February 28th, 2014


In Need of Mangas

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all been well. Sadly it's been a while since I've been able to come on due to school and other life issues (..@_@) However after hearing about Chuang Yi Publishing and what it means for the Pokemon Special/Adventure series, I knew I had act thus leading me to this post. I was hoping to save up enough money to make one huge shipment but since time is basically out I was wondering if anyone here could help me get my hands on the mangas? or have any suggestions on how i should go about this whole situation?

I know Chuang Yi's webpage was hacked and is basically a dead end so any help would be greatly appreciated as I completely prefer the Chuang Yi translation of the whole series instead of Viz, so I'd really love to get my hands on as many of their copies as possible. I adore the manga series and it just broke my heart to know that CY will not longer continue with their translation of it ;-;

Pokedoll Wants!

Hi guys :) I come to you today with a couple of wants, I'll list them in order of priority. All of these are wanted *mint* with both hang and tush tags, I don't like have plush without the hang tag :)

1. Dragonite Pokedoll (sorry wallet..) ($??)
2. Venusaur Pokedoll ($20) Thanks agkelikos!
3. Charizard Pokedoll ($20)

I've missed out on maybe 3 Venusaurs lately and it broke my heart a bit :( Prices in brackets are roughly what I'm willing to spend based on prices I've seen them go for lately or in the case of Charizard what I can get it for on ebay :)


Lots of card gets!

I've gotten a bunch of cards from trades/Amazon recently and wanted to show you guys! :) All the pics are under the cut! Also, I made a video showing some of the cards, so feel free to check that out! I also gave away a TCGO code card on my blog if anyone wants to race to get that. (click here!) Let's get to the gets!

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Here's some of my gets in video form if you're interested in viewing them! :)

Thanks again for reading! :D
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Gets and many Wants !!

Hey all,

I finally got some things to show off!

I know its not much but its a start for me to continue growing my tomy collection.

I started off trying to collect them all ages ago and started off with an attempt of trying to collect the rarer figures first then move along to the easier to get ones. I'm not sure how well my plan is working for me as I don't have any "very rare" figures but I think I am learning more about the figures as I go along. Still struggle with the odd is this a bootleg every once in a while but some bootlegs are so well made now it is hard to tell!

Anyways a few months (many months) back I purchased some tomy figures on eBay, at the time I thought Rhydon and Rhyhorn and Magikarp and Gyarados where rare figures so I might have paid too much for them but oh well.. they took AGES to get here and I was worried they would never arrive. I also got Horsea and Seadra, and Tentacool and Tentacruel.

Still happy to have them in my collection :) pictures under the cut.

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I also have many many wants!

Firstly I am still looking for the pogs that came with the original hasbro Pokemon tomy figures. If you have ANY let that you wish to sell please please let me know which ones you have and pictures if possible :)

I am also (unsure why) craving the I choose you Pikachu electronic plush, I don't want to pay too much for it thought (eBay is overpriced..) I also don't mind if it is loved :)

Also wouldn't mind the original starters Pokedolls (Bulba, Squirtle, Charmander, and a Pikachu) I would prefer the Japanese versions with tags. But let me know what you have, also the more I can buy from 1 seller to save on shipping the better :D

Pictures of these items under the cut.

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Any help would be great, also let me know your thoughts on my gets :D

Thanks awesome people!
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Collection Update - Meow!

Some awesome custom additions to my collections! <3 Some lovely custom plush by Bubble_Rhapsody from DeviantArt. I commissioned 2 Meowstic plush from her before the official ones had even been announced, and she finished them on the day that the official ones were released. I absolutely like the ones she did better, and although I'm a little biased, I think she did such an excellent job at capturing them in a cute, cuddly plush. ^_^ I also bought her custom Ivysaur plush, since I feel like Bulba and Venu Pokedolls needed their big/little brother.

More photos under the cut, including comparing with the Pokemon Center Meowstics! :D
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a collection update

So I felt like doing a little bit of a collection update!
here is an over view of my room as it stands today, although size wise it has remained a similar size it has refined greatly. the shelves also arent as wonky as this picture suggests XD


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Quick Reshiram Lotto Figure Sale

This is a quicksale. Get a Reshiram Lotto Figure for $67 SHIPPED anywhere in the United States + fees. Pay tonight, I ship tomorrow. There are a few "paint errors" I would call them. Please see below the cut for information. Shipping is already $15 on this item, not counting my time and gas for the post office. So please give him a good home. Thank you.


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new eeveelutions

OMG you're in for a frosty treat! Old Glaceon keshipoke offers/trade!

