March 1st, 2014


Collection Update: Psychic Kitties, Mini-Grail, and more!

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.56.46 PM
Hello everyone! ^^ Today, I'd like to debut the first ever images of my brand new 6th generation Pokemon collection- none other than Espurr and Meowstic! Psychic type Pokemon have always been my favorite, especially ones of the feline appearance. When I first laid eyes on the Coro-Coro images of Meowstic, I was instantly in love with their design!! I was thrilled to see that they would also have the adorable pre-evolution, Espurr! Who ever says Espurr are evil simply doesn't appreciate the absolute cuteness of this little wide-eyed kitten! xD But I certainly enjoy Espurr jokes as much as the next guy! Without further rambling, let's see some pictures~
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And now, let's move on to my mini-grail get!! Can you guess what it is..?
Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.27.19 PM
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Before I end this post, I'd like to throw in a couple of other small / miscellaneous gets:
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Thank you to anyone that took the time to read any of this large post!! I appreciate every encouraging comment. Have a wonderful weekend everyone~
-Princess Snivy <3

I need it, I need it! Chespin Towel!

Hey everyone, recently on eBay I discovered a glorious item: the Chespin Hooded Towel. Does anyone know about how big it is? I'm 5'2'', I'm sure this item was targeted more for children, but I still have hope that it may fit me (?) Also, the cheapest price I have seen for it is $59, which is a little out of my price range. I don't know what it costs in Japan, but if anyone has one and would be willing to sell it to me for a decent price (a fair price, of course), I will buy! :)
Chespin Towel
Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Offers reminder~

Still taking offers for a few plushies. UFO Shaymin and Jakks Leafeon are still without a starting bid. Now someone go catch them, they're easy and rather rare meat to say the least =o
I've also got two cute Eevees and a beautiful Glaceon Jakks, and every plush is in mint/ near mint condition, most WITH all tags as well.
So c'mon, check 'em out. Nobody will bite you for that

Here! Offers over here!

First ever collection Gets Video!

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with all my first ever collection gets video. There are many members in this to thank for all my recent gets within the past month.
Shout outs to helloskitty for the flats lot not mentioned in the video :)

Enjoy and I hope you guys are assembling your Spring Swaps for those participating :)

Updated TCG Sales & New Main Collection! :)

I FINALLY updated my TCG sales with ALL my extra cards, and with pictures. Click the picture or Froakie to check it out! :)

Also I've decided to 'declare' a new main collection. My main collections currently are TCG, Raichu and Pokedolls. I'm going to shift Pokedolls to a side collection, and start collecting Keldeo!

He's one of my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon, and I've slowly started a small Keldeo collection. My main want (which has been on my wants forever) is a Keldeo Pokedoll. If I get enough money from my sales, I'd love to buy him from someone. I don't mind trade/partial trade either! So far I have Keldeo EX (promo), Keldeo EX Jumbo Card, and a Keldeo EX Tin. I'd love to expand this collection with his Pokedolls (I'll get the other form eventually...), a stamp (I don't remember the name of it, but I saw it on Pokevault), and other TCG & figures! I'm really excited about this. :)

Also I think I've started a Froakie side collection too... but right now my focus is Keldeo, I'll get to Froakie later haha.

Also I posted a new video on my blog (along with a TCG code, don't know if someone got it yet or not), check that out too!

.:new gets!:.

The stuff I purchased from ebay has arrived today~ They are so lovely ♥
Off to the shelf with them ♪

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Not so new gets!

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They are the quilted bag with Pokémon print and matching pencil case~ The bag has pockets inside, which was weird because they sold a similar bag (same pattern and quilting) without the pockets inside for MORE. So, I don't know. ^^;

These were a couple of things I had picked up at Yodobashi Camera Store in Akihabara before the 16th movie came out, they'd just never been photographed before (mostly because I use them ^^; )

just got paid~ at midnighhhhht~

oh lovelies. you help me so much. <3

I'm looking for an emolga pokedoll, mwt.

shipping is to us 93455- and I'd like to keep it around 25ish, if possible.

and I have a quick sale that I'd like to post here. I'm looking to part with my copy of mystery dungeon: gates to infinity. its only been played a few times, and it comes with case and manuals- codes unused! I'm looking to get about 17 shipped and fees for it. :3

(1/18/14, entirelycliched, la la la goodness.)    >
we'll see on this. 

Need help :( + update collection

Hi guys, the last post seems couldn't reach everybody.
So, I need to ask for help again!

I need to contact 2 people from here.
1. havvaiibabe
2. finniee

If anyone personally know or recently talk with them, please tell them to contact me because I'm still owned their money :(

Thanks guys!!

For collection updates!

I just got a little package from Japan and a package from baconcreation(I guess) from ebay.
Let's see what are they :)





Thank you for viewing my entry guys :)

Major Wants!

Hello again! Today I come to you all with very urgent wants that I really need to have in my hands, so I really hope to get them all.
Without further a do, here are my wants:
Swirlix pokemon with you pin badge
Swirlix and Slurpuff pokemon centre charms(really want)
Fairy type focus clearfile
Sleeping Gizamimi pichu plush
Bonnie's potchet(without dedenne)
Any other swirlix items
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Please just offer me any price quote because I'm not too sure of the pricing and don't be offended if I turn down your offer as I may have a cash shortage. Shipping would be to Singapore.
Thanks everyone!
Not forgetting, sales plug!:
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Blast from the Past - Oldie Clay Models

Hello! I thought I'd quickly share this with everyone! These are old clay models I had done back in high school (a good 7~8 years). I started off doing Neopets / food (he he, cause everyone was playing that back then) and then moved on to Pokemon. Here are some images :D They are one of a kind (and I have to admit, some of them aren't the greatest when it comes to looking like the actual pokemon xD)

They are all suuuuuuuper small though :3 I love small things. So cute. xD


Hope you all enjoyed :D

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Dragonite and Amphy

HE ARRIVED! -Newest get

So a package arrived yesterday before work, I opened it, and just now got the time to share.

