March 3rd, 2014

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Mamath Sales!

Hi all! I'm headed to the US for a rad holiday in about a week's time and that means I can pack some sales stuff with me and post things FROM THE US for relatively cheap! Normally I reside in Australia and shipping out of Australia for a little figure starts at $14 but now I can send you things for just a couple dollars?? Crazy! Take advantage while you can!


Additionally, orders of 5+ items will get FREE shipping because I really really want to move as much stock as possible while it IS possible.
All items will be posted out from Los Angeles on March 11/12. Yes, there WILL be return addresses just in case things get lost as I'll be staying with a friend in Anaheim.
Sales permission granted by denkimouse/Gin in 2009. Feedback info here.

I am once again long overdue some collection updates (do you guys...even remember me.......?). Truth be told, collecting has been slow for me but I do have things to say about those big Poketime vinyl figures so there's that to look forward to!

WTB if it exists

Hi comm! I'm back again with a quick question/WTB:
-Was there ever a phone case from the Pokemon Center made for the Galaxy S3?
-If so, does anyone have pictures of said cases? (eBay has given me NO help due to the sheer amount of custom cases..)
red genesect movie

A long shot...but i thought i'd ask the comm anyway!

Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a while, but i'll be making a collection update soon! First though, a impossible difficult to find want (pics under the cut):

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It was part of a movie promotion in the Philippines where, if you went to see the movie, you got a paper figure free. I'm looking for both red and purple kinds.
If anyone has any info whatsoever, i'd love to know! I really want these figures but i can't find them anywhere =(

I'm also looking for the genesect charms from this set (red genesect and just pikachu/extremespeed purple genesect now! Thanks Aburamechan!):

If anyone knows anything/is selling any of the above, i'd love to know! Thanks comm <33
Wobbuffet and Wynaut

Wynaut Introduction

Hello everybody, my name is Megan. I joined the community in January. It's been delightful to see your collections and interact with you all.

I've started collecting Wynauts. Their big smiles cheer me up when I feel blue :) I also like Wynaut because she can be challenging to use in battle. We must predict the enemy's attack correctly... So far, my collection includes two plushies, some flats, and a swarm of various figures:

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A little more about me: I live in the USA and work as an information professional. I was introduced to Pokemon in the 90's when I played Pokemon Snap with my brother. We had fun labeling the great photos that we took :3 The first traditional game that I played was Pokemon X, so I'm a beginner when it comes to Pokemon.

I've also started collecting some Minccino and Cinccino and would like to collect Leafeon in the future, too. Wynaut is my focus for the moment, though. Thanks for reading :)

New member! Entei wants + other stuff

Hi there! I'm new and I'm so glad I got accepted! I'm Riraito (sadly, that name was taken already) and I'm from the Netherlands.

Entei is my favourite Pokémon and I've almost completed my TCG collection of Entei cards. I'm still looking for some very rare cards including the Japanese Entei gold star and the Entei Rally promo. I don't know how many Japanse TCG collecters there are here, but it won't hurt to post this here ^^

I've collected English cards for years but I've recently switched to Japanese cards. I'm so excited for Wild Blaze <3

I've also fallen in love with Litleo and Espurr (who doesn't love those eyes?) and I'm still looking for both their plushes. I hope Sunyshore will have them in stock soon! Not sure if my bank account is going to like all of this..

I'll post some pictures once I figure out how, but there's not very much to show yet. Just a loooot of cards and one Entei Pokédoll :3 (And a crapload of empty packs and boxes, I never throw those away..)

Introduction + Newbie here!

Hello everyone!I'm new here!

I am Ida from Singapore and I stumbled upon this community while looking for Pokemon-related stuff. I only got back into Pokemon last year due to my fondness for the Subway Twins and Pokedoll plushies. However, I was too reluctant to join the community as my collection is pretty small as compared to most of the collectors here but I still want to share my collection with others.

So, a little bit about myself.

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Updated Wants for my new main collection! :)

Don't know if anyone saw my post before, but I've decided to start collecting Keldeo as apart of my main collection! I'm so excited about this! So I've updated my wants with a few Keldeo items to get myself started. I'm mainly looking to trade/partial trade for some of this stuff since I still have a LOT of TCG/other plush to get rid of. Check out my sales for more info!

Here are the current Keldeo items I'm looking for!
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Today is march the 3rd you know what that means?!?? :))

It's been a month since I been a member here =D
I just wanted to say how happy I am I found this cmnty! I am like 20 figures away to finish collecting 1st generation of pokemon tomy figures =) but those are the hardest to get ! (I did get a lot of fake figures I wasn't aware of though) :(

I will post new pictures of my updated collection once I come back from my trip! Hopefully someone can help me spot the fake figures I would have to replace >_<

Anyway... Here is my updated list of NEEDS/WANTS

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collection update!! - sorry, listing on the GB ended :c

edit: looks like the ending listed. :c sorry! if it's relisted by the seller, i'll try the group buy again!

On another note, I have a collection update under the cut including an item that I have searched long and hard for! Please check it out!

2014-03-03 14.50.24
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Finally, everything from my sales and group buy has been shipped! Please expect all domestic orders in a few days and international orders in about a week to two weeks!

You can find my permanent sales post here!


One more thing! I've heard that pan stickers can be reused because they don't lose their stickiness. Is this right? O: If so, I'd love to get a few for my phone or something!

New member and collection update!!

Hi! I'm Eliana, today is my birthday and I just turned ten :) My sister is latias_latios_7 (who is actually writing all this haha) and I joined pkmncollectors so I can have a big Pokemon collection and get all the Pokemon toys I want!! Furret's are my favorite Pokemon, and Buneary was the first pokemon I ever had~ Most of my Pokemon were presents from my sister, or from my dad when he stopped by Nintendo World on his business trips. Here's a picture of my collection, currently in my sisters room until my room gets painted :D

pokemon collection&#39;

Thanks for looking!

A New Collection!

So since lati collecting can get slow I've decided to start collecting a secondary big collection which is Xerneas. I just love the design. And so far I only have the preorder pin for x and a really pretty holo card :) I'd love to get some more Xerneas stuff and if you guys could help out it would be much appreciated ^^ I'm most interested in finding the bathsalt figure and keychain!

Wantttt! Eeveelution, SYLVEON and lugia

I am on a hardcore quest for stuff of these guys.
I have very few eeveelution things, almost 0 sylveon, and a lot-o-lugia. So lugia is going to be the tough stuff.
I'm especially looking for eevee, Vappy, Sylveon of course, Flareon, and Espeon

Plushies are a MUST have. :3

Hoping not to spend a TON but, I'm willing to splurge a little on good items. :3