylveon merch, flats, plush, stationery, food, etc. I'm prone to buying anything with the cute 'vee on it :D Look forward to the responses!

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Collection Update & Custom sales!

Last year after launching my collection site I've been getting lots of new figures, so here is an long overdue update XD
You can see new photos here!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Next, I have a few customs up for grabs :)
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I made these straps out of shrinky dinks with a sealer coating.

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now with 3 different designs!

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Also, feel free to browse my online store, I hope you'll find something you like :)

Thanks for looking!

Old but new sales

Sales permission :
granted on 09 December 2012 by entirelycliched

My feedback

Hi, its me again.

I just renew my sales thread goods. Please check it out. here http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13806530.html
I put some of my collection up for sell. Some of them are pretty old ones. Please feel free to ask me.

Thanks for looking :D
Photo Feb 26, 2 59 53 PMPhoto Feb 26, 3 04 18 PMPhoto Feb 26, 3 21 59 PMIMG-20111028-00107image (19)photo (31)photo (26)IMG_1554photo (24)photo (23)

Short wants!~ / Mini-updates :')

Hello everybody! *V* I hope you're having a wonderful day today, I come with a short gets-post as well as with some wants~ :) Before I actually joined the comm, I loved to slink around looking at other people's gets, so I get to finally make my own first small gets post <3
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Thank you all for your time! I love this community and I'm so glad I've joined and met so many new people :') My friends don't like to talk about Pokemon collecting so much LOOL.
Alfred and Arthur.

wtb a DS stylus

Hi guys!

So I guess I lost my DS stylus sigh
it was really cute w/Glaceon on it and matched my DS but yeah it's gone now.

anyways I would like to by a new stylus from someone who would be kind enough to sell one ;v; I would just prefer a Pokemon one since they are larger than average DS styluses and also because...well, Pokemon.

In particular I would like one to match my 3DS, which is teal, but I also would accept any with one of my favorite Pokemon on it (Stunfisk, Sylveon, Mightyena, although I've only seen with Sylveon.)

new eeveelutions

Ebay Sales, Quick Sale and Updated Wants!

Hello everyone! I have finally listed some of my remaining goods on ebay as cheap auctions and "Buy It Now" listings. I have quite a few TCG cards such as eeveelutions, Houndour/Houndoom, Arcanine/Growlithe, Skitty/Delcatty, Electrike/Manectric and more! So check that out :)

EBAY SALES HERE: http://www.ebay.com/sch/eeveelutionslover25/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

I have also come to you with a quick sale! I had been meaning to play my Pokemon White 2 version for some time now but since I have Pokemon Black and Pokemon X as well as to have already completed the national dex, I do not really see myself playing it or getting any use out of it. lol It is practically brand new and comes with all the original manuals and case. It will be $25 shipped in the U.S.

Sales Permission granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010
Feedback is HERE: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eevee_evs_lover/


Lastly, the wants! I am willing to trade for things on this list ^_^ I cannot buy anything until Friday though when I get paid, unless the total is like $10 and under. But please shoot your goods my way! :)

Right now I am really looking for Buneary items such as plush and figures. I also am having interest in Glameow, Skitty, Purrloin, Munna, Vulpix, Ninetales, Liepard, Musharna, Lopunny etc...

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Pokedolls & Plush Sales

Hi guys!! I'll be moving in a few months, and there's no way for me to bring everything with me so I'm here today trying to find these plush a new home.

I have a few items that I haven't put up yet including: Banpresto MWT Cresselia, Banpresto Bibarel, Banpresto Shiny DX Ambipom, Snubbel kutakuta, MWT egg plushies, Raichu MWT canvas, Growlithe MWT canvas, Vulpix MWT canvas, Banpresto Oddish, etc. Let me know if you're interested in any of those and I'll try to post those up ASAP!

Rules and Guidelines
Sales Permission granted on January 9, 2013 by entirelycliched
Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pikaball27/
I accept PayPal and cash by mail
Ask for a quote unless you are committed to buying it
Must pay within 48 hours
Will hold items for only 24 hours
Location Seattle, WA United States
Prices do not include shipping and fees
I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out
Please feel free to inquire specifically regarding a certain plush' condition

Click the link or click the photo to be transported to my sales post: http://pikaball27.livejournal.com/639.html

Gets! (and what's up with Sunyshore...?)

Hey y'all! I've got a handful of gets from the community and one from Ebay - so I've officially started my first-gen dragons collection!! Yay!! n_n

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Now, I'm starting to get concerned about an order from Sunyshore... Now, I know she (right?) is in the middle of a vacation, but I ordered some Pokedolls on Jan 21, and they purportedly shipped on Jan 29.... =\ Is it time to start panicking yet??

Poketch auction and sales

Hi everyone! Hope Wednesday is treating you well :D After some thought, I've got a MIB Blue Poketch up for auction, along with some sales of buttons, Rumble U figures and cards :)

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Sleeping Riolu

Lucky Find

Hi, a new get that is not Lucario or Riolu this time! So I recently acquired this cutie, a Daisuki Club Shaymin plush but I am not sure I want to keep it or not. If anybody is interested, I'm open to trades~  Also, Ive managed to obtain my grail! The last Lucario plush, now I have all of them! So happy~ Updates will be posted later and currently working on a collection website! (But slow progress as I am busy with schoolwork...)

2014-02-21 16.35.022014-02-21 16.35.14

Currently looking for a Shiny Raikou Pokedoll~

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 1.21.46 AM

Pokedoll Grail

Hi everybody,

Today I would like to ask everybody if they have or know of someone willing to sell a togekiss pokedoll, a Japanese minky latios pokedoll and a Japanese minky Lapras pokedoll. I have been playing pokemon X lately and I've been using these pokemon a lot. Is it just me or having memorabilia of pokemon you use is awesome.

Thanx to anyone who let's me know!


Gourd Get and All sales dumped to Ebay

He's here!

Plus, I have decided to get the Banpresto one which is bigger and hopefully there will be a Pokemon Center one in the middle so I can get all the sizes :

The rest of the MPC's are all for sale on ebay!

2014-02-23 13.41.33
Click the picture to check out other ebay sales!

International shipping is available, just be mindful it may cost more.
Granted sales permission on 5/31/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback can be found here.