Who could this be?
I wonder who this pokemon could be?

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°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° SALES: °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
Click the image to be transported to my Ebay sales;
If you wish for a cheaper prices then let me know so we can negotiate!

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
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A small Lati Collection update and a Want!

Hello lovelies! So I have a small collection update (minus some goodies in the mail I can't wait to post after they arrive ^^) and a high high want! Collection picture under the cut. (ps. its only the stuff I have with me at college :( )Collapse )and my super high want is this latias bell keychain <3

And if this is your picture and you want me to take it down just let me know :)

And then here's my other wants:
entei and hibiki
  • myntii

sylveon gb is in! also, anybody want to split a mascot set with me??? *u*

princessharumi and squareofme the sylveon gb is in!! look at this ridiculously enormous box! i actually had to put it on the ground and push it into my room because my (short) arms couldn't carry it, and one of the sides is too big to fit through my door!!

good news, everything is nice and new! i looked at it pretty quickly but I didn't see any flaws in the tags and stuff! the bad news, we paid a lot.. for shipping.. please click under the cut for pictures of the items and a breakdown of charge 2!
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on another note, would anybody be interested in the eevee from this set? she would be $35 + PP fees + shipping from me to you!

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-First payment includes plush and shipping to me. Second payment will be shipping from me to you.

-I ship from California, USA. I will ship internationally, but please be advised that international shipping is very expensive!
-My feedback is located here and here.
-Any other questions? Ask away!
*pkmn* Espeon Stamp

Time for an update!

So that box I mentioned got here sooner than I expected, and that means I have a gets post to share! :D Yay~ ♥ (I feel like I haven't done one in a while, lol.)

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Well, that's all for now! Thanks for looking~ ^^
(If you did, lol. If not, maybe you'd like to look at sales instead?)

Click for sales~

PS-There's no tag for Meowstic? Or am I just completely missing it...?

Moving out $1 auction & calling for chubby dragon collectors

Good morning/afternoon/night fellow collectors! Finally the day comes for my graduation (hooray!), I have to move out of the current apartment and head back to my home in Shanghai. It will be a long journey both in the U.S. and over the Pacific Ocean. lol. Besides, I am starting to play the TCG and it is really a pain to see how fast the cash burns when you keep adding cards into your shopping cart. lol. Reaching this point, I have to, unwillingly for sure, cut down my main collection. For this time, I will say farewell to Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite. You've done a great job by sitting on my study desk for so long! lol. It is time for Dragon to Vault!

My community feedback can be found >>HERE<<. Sales permission was approved by denkimouse on 01/28/2011.

Sales Policy
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Now let's move onto the auction!
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Nealy all of the items are used, but they are in excellent condition with minor paint loss & drop. Only Dragonair Kid is in a poor condition with white paint drop and dirt on her back. I will give a brief description and copyright info below for your reference.
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$1 starting bid. $1 minimum increment. That's it.

The end time of this auction will be midnight, Sat, 2014/3/8, EST (US&Canada)
*Note: I think I should make it clear here that when I say midnight, Sat what I mean is 23:59:59 on Sat. Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding here. =)

Happy bidding!

Since, I never post... some rarer gets, customs and a small update!

Hey community. I never really post, so I'm trying to get a little more active. I've gotten a lot of things through out the year, but I'll just post a few highlights and customs. I've actually expanded a lot of my other collections besides just my Charizard line, but I'll save that for future posts.

I'll start this post off with some custom gets. Here are the Chars:

Click me to see :D

[Spoiler (click to open)]

 photo 8_zps4d2d5bee.jpg

 photo 7_zps5489a227.jpg

Mega Charizard X and Y palm plush. When Mega Charizard was announced I knew I wanted some merchandise. These two were made by our lovely community member glacidea. I got these two commissioned by her during Christmas. I love the small size and unique style they were done in. They are sized very similarly to the Charizard pokedoll.

Next up we have this amazing shiny Charizard custom! I looked at my collection and realized that I didn't own any shiny Charizard plush in my collection (except the bootleg). I got lucky and commissioned the super talented fellow Charizard collector lyndsaygorawr. She knocked it out of the park. Really great embroidery and details.

Shiny Shiny

 photo 1_zps2ed48579.jpg

Now onto some gets:

A mini grail and Grail. I don't use the term grail very lightly, but that term really does suite these two items.

First off is the Shiny Charizard Kid
 photo 5_zps3a681635.jpg

This was a mini grail for me, considering how long it took me to get and how I've not been able to purchase him for so long. After a few missed opportunities he is now mine. I even got the full line Shiny.

and onto the grail:

Heartland Charmander
 photo 2_zps260a4ee0.jpg

This one is all thanks to my friend and fellow Char line collector cinivala. He sold this extremely rare plush to me. I never really thought I would get another opportunity to own this plush. Now I just need the Heartland Charizard <--- dreams.

Also, a few random shots of my Char figures.
 photo 3_zpsdecceee5.jpg

 photo 4_zpsf753f85f.jpg

 photo 6_zps94551a09.jpg

A collection website is in the works. I've finished most of my Charizard section, but still a ways to go. Might post it in the under construction phases soon. Thanks for looking! I'll try to post more often.