Hey again! I want to thank everyone for offering their goods to me on my previous post. I have a lot of awesome gets coming in the mail within the next two weeks. I thought I would share the love by offering my recently obtained old Glaceon keshipoke figure. I am not an avid Glaceon collector and really only collect a few figurines of her. I am mainly going to stick with collecting my Sylveons, Espeons, and Leafeons extensively from now on. So behold! I bring to you one of the rarest things in my collection! I know there are manly Glaceon collectors out there that would love to have her and I want to share the love! ^_^

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010
Feedback link is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/eevee_evs_lover/

I am willing to accept trades of anything of equal value from my wants.
When making offers please offer monies in increments of $1. (I believe that you have to ask that way, correct?) lol

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(Show me what you got and we can work things out) Otherwise the offers will start at $40 and continue until I receive a trade offer that I am willing to accept OR there is a full 24 hour period where there has been no more offers. (In this case if I have not accepted any "trades" for her, the highest cash offer will be accepted). I hope that I am not being confusing in any way and that doing it in such a manner is allowed- I have read the rules and I believe this is alright lol If not, just let me know and I will change it :)

Here are my sales rules:

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I also have my ebay sales still going on and can combine shipping with the Glaceon! ^_^

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collection website & free shipping sales!

I have caved and made a collection website! Please come check it out~ There are still a number of items I've yet to photograph, but I'm working on it! It's been rainy lately, so I haven't had the chance to bring things outside, since I like to photograph in my backyard.

Also, tonight is your last chance for free US shipping on orders of $15 or more from my sales! There are plush, figures, TCG, stickers and more!
Stickers are also buy 4, get the 5th free! There are still over 400 stickers for sale. Please check them out!


Lastly, I have paid for the Sylveon GB and it is on its way! Unfortunately, shipping was really, really expensive. I've talked to a few people about the items that we purchased and by my calculations, it really shouldn't have been that much, but we'll see when it gets here.. I don't know, maybe they are sending me a brick or two... orz;; I will weigh out the items and calculate shipping charges that way, to be fair! *u*

I have ordered a few fun custom printed items that I am playing with making available for offers in the future, including mugs and canvas tote bags, so expect an exciting customs shop update from me once my order arrives! *u*

Gold keshimon and megablocks auctions reminders. Also, some wants.

Hi, guys!

Just a reminder there's only 24 hours left to bid on my auctions! Espeon, Umbreon and Eevee megablocks and Jolteon, Zapdos and Pikachu keshimon! Espeon hasn't got any bid yet and the others are almost on their start price.
They are on two different links but I can combine shipping, of course!

As usual, you can combine it with anything of my sales post so take a look if you want to :3

Finally! Some wants: does anyone have a Politoed Pokemon Time Strap, Pokemon Time bookmarks, Noctowl Pokedoll or Bidoof Pokedoll that would like to sell or trade? :/ I know that it's a long shoot ^^'

March perler sprite sales!

So it's not quite March yet, but this is the last time I'll be taking commissions for a little while, so I thought I might as well post a few days early.

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Prices are different for each pokemon!

I can make big ones or small ones (see examples below)

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I do have more examples if you want to see!

Also to the people who have recently commissioned:
I'll have everything shipped out by next week~!

And nerd, this is a pic of your first Cobalion that I made like 5 minutes ago xD Making the other one now~


This weekend I'll actually post a pic of my collection, I've been wanting to do this for over a year now (maybe 2?); practically ever since I joined the comm. I figured I might as well do it now xD

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Back from Japan GA Payment 1!!

Feedback needed-figures I bought from the community

Hello I have been told by two members here that the figures I recently got are fake... I am new to collecting tomy pokemon figures so obvs I'm having a hard time and finding out a little too late that this figures are clone so much and the many ways how to spot them... I have spent soooo much money on my figures just to find that half of them are/might be clones :(

I recently got 3 figures purchased from a member here and I want to make sure what I got is legit as I was told there are fakes but 2 members can be mistaken which is why the nice person I been talking to even suggested to ask the community so here I am...

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+ help me catch them all :) my updated want list is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16610924.html

Question about the Xerneas and Yveltal Tomy DX Figures

Just a question on these figures. I collect Tomy DX figures MWT, and to my surprised I found this set listed on eBay:


Do all of the figures come as an obligatory set? They appear not to have tags on them (sad), and basically curious that if they don't sell them singularly with tags, I might just go ahead and get them at TRU for a cheaper price. I hold off for the imports just for the tags :p

EDIT: Solved! Thanks :)

package arrived opened?

Howdy All,

After a momentary and somewhat worry provoking wait for my first order from PokedollUSA, my package has arrived! It's sort of hard to get in contact with them but they are nice and friendly when they do respond. Unfortunately, when I took it out of my mailbox, the bottom of the package looked opened. The tape could not have just lost it's stickiness as it distinctly looked like it was pulled off. I think our mailman might be snooping around? I mean I did lose a package before.

Does USPS ever inspect on domestic packages?

This is the only thing I could think of since I'm pretty sure this box did not have to go through customs. Also, there is no water damage on the box and the opening has the peel line from the tape.

Anyway, I'm glad my item arrived where Zorua decided to help me with it.

Zorua: Oh yeah, it's been ages since we got anything.
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Also, sales plug, prices have been reduced again. Click me!

Thanks for reading. 
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Have you seen these figures before? Are they real?

I was browsing through amazon and I found these figures for a really high price ($50+) and I've never seen them before.

It's a clear cobalion, virizion and terrekion TOMY from 2012..?

Is this item rare? Is this item real and is it hard to find? (could it be found cheaper elsewhere?)
If possible, could the Cobalion itself be for sale, not the other two? But I'm willing to purchase the set if that's what it comes down too.

Here is a image:
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