February 27th, 2014

a tad-bit frustrated but I'll be fine...

So.. earlier this month, I bought a 10 piece Takara Tomy Best Wishes Pikachu & Friends Eeveevolution set on eBay for $75 including shipping from Japan.  A week after my purchase, the seller claimed that there was a problem with my order and asked to cancel the sale.  It's been days since I've heard from him and he still has my money, so I am back out in the market again for these toys.  Here is a picture of what the set looks like.  If anyone has all ten pieces and wants to sell them or knows of a store that is selling them (must be mostly complete), please let me know - I'll buy them from you or who-ever.  Thanks !

A big thank you to jen81489 for selling me her extras!!  :)

BIG hearts for you. <3 <3 <3

First post-hiatus sales post!

Gosh, it's been a while. Now that I'm coming back from my pkmncollectors hiatus, I'm gonna have a big sale on my old sales! Pretty much everything has been discounted AT LEAST three bucks. Let's see if I can get back into the swing! (Please let me know if you spot any problems with the sales post. x_x IT'S BEEN SO LONG.) Additionally:

Happy shopping and thanks for looking! <3

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My hiatus from collecting is over!! Im here in search for your totodile-line merchandise. Im not very interested in flats as I have no way to display them but charms, badges, plush, figures, all good!!

Here is a list of things I do want- http://taytaychann.livejournal.com/1051.html If your selling or have them and may want to sell them please tell me.

That is all for now but I hope to become active in the comm as I once was.

Also does anyone play pixelmon? If so feel free to add me on skype: taytaychann it'd be cool to play with fellow comm members :)
Glaceon love

Updated wants list and upcoming auctions

Heyo it's been a while since I posted my wants, so here they are! Since I wanna finish my wants list up faster, my trades are back open so you can trade anything from my store too. c: I updated my sales a bit for now but will soon update my it again and will be having some rare stuff including Eeveelution items and a Snivy carnival plush up for auctions in about a week or 2 so stay tuned. ^^

You can check out my sales here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/15550391.html

And here's my wants list. The ones in my priority are ones that I'll buy first at reasonable prices of course, so if you have anything on my wants list let me know! I'll especially pay whatever offer you have for the Glaceon crystal keychain and Flygon charabottlin figure. The rest would have to wait a while until all off my priority list is gone, but I'll still take trades for a few items or buy any depending on what it is so just ask!

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TCG Sales Updated and Last Chance Sales!

Hi everyone! So I have decided to try to sell some of my TCG individually. You can find mainly older cards for sale here: Dezi's Pokemon TCG Sales!

Also last chance on what's left in my sales post. I will be putting everything that doesn't sell into a HUGE lot with a ton of other items I need gone in a few weeks. Will post about that and a bunch of gets later! <3 Click on Skiddo to go to my sales:

Also, raz2b and I are hosting a GA with lots of cool items that ends in just over 8 hours!
You can check out the GA here: Back From Japan GA!
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clear mew tomy

hi again! just a quick question--has anyone ever seen this clear mew? i love the original tomy a lot and when i saw this my heart skipped a beat. this might be a mini-grail as i haven't been able to find it anywhere. any form of help is appreciated, thanks! ;-;

Tyrannosaur Get!

Just a tiny little get today that finally came in the mail on ebay straight from Japan!


So small how I can hold both of his legs! I am so grateful for Nintendo to make a Tyrannosaur finally. Trex is my fave dino and I collect them. If Tyrantrum plush comes out I will get it! Right now my sights are set on Pumpkaboo when it shows up on ebay. I don't care if it's from Japan or China. Knowing China though they will stock up alot of them so I will try and nab one from the right seller. I just have to sit and wait for them to release it. I'm just happy now I got this cutie! Now he's my 2nd fave plush next to Zekrom and Charizard! <3 I haven't gotten around to show you all the collection on Pokemon plush I currently have but with the plush from X and Y coming out it's gonna have to be on hold until I decide which ones to buy. Tyrunt here was my main get after hearing about this cutie pie!

Spring cleaning + tiny get + someone wanna split a lati with me?!

Hi everyone! Of course it's been a long time but I'm still lurking +__+ today I did some spring cleaning and re-arranged my Latibutts PLUS I added my pokemon time folders ♥ heeeee

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Also I've seen THIS on ebay and I only need the Latias...would anyone want to go halfsizes for the Latios? It would be about $45 each not including shipping but these guys are pretty rare! And in the off chance someone has the Latias and they want to sell it please tell me ^^ and of course as always if you have something not pictured let me know!

Also show me your Lati collection pls if you have!! Thanks all :)
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Final Hours Sales!!

One last advertisement for Poketopia before I close tomorrow morning -- items have been restocked, prices have been cut, and several new items have been added!  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to list nearly as much for sale as I intended to... everything unsold will either be put on eBay or have a home in my parents' house for the next few years (^^;)

The absolute deadline for placing orders will be 7AM Eastern Time tomorrow (February 28th, 2014) -- at that time I'll be closing up shop and heading out the door to the movers so I unfortunately cannot accept any late orders, once it is closed it is closed!

If you have not yet received a shipping notification for a previous order, I can combine new orders :D  If you asked to hold a package and haven't placed any new orders, they will be shipped ASAP after closing tomorrow.  Thank you all for being so patient and awesome during this busy busy time for me!!


I've also opened up offers on individual minicots, I'm looking for $5 minimum on each one.
Jolteon and Flareon are unavailable but the rest are open!  Please just comment below to offer.
I'll keep offers open until interest fades (offers will not be affected by Poketopia's closing tomorrow)

I think that should be all for today!  As always, happy collecting ♥

I'm back! Collection update and my new store

Hey everyone, long time no post! ;o;

I've been a member for a little over two years now and have been taking a sort of haitus from posting on here due to real-life charades, so thought it was about time for a real collection update to mark my return.

DSC_1229 smaller

Since the beginning I've been a lover of Umbreon, and just bought whatever I could find on here, but I decided that this wasn't the best way to go about collecting him so am now obtaining only my favourite items. I'm a massive fan of dinosaurs and reptiles as well as my little moon rabbit so you can image my excitement upon the release of Helioptile and Heliolisk... how could I not add this perfect dilophosaurus line to my collection? ;u;
So I started capturing those, too. Check under the cut to see my current collection of all of these lovely babies...

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Also for those of you who know of my custom charms, I've finally made a Facebook page to show them off and take commissions! I also have sales permission on here. Welcome to Cinnabar Pokémart!

cinnabar pokemart2

A lovely little showcase of photos can be found under the next cut. ;w;

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I wanted to round off my post by showing you my completed Y team as well under this final cut, enjoy!

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Thanks for looking! Let me know your thoughts~
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My first ever WANTS list!

Hi everyone! I am back but not with a picture of my collection but a wants list!
I am not 100% sure how this works but i guess people post wants list to see if any of the other members have the item that they want.
ok so here it is

1. Milotic and feebas collections (anything related to milotic and feebas i will probably want except plush.)
2716785(milotic+feebas zukan)
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thank  you for reading! and if any of you guys have anything that I mentioned above, please tell me! ^^

Teeny Tiny want

I am looking for the tag Pokedoll keychain that was in the shoppers keychains release last year. They came off Sunnyshore before I could buy it.

I only want the blue star tag though, but I am willing to buy the whole thing.
No more than 15 shipped. :D

(If pic is yours and you dont want it up or want me to give credit lemme